Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Rafe Turns to Carrie!


Austin/Carrie/Rafe/Sami: Madison tells Brady all about her plan to use Sami as her insider at Countess W. Rafe discovers what his wife is up to, and is not thrilled by it. He isn't used to seeing the sneaky side of his wife. On the other hand, Sami is loving her role as a double agent. Meanwhile, The Reeds are also having some issues in their marriage. They can't find time to spend with each other, due to Carrie's job. Austin makes a crack about Carrie spending more time with Rafe, before heading off for lunch and ends up sharing it with someone else… 


Sami screws up Countess W's photo shoot. As this takes place, Rafe and Carrie work together to clear a kid of arson charges. Sami calls Rafe to talk, but he ends their conversation quickly, saying he has to deal with work. Rafe and Carrie save the day by finding new evidence to clear their client. After the D.A. lets them know the charges will be dismissed,  Rafe and Carrie share a hug. Later, Rafe starts to plan little Sydney's birthday party and Carrie helps. 

Sydney's party hits a snag when the prince and princess characters she wanted aren't able to perform. A quick thinking Rafe and Carrie decide to dress up as the characters to save the day. Kayla informs them that the characters take part in a ballroom dance, leading Rafe and Carrie to practice. The two start to feel the heat between each other, and this time it isn't because of a broken thermostat!

Bo/Hope: Fancy Face is still nervous about digging deeper into the secret Gram was keeping before she died. She and Bo go to Doug and Julie to ask for help. The Bradys finally decide they will use the courts to force Stefano (Yes, I know!) to spill what he knows.

Madison: She wants Abby and Melanie to be the faces of Mad World.

Will: The teen starts to get manipulated by Nicole. Meanwhile, he gets a job offer from Sonny that he shoots down. Later he heads to Sydney's birthday party where chaos ensues. Will and Sami get into a heated argument, while Nicole uses the opportunity to have alone time with Sydney.

Abby/Chad: Kate wants them to take the modeling world by storm.

Abe/Jennifer: The two decide to fight fire with fire. Abe sets EJ up at Sydney's birthday.

Jack/Marlena: Doc helps Jack with his PTSD.


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    Loving Rafe and Carrie too! Somehow they work together.
    Another Birthday! Yesterday was Alice’s b’day. Friday was Mickey’s b’day. Now Sydney’s. Havent the writers been told that people on soaps rarely have things like birthdays and aneversaries (unless the show is going off the air or celebrating a milestone aneversary itself!). Actually I am glad they are starting to do that. It lends anpther element of realism to the show.
    Don’t know what to do with Sami but I am glad she is scheming against Kate right now. That is a good use of her talents. Since EJ has two suitors right now (Will and Nicole) she might go after Lucas when he gets to town.

    Glad to see Nicole still cares about Sydney! One thing I love about Days right now is they are not forgeting the beats. Yes Nicole loved the little girl but on another soap it would have been forgotten by now.Kudos to the new writers for trying to keep history alive in all these little ways.
    That doesn’t mean we couldnt use a little kick in the pants with some plot!

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    Thank you so much for the DAYS spoilers, Jillian! :)

    I love Carrie and Rafe too. So much better than Sami and Rafe. I like that Sami is finding her way back to her old self.

    I’m interested what happens to Will down the line. He actually seems to start enjoying working for EJ and what comes with it. I just hope that the writers don’t lose their way with him and make him a bitter young man…
    Will was so interesting with his tortured soul. Hope that he eventually can come out to his grandma.

    Jillian, I think you mean Gabi and Chad starting to work for Kate!? Right?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Carrie and Rafe are awesome. Love the heat building up between them. And whatever Sami gets, “she had it coming!”

    On the other-hand I am anxious to see what moves Abe and Jennifer make against EJ. What will they set him up for?

    And isn’t it great that this is all happening at Sydney’s birthday party?

  4. Profile photo of cord2012

    Even though it was pretty obvious the writers were setting up Rafe/Carrie, it should be interesting to see how it plays out.

    The Will sl continues to be the most compelling to me, and I’m glad to see that things are finally starting to go somewhere. Although the pacing of this sl could be a little bit better, I think that DAYS has actually done a really nice job setting it all up. I love the Marlena angle, and can’t wait to see what further role she plays in his coming out. I am also a big political junkie, so I am kind of liking the whole election bit. Nothing better than a little bribery and smear campaigning.

    I’m also hoping that they continue with the Jack/Marlena PTSD sl. I’m a new viewer to DAYS, but I’ve heard good things about some of their previous scenes. It’s nice that they are actually incorporating Marlena’s occupation into a few stories.

    Thanks for the spoilers, Jillian!

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    He isn’t used to seeing the sneaky side of his wife.

    That shit was ALWAYS there.

    The problem was Rafe was constantly excusing Sami’s less than exemplary behavior as someone else’s fault and putting her constantly in the role of victim who needed to be rescued.

    I think now that Rafe’s vision is more clear of Sami – THANK YOU, WRITERS! :party: – he actually is seeing what was there all along regarding her shadiness and penchant for lying & dodging responsibility for her own actions. Sami has not changed, but rather Rafe’s just not as pathetically pussywhipped about her as much as he was under Higley.

    That said, I don’t care for either character but they’re both much more palatable to watch with these current writers than under Higley.

  6. Profile photo of bishbay

    I was laughing the “sneaky side” line, too. Sami is the sketchiest chick (after Kate) on the show, and always has been.

    A few other things: 1) I am loving Chandler Massey but he needs to relax with the autistic swaying back and forth thing he’s done in a lot of scenes, especially a long few with EJ. Do something else to externalize the tension, young man. 2) EJ and Will need to have sex. 3) Marlena needs to stop giving therapy to family members. It’s creepy and crosses boundaries. (I mean Bo and Hope, not Will. That’s not formal therapy.) 4) They need to have Marlena continue to throw down with EJ. Loved the death threat the other day. 5) Nicole needs an A-storyline.

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    Jillian, you’re the gurl. I’ve liked “Cafe” since Carrie & Austin came home, and saw something so I’m happy and this just might be a fun couple in development. Will is starting to like his new found power he’s “receiving” from his “sugadaddy” ;) I’m wondering if Madison is actually a plant via Ian B. to help take control of makes me wonder if Ian has a connection to Victor. This will be devastating to Brady if Madison is working to undermine Titan. I’m loving Brady & Madison so far. I’m so enjoying the slow build up of Brady\Madison because I learning who Madison is and her personality. I know some are saying they are boring but I think it’s the opposite. The writers are letting the viewers really get to know who “Madison” truly is and what she is about. The actors have the chemistry, learning how sneaky Madison can be is why I’m wondering she is a plant in Titan? What can I say, about Nicole meddling why Will is working for EJ, I love HER! EJ is just to smart and already knows Nicole and anticipated Nicole’s next move and EJ set up Nicole…and still loves Nicole…this is why I’m Sooooo in love with this soap couple. Days is gettin’ good.

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    I do not like Rafe & Carrie at all. Plus Carrie made digs about Rafe& Sami after they 1st got to Salem long before Rafe & Carrie worked etc. together. About the mysterious envelope.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is what we have been waiting to find out after all this time? Thats the dumbest storyline to come up with after they made such a big mystery of it? How many times in the DOOL history has someone found out they were married to someone else but had no idea? C’mon this isn’t fashion that always has to repeat itself. But hey I’d LOVE a well paid job as a writer for the show. All I’d have to do is go back to another year & repeat it today. Give me a break

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    Please help me. WHAT is the weather in Salem? These women wear sleeveless and short-sleeves outside in Horton Square. Is that little fire/stone place supposed to heat the entire outside area? It makes no sense. They have coats and it’s cold but they are outside….what do you all think?

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