Katie Confronts Bill About Steffy on B&B

Bill (Don Diamont) just can’t resist Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) charms. His obsession with keeping Steffy in his life, even if it’s as his son’s wife, has made him take some drastic steps. Too bad Katie (Heather Tom) knows he had Steffy’s MRI scans faked. What will Liam (Scott Clifton) do when he learns the truth? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!

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    But once again Brad has found his gear again lying in stories development which Rick\Amber, Amber being Amber again!!. Amber lost her identity on Y&R with the writing, came back to B&B got stuck in the “kids” story-line, but now Brad is writing Amber as young adult vixen, which is when Amber shines. Utilizing the chemistry with Jacob Young once again which is a smart move, now add fuel to the fire in the form of Deacon Sharpe, we be cooking! . B&B not campy? What! Some think that B&B is to campy? Bill Bell created B&B as ultra-campy style soap, which was different from his ultra-sophisticated Y&R. Heather Tom is hitting it out the ballpark, her busting Bill was SWEET played deliciously by Tom, go to YT and watch, Tom at her best. Not all actresses can play both bitch & heroine in the same breathe only a few and Tom can, that’s what is lacking in “Victoria” because Tom brought that staple into the character. I have been watching B&B much more of late because of Heather Tom. I do like how finally Brad is writing Brooke more mature, KKL at her best. I would watch B&B over GH, ANY day of week because GH (going by GH viewers post) is GARBAGE wrapped up in Disney wrapping.

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    I always rate Heather Tom as truly professional. When she played Victoria Newman, she really grew and matured into a dynamic powerful executive who could also be vulnerable without looking weak. And she was always impeccably coiffed! While I no longer watch Y&R, I always hear current fans complain that Victoria Newman’s mane always looks unkempt. I think TPTB have taken the ‘boho’ thing too far–and they left out the chic.

    I just may go to YT and check out some B&B clips. Sounds like ValJean’s writing tenure over there may be off to a good start.

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    Yes, indeed Heather Tom blew up it on Monday’s episode. Always love her work! Can’t wait to see everything in store for the Spencers this week. I still don’t want Hope to go back to that loser, Liam, but I want to see Steffy and Bill get what they deserve. Liam needs to get locked up and sent away.

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    Heather Tom DESPERATELY needs to move back to Genoa City. Amelia Heinle continues to underwhelm as Victoria. Why can’t they just swap roles? Heather return as Victoria and Amelia go over to B&B to play Katie?

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    Snizzle she was smokin’ ( I watched it twice) LoL

    the scenes were unreal (but Heather acting off diamont is always excellent) he has been under rated as $Bill… here is a character that was created a veteran actor soap from another show that works (IMO) he deserved an emmy nom. He embodies the ruthless tycoon.

    I also agree totally re: the writing of Amber, Amber right or wrong, weak or strong; I always root for her for some reason. I’ve always stood by her…she reminds me of old school soap characters I use to favor back in the gap there are only a few of these characters left (even when more soaps were on the table) because current soap writing can’t capture (evoke) these kind of emotions out of me (anymore) they just aren’t skilled enough & their agenda is way to transparent… no mystery, intrigue, just cookie cutter formula writing; (soap) writers (for the most part) are quite lazy …………Amber did not belong at the kiddie table woefully written in that silly Liam/Hope storyline.

    A-boy every time I see Heather esp fired up I think Victoria Newman & mostly everytime I watch the very inadequate, sorely miscast Heinle in the back of my mind … wonder how Tom would handle this scene..I’d sure like to see a Miller/Tom scene I think I’d enjoy them acting off each other.

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