Spend Valentine's Day Watching SOAPnet's Marathon of GH's Scrubs

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With Valentine's Day approaching, fans of General Hospital's "Scrubs," aka Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough), can get ready to sit back and relive the couple's romance on SOAPNet.  The network will air four hours of some of the Scrub's most romantic moments. The following is a list of episodes slated to air begining at 3 pm EST:

3 pm EST— (Original airdate Nov. 7, 2006) Patrick publicly confesses his love for Robin by showing up outside her apartment windown.

4 pm EST— (Orignal airdate Nov. 6, 2008) Robin gives birth to Emma.

5 pm EST— (Orignal airdate Dec. 29, 2008) Patrick and Robin finally get married.

6 pm EST— (Original airdate Dec. 29, 2009) Patrick and Robin celebrate their first wedding anniversary.