Which of Sonny’s Kids Will Anthony Zacchara Target on GH?

Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) decision to show Johnny (Brandon Barash) his birth certificate–in what Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens called the “Dumbest A** General Hospital Plot Twist Ever”–has Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz) on the warpath. This week the insane mob boss threatens one of Sonny’s children. Who will he target? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!

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    I hate Dante even more than Michael… So I hope it will be Dante but what I find pathetic is that ONCE AGAIN Sonny couldn’t think one second and had to run to hurt Johnny as retaliation for Imaginary Offense Number 723… This would have been great leverage against Anthony to keep his kids safe if Sonny had chosen to blackmail Anthony instead of rushing to tease Johnny like a pathetic spoiled 5 year old.

    And they think they can redeem Sonny??? :~ Good luck because he is dumber than a rock (and this is insulting rocks so I apologize), selfish and self absorbed, the worst father ever (he just proved it one more time) and delusional.

    I hope Dante is happy to have perjured himself twice and spit on his badge several times to let this monster/bully free.
    Every bloodbath that will happen in the days to come will be on Dante because he had the perfect weapon to send Sonny behind bars but Mr I-Live-For-My-Badge (sorry I just threw up a little bit in my mouth) after all his lectures about right or wrong couldn’t do the right thing and throw Sonny in jail! Congrats…
    And some people wonder why Dante is so much hated??? Sonny is hated and people want him to pay for his crimes and Dante kept him out of jail! That’s the main reason (plus he is a chauvinistic pig too ;) ).

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    I would be happy if they closed Sonny’s story quickly. The problem with GH is that they made the mob crap so much GH who else is there to focus on at this point. Olivia was ill conceived character from start. Why did they bring on character that was a duplicate character of Kate. How stupid were the writers/producers-whoever. Olivia was given same background with Sonny which made Kate less plausible. The whole crap about he cared about whoever was in scene at the time. Olivia has got to go. Move back to Bensonhurst. It is too bad that they didn’t have Kate be the one with the kid. Never made sense to me to add Olivia. But when do the GH writers make sense. I would focus back on Kate/Sonny and give THEM happy ending. Then they can backburner them with them starting new life. I never liked the Brenda crap. Didn’t see her first time around and couldn’t watch second time. Her voice was annoying. Sonny character just is not viable anymore.

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    I am so happy to read I’m not the only one who hates Sonny at this point. I agree that he is too quick to “shoot first and ask questions later”. I can’t believe he’s a “mob boss”. He has no insight, no common sense, and he is extremely childish. I am liking Anthony and Johnny more and more each day. At least Anthony is very entertaining. Michael’s transformation into a mini-Sonny is sickening as well.

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    Ditto to the preceding comments. My sympathies to Maurice Benard for his talent being wasted and seeing his character debased once again.


    I miss OLTL where the crazies were fun. The violence could be bloody but good triumphed over evil.

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    I still never got the mother/son vibe from Claudia/Johnny, I always got the “brother/sister, I wanna do you vibe”, so this whole thing still reads false to me. It’s not shocking, just another stupid plot point to pit Sonny and Johnny against one another, again. And bring Carly and Sonny back into each other’s orbits, cause I see Kate getting phased out. Again. It tickles me, and not in a good way at all, that she is suddenly scared of what being with Sonny means because he got shot at, but she A) knew it was bound to happen at some point given who he is and B) her ass was SHOT on her WEDDING DAY to him, and that is the whole reason this Claudia mess came into play with Sonny in the first place. These folks can’t even remember their own bs writing! GW may not have penned the story, but he was on staff with Guza, correct? Ugh, why am I bothering….

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    Good God! Can’t we take a week off from this nonsense? Haven’t all of Sonny’s kids and most of his girlfriends already been shot and blown up at some point?

    Not only is is repetitive, it’s not good soap opera. A gunshot on every episode lost its dramatic impact years ago.

    The only gunshots I want to see or hear about should be killing off all the serial killers and mobsters. This show desperately needs to move on.

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    I am so PLUCKING sick of Michael!! What a show-eating little doofus he’s become!!

    Morgan is offcamera, Dante has become a domesticated BORE who has been nothing less than castrated by that nagging shrew, Lulu.

    So who even cares?

    I am sick of these never-ending mob stories! GH is so stupid! Claudia being Johnny’s mom is STUPID!! GH is STUPID!

    I need a drink!!

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    This is a no-brainer. Anthony finds out what Michael has been up to, kills the guy Michael believes is the stripper stalker, sets it up so that Michael is found with the gun in his hand and the body at his feet. Mikey’s leaving on the midnight train to Pentonville, and this time there’s nothing that Mommy, Daddy, Jasey, or Big Brother can do about it.

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    Another mob shoot out?

    Regarding Claudia/Johnny, my guess it’s just a plot point for the Franco/Sam/Jason baby story. That’s if Johnny is the out come of Claudia being raped.

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    I agree js3557. Can we vote for all of them? Mykill, Krissy and Dumbte are equally annoying. Can we vote for AZ to take them ALL out, and then he turns his gun on Sonny and Jason so people will start WATCHING this show again?

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    Pull Sonny’s teeth and get rid of the Zacchara Family. Johnny has become a giant sleaze ball and Anthony is as insane as that piece of garbage Franco. Get rid of all the mob, including Sonny and Jason. If a character has to be criminal to stay on GH then they are not needed. I am so tired of the easy conflict supplied by criminals on this show. The mob presence has weakened the writing for years now, made it predictable, stale, and insulting. What has happened to GH, or maybe the question should be WHO has happened? I don’t remember petitioning GH or ABC for sleaze or dimpled mobsters to become the focus of the show.

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    I love the idea of this story. Obviously, I am in the minority on this mb. But, I hate Sonny for the way he so gleefully threw it in Johnny’s face. That was just cruel. I really wanted this to be about Johnny and not the Corinthos clan.

    GH has always had a strong mob element from way back in the 70s so I don’t have a problem with the ide!. It’s the implementation that’s the problem. It’s become all mob all the time. Maybe, this is the beginning of the end for the mob and we just have to be patient.

    On a side note, I really wish they would bring back Tamara as Carly. I can’t stand that loud mouth Laura Wright who yells instead of acting. Tamara just brought such a nuanced vulnerability to the part. She and Brandon would be smoking!

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    GH4ever, you are certainly not in the minority on DC regarding Sonny! Almost everyone posting in Perkie’s thread hates him and wants him gone LOL

    And you will see that with a few exception Johnny is truly loved. Come post with us daily on Perkie’s Observations. She makes great recaps and you can have real discussions there (heated sometimes) about the show with people saying what they liked/loved and not focusing only on what they hated/hate on the show (even if it is not easy those days to find a lot to love I admit :) )

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    Holy hell…I come back to see what I have missed after not watching for months and it is the same old crap. Not only is that ridiculous jasam crap still going on and on and on and on and *zzzzzzzzzzzzz*…now they are making Claudia Johnny’s mom? What, was she 5 when she gave birth to him? Honestly, Claudia doesn’t look remotely old enough to have given birth to Johnny. And if they are saying he is the product of rape, how old are they going to make Claudia when she was raped? I get it GH, you WANT to be cancelled. The ton of sh*t soaked stories are definitely pushing you in the right direction.

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