First Airdates Announced For Robert, Anna and OLTL Stars on General Hospital!

Get ready soap fans! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, the wait  is almost over for Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes' return to General Hospital. Hughes' alter ego Anna Devane makes her way back to Port Charles during the week of Feb. 13, while Rogers' Robert Scorpio returns the week of Feb. 27.

Meanwhile, Kristen Alderson make her General Hospital debut the week of Feb. 20, but Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva will appear the week of Feb. 27. Sorry kids, you wil have to wait a tad bit longer for Michael Easton to arrive in the fictional town. Easton's first airdate is slated for March.

Tristan Rogers Photo Credit: ABC

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    I hope if they bring them back they give them writing that is more mature. I remember their returns and since I didn’t see them way back, I found them silly. I am just saying, I will be more open to them if they act more normal. Lets face it, they are older. The silly stories they had when they were younger look goofy now.

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    Why are OLTL people coming to GH again? They don’t even use the vets we LIKE on GH except for Borg and Sonny and look at the ratings. So what is bringing in strangers from a CANCELLED show going to do?

    Didn’t ME and KM tank PC and didn’t ME ride out OLTL till it too was cancelled? Wasn’t KM’s ‘reality show’ one of the lowest rated shows in ‘E’ in history? Didn’t her strip show in Vegas bomb? So why is it a good idea for him to come to GH again? I understand the need to break up JaCancellation asap as they’ve tanked for over 3 years, but to bring another failed soap star here so again KM and ME can suck just doesn’t make sense to me?

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    Don’t forget Van Hughes, who’s coming on as Cole according to SOD to help Starr fit into Port Charles.

    As for me, I still don’t know how to feel about this. I’d rather get some closure on Victor and Tea instead of having Starr, Blair and Todd in Port Charles…

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    I haven’t watched ABC soaps in a long time, but I seem to remember Anna having a baby with AMC’s David Hayward named Leora. How will that be explained? And wasn’t Aidan on AMC also related to the Devane family some way? Can someone please fill in the general blanks?


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    People need to listen to the podcast with RC and hear what he has in store for the GH characters and integrating the OLTL cast members. FV and RC aren’t stupid – they know they got to do what they do and turn this sinking ship around. The ratings have to come up – so why not utilize some of the most popular characters in OLTL history (Blair & Todd) to do this. At the end of the day two things are certain: 1) OLTL was the powerhouse soap in ratings, people watched and 2) If GH ratings don’t go up and SOON they are gone in favor of The Chew, The Revolution and Katie.

    dqh257 – Anna Devane and David Hayward’s baby Leora died circa 2002/2003. Aidan was a cousin or nephew to Anna.

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    Angie Lucy

    Pumpkin, don’t judge Robert and Anna based on the stupid ways Guza used them a few years ago. Their storylines in the 80s weren’t silly at all. Guza simply chose to ignore history (gee, what a surprise) and ruin two beloved characters, just as he did with Rick Webber and Scott Baldwin. GH: Night Shift was a much better treatment of the Scorpios.

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    [quote] At the end of the day two things are certain: 1) OLTL was the powerhouse soap in ratings, people watched and 2) If GH ratings don’t go up and SOON they are gone in favor of The Chew, The Revolution and Katie. [/quote]

    I agree. Robert, Holly, Anna, and especially Todd, Blair, and yes, even John, are getting ME to tune back into GH on the daily again, cause GAWD knows, Sonny and Co are not doing the damn thing anymore and HAVEN’T in YEARS. I’m looking foward to it. And bringing people over from a higher rated show will get more eyeballs to GH. OLTL might have been cancelled, but it was still kicking GH’s ass in the ratings week after week. So far, Ron’s got better ideas than making Carly the center of the Universe, ala Guza and Wolfe. He might pit her against Blair, but I’m hoping my Blair will chop that chick down a notch or 7. And I’m hoping Todd renders Sonny speechless for the next 7 months.

    [quote] Why is it that GH fans always bitch about stuff before it even airs? [/quote]

    ROTFLMAO :D :D :D I’ve spoken to my offline GH/OLTL friends about this, and they are truly excited for this. They haven’t watched GH consistently since 2005, and they say this is what’s getting them to tune back in. They saw the promo and have been salivating ever since.

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    For the first time in many years, I’m gonna be watching GH. I’m excited to see what Ron and Frank have in store for GH. If bringing OLTL characters will help bring the ratings up, so be it. I’ll be watching the day Ron’s material starts airing. :)

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    Funny, I never watched General Hospital. I preferred Guiding Light until it went in the crapper for it’s last two-three years. Watched OLTL consistently for about 5 years until the end(and off and on over 30 years when it was good). I will tune into GH to see Todd, Blair et al so I guess this is a smart idea on management to bring these characters over to a sinking ship!

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    Thanks for the help, you guys. I remember VI and FH having such chemistry on AMC and if they are crossing over characters from other shows, it would seem to make sense to cross over David Hayward for a few reasons: (a) he’s a doctor and GH is supposed to be about a hospital, (b) the history with Anna that started David’s insanity centered around his children, and (c) GH needs a villain that is not mob-related that would have chemistry with most any woman on the GH canvas (a la Rick Hearst).

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