Jenna Gering on Dirty Soap’s Future: “Not Being Picked Up”

Bad news soap fans. Dirty Soap's Jenna Gering announced via Twitter the show will not return for a second season. Gering, wife of Days of Our Lives' Galen Gering tweeted:

Such a shame. Now where am I going to see the show's breakout star, and Nadia Bjorlin's, mother Fary go in on people?

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    wow! I absolutely love shows like this – You fall in love with the characters and seeing them after work, in their home elements, makes you love them more – I dont like this at alL !

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    I’d wish they’d given them another season and just make some cast changes. I mean Nadia and Brandon were about the most interesting people on that show.

    Farah seems to be faking an old feud that in the end didn’t work, because Kristen got sick. Besides that she was busy telling JP what to do, which made her look like so shallow.

    Kelly had no place on that show and didn’t fit with anyone but Kristen – until she was gone!

    About Galen and his wife … I rather say nothing besides that it shocked me that a woman who’s married to an actor, who’s part of the soap opera world for more than a decade, must apologize to his wife for a love scene on-screen.

    IDK, maybe with another season and some changes ratings would have improved. In the end, Nadia’s mother just wasn’t enough to keep people watching.

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    this show was INCREDIBLY boring. all the Kardashian shows are better than Dirty Soap, IMO.

    and Jenna was one of the worst things about the show/cast. She was always being annoying and complaining about Galen having love & kissing scenes with his co-stars.

    that’s his job, he’s an actor on a soap opera! He was a actor on a soap opera when you met him!

    they should’ve gotten Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest to produce the show.

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    I will miss the show overall. I didn’t mind watching it. I won’t miss Farah treating her boyfriend badly though. Some of their scenes were cringeworthy.

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    Having been laid off myself last year, I found the “storyline” around Nadia leaving Days so personal and so touching. The scenes were really moving to me.

    Sorry it won’t be back but I’m not really surprised.

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    These days when you have shows like Love and Hip-hop and New Jersey Housewives where the cast get into physical brawls, Dirty Soap just can’t compete, its too booring. I think maybe a show like this would have worked 5 or ten years ago. But its to tame compared to the other reality shows of today.

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    Soapbaby I hadnt read this thread yet because I knew I would see this kind of nonsense. I wanted to bring it to your attention so you would see the nasty actor bashing type comments that elwood has been engaging for the last two weeks.

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