New Dark Shadows DVD Collections Go on Pre-Sale Ahead of Big Screen Adaptation

Who says soap operas aren't profitible? Starting April 10, Dark Shadows: The Complete DVD Collection will be available for purchase. Fans can relive all their favorite moments of the gothic soap just in time for the big screen adaptation starring Johnny Depp. The collection will feature bonus interviews with the stars of the sudser and creator Dan Curtis. To pre-order the DVD's click here!

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    So that’s why YT blocked all the full episodes they had of “Dark Shadows”. ;)

    I don’t know how … but somehow I’ll try save the money to buy me this collection. I mean, ALL 1225 episodes!? AWESOME!!!

    Wish they would do the same thing for “Sunset Beach” and “Santa Barbara”.

    Anyway, “Dark Shadows” is cult and deserves a collection like this. :love:

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    In the end, you’re not paying even 50 cent for an episode. The price is fair … of course it sounds a lot, but for over 1000 episodes it’s okay.

    I mean hey it’s cheaper than iTunes. :bigsmile: ;)

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    Amazing they kept tapes of these shows, yet dumped the early years of One Life.

    I definitely enjoy buying soap collections, though I didn’t watch Dark Shadows, so I won’t purchase it. If they’d release Loving, Sunset Beach, Generations, plus continue releasing episodes of Guiding Light (just got the first set in the mail), As The World Turns and others I’m all for it.

    I wish GL would do a set on just the Spauldings. I’d buy that in a heartbeat, as I love me some Alexandra, particularly the Beverlee McKinsey years. Marj Dusay also was great.

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    Aren’t all the episodes already available on DVD by now? They did them bit by bit and didn’t do the pre-Barnabas episodes until later, but how is this different? It seems like it’s just one giant box set of all of the episodes. I actually have every episode on VHS from the Sci Fi Channel.

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