Star Jones Set to Make First Appearance on The View Since 2006!

Soaps aren't the only programming in daytime scripting dramatic reunions! The View announced today that former co-host Star Jones is returning to the chatfest for a Feb. 22 visit. Jones—who was fired from the series in 2006—will be back at the coffee table with Babs and Co. to discuss the Go Red campaign for heart disease awareness.

Both Jones and Walters had operations to repair damaged heart valves in 2010, so heart disease awareness is an issue quite literally close to their hearts. Even still, it's a good thing all the women will be wearing red, just in case any blood is shed!

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    Angie Lucy

    I can’t stand Barbara Walters. Star may not be the most easy-going person in the world, but I thought Barbara’s treatment of her was shoddy. She got paid back in spades with Rosie. If I were Star, I’d go to The Talk instead.

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    Star has already been on The Talk.

    I’m sure things aren’t as mended as they may want to portray. When Barbara did her hour-long special on heart disease after her surgery (which also included Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Regis Philbin and Charlie Rose), Star whined about her not being included in the special. That was just last year. I’m sure this is just a temporary detente to spike The View’s ratings and satisfy Star’s craving for the spotlight.

    I’m surprised she’s going to be on a Wednesday show and not a Friday one. Friday shows are pre-recorded, and Wednesday shows generally aren’t. If I were Barbara, I wouldn’t let her on The View live. It will be interesting to see if Star is able to fool Barbara (and Bill!) twice…

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