The Woman in White Out at General Hospital

Say adios to the mysterious "woman in white" on General Hospital. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting Alyshia Ochse (Cassandra) has been given her walking papers. No word on when her last airdate is set for the soap.

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    This storyline was just bad and unbelievable stupid! Glad that it will be over soon.

    So next move, bring Megan Ward back as Kate and get rid of these awkward blonde doctor.

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    While I hate that someone is losing a job in this economy, GH has to shed some extraneous characters to bring back some more costly vets and beloved characters.

    I’m hoping that Patty takes out Genevieve on Y&R so Genie Francis can come back as Laura in time to wrap up the show.

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    This story could not possibly develop into something interesting; it had such a bad start and was going nowhere. I’m sorry also as one of the previous comments that someone had to lose their job.

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    Marland Fan

    I’m hoping that Patty takes out Genevieve on Y&R so Genie Francis can come back as Laura in time to wrap up the show.[/quote]

    Genie is coming back, but she’s on “loan”. She’s not leaving Y&R.

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    Lets review: this is what I understand re: this storyline
    Ethan became fascinated with Laura’s painting while at Wyndemere (later it was revealed he was hired by Alexis as a caretaker he had electricity restored) hauling it around I remember it brought to the Haunted Star he had the painting repaired

    later I realized there was a lurker (squatter) in the shadows (as well as other estates) this squatter looming around leaving notes or messages or something later I find out she’s Cassaundra one of Ewen’s patients. Her & Ethan boinked on the sofa. She seemed a bit entitled to me….

    what else?

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    Can she take Maggie, Shawn, nukate, Olivia, Steve, and Ronnie with her please? I was looking forward to a Cassadine story, but centering it around her and Ethan was the writers first mistake, then the weird pacing of the “story” made me wish the writers would’ve thrown this one in the trash bin before it even started…. Bring on a true Cassadine story… make Ewen Stefan’s son, have him fall for Liz, bring back Nic and Lucky and then let Helena rain hells bells down on all of them for a while…. now that would be a story!

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    What mipeony said!!! You nailed it.

    Oh, and they blinked on the floor not the couch.

    And, if Nathan Parsons is leaving why oh why can’t they bring back Lexie Ainesworth and let them finally have their love story. They can ride off into the sunset together.

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    From an economic stand point, it’s sad for AO. Good luck to her in the future. But it’s about “cutting losses” and this story was a lost cause after the first few episodes that it aired. I also hope that (even if it’s a long shot), that LA might come back to start up the “Ethina” duo. If it’s done with intelligence and if NP is staying… 0:)

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