General Hospital Rep on Melissa Archer: “There Are No Immediate Plans to Bring Her to Port Charles”

Perhaps Michael Easton spoke too soon? The actor reportedly teased the crowd at the recent "Loving Llanview" event that his One Life to Live leading lady Melissa Archer, and her character Natalie Buchanan, would be following Easton's John McBain to Port Charles on General Hospital this May. Not true says a rep for the sudser to Soaps In Depth:

"Despite us loving them, there are no immediate plans to bring her to Port Charles," says the rep.

Well I guess that settles that!

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    I sure do hope she’s coming soon! If Michael Easton is coming as his character, “John McBain”, and they just got back together and they have a baby, how are they going to explain their absence from him?? Besides, although I love watching his character, I love watching THEIR magic!!

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    I like Melissa Archer and Michael Easton as actors, but neither of them are needed on GH! And if they are trying to recapture that kinda “Port Charles” energy that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco had, I think they need to save their energy. After all, Port Charles was CANCELLED, wasn’t it? Why model yourself after a canceled show? Makes no sense to me! If their chemistry wasn’t enough to keep that show afloat, why would it be enough to keep General Hospital afloat?

    Besides, Michael Easton sleepwalked his way through much of his final years on OLTL, so why reward him with another job instead of picking more overall solid perfomers such as Florencia Lozano or Jerry Ver Dorn?

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