Marie Osmond IN; Martha Stewart OUT at Hallmark!

It looks like Marie Osmond is returning to daytime. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Osmond is finalizing a deal for a talk show to fill the spot left by Martha Stewart's cancelled The Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark Channel.

“We think [Osmond] will be a fantastic addition to the channel and to our lifestyle offerings,” said Hallmark in a statement.

Osmond and her brother Donny Osmond hosted the Donny & Marie daytime talk show from 1998-2000.

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    I’m in favor of pictures that bad being circulated. I like to dream that it discourages more people to stop the insanity of cosmetic surgery. The horror! The horror!

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    And here we thought Marie was supposed to do a cameo appearance on B&B, something we all knew about shortly after last year’s Daytime Emmy Awards. What happened? Here’s what I’m hoping happened, Brad Bell (B&B showrunner) decided to nix the idea!

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    [quote=tullydidit]Ok I’m being really unkind but that is one god awful photo of Marie…..[/quote]

    Not unkind at all…just telling it like it is. I wouldn’t have recognized her if her name wasn’t in the headline. Not sure if it’s just the angle or if she actually looks like that now, but it IS a terrible picture. Hope that’s all it is…

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    OK, now I get to say this, I for one, am so tired of her big mouth and know it all attitude……
    does it make me unamerican to dislike her?
    Cause I do…………..:-)

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    Okay, this might sound mean too but remember that time Marie Osmond danced as a doll on Dancing With The Stars? That’s what this picture reminds me of. And that line on The Golden Girls where Sophia urged Rose to cool it on the blush (“…you wear more rouge than Miss Piggy…”).

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