Lesley-Anne Down’s Bold and Beautiful Contract Wasn’t Renewed!

Bad news for Jackie Marone fans. Lesley-Anne Down announced on her website, she has been taken off contract by The Bold and The Beautiful. According to Down:



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    That makes me sad! I like LAD very much and thought that now that she’s doing better and all, we see a lot more of her role as Jackie.

    I think it will be a great lost for the show and sadly it will also put Nick even more to the side since Brad Bell has forbidden himself to reunite him with Brooke.

    If Jackie should go to jail for stolen designs, it would be karma that’s been waiting for her since she was so hard on Amber for doing the same thing … but I kind of wish the character gets a happy ending and she eventually leaves town with Owen!?

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    Damn, she is a fixture on the show! I hope the show is not planning on cleaning house to bring on more of ABC-Daytimes old stars. I want them to find jobs, but I don’t want them just thrown on random soaps in ridiculous storylines.

    She always reminded me of Joan Collins…sniff, sniff…she will be missed!

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    soapy opie

    Although, it’s not mentioned on her site, they could
    always bring LAD back later or even put her on recurring.
    Plenty of actors on “recurring” work quite regularly.
    It might just another way to cut down on production overhead.

    I must say, I like ER Writer’s suggestion that LAD would be
    great on DAYS as Kate long-lost sister. They match up
    physically (& age wise) and would be great going toe2toe
    for control of Countess Wilhelmina & Stefano.
    More “action” for Stefano, the lucky dog!! lol

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    Jackie was always a very tragic role. And I loved that! I loved that she was the socialite with a shocking past, who was kept in a cage while married to Massimo. And after him she has become a sexy woman, who’s getting involved with younger men, while having Eric as a consistent love interest in her life.

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    Angie Lucy

    Too bad Y&R’s cast is already bloated. Otherwise, I’d love to see her bring Jackie to Genoa City. Maybe her company would like a tie-in with Jabot, or to place product at Fenmore’s. She could wrangle with Jill or romance Jack. Maybe she could try to steal Michael away from Lauren; they could use a storyline. Lily could actually work again by modeling for Jackie. Devon could put together the music for her fashion show. Restless Style could cover her designs and scandals. But of course, MAB could never think of something so simple. She’d rather rip off the wikipedia version of Wuthering Heights and fill them with every AMC refugee and former primetime actor she can speed dial.

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    Just because she’s going off contract doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not going to be on the show. I don’t know who is and isn’t on contract on B&B, but on Y&R a couple of people without contracts are still on all the time.

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    People who ain’t on contract with B&B are treated very badly though. I remember some recurring players who eventually weren’t used anymore and disappeared without knowledge.
    Or look at Lesli Kay for example. She is such a talented actress, but she get’s nothing but one liners on special holidays.
    When LAD’s contract expired I wish that they really write Jackie off … everything else is a dead end on that show!

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    Lesli Kay, Sarah Brown, Rick Hearst and now Lesley……

    Why can’t B&B actually UTILIZE it’s talented actors instead of making them hang around by the water cooler twiddling their thumbs? I just don’t get it……

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    I think if Y&R would be in a better place, I would really like for Jackie to come to Genoa City. I also think that she could be a better love interest for Jack too.
    And she has Lauren as someone who already knows her well. :)
    But Y&R has too many problems and it’s cast is overloaded already. But if we could get Jackie and let Genie Francis return to “GH” … why the hell not!?^^

    I don’t get either, why they don’t find stories for people like Hearst, Kay or Brown. It’s beyond me that when you have such a talent cast you rather keep on the camp style and roles like Donna instead of actually writing for the people that can give you drama on a very high level.

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    Oke, this is starting to get more messier by the day.

    First we had BB (Owen) and ZC (Oliver) and now Jackie.
    I wonder what Bell is upto. And what about the dead weight like Marcus, Justin, Donna, Amber, Thorne, Taylor, Dayzee, Pam. Are they still on contract? Because they should worry also.

    BB has no balance in their storylines and thats a huge problem. While this weeks episodes where actually quite great, it also lacked something.

    I think Brad makes huge mistakes recently because all three fired actors could have made a difference on this show. He should have fired the aactors that plays Marcus, Dayzee and Pam. But thats just my opinion.

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    Well as far as Lesli Kay…I think she is totaly overrated by all of you.

    For Brown, that was a mistake. BB should have kept her on the show. Her relationship with Nick finally started to work out and it could have worked out if Brad wasnt so ignorant to drop it after 5 episodes.

    Rick had probably the most possibilities for a good story. They should have brought SK back as Deacon because he and Whip shared great chemistry. Whip was doomed when he married Taylor, it seems that Brad is just keeping that woman on to please the fangroup of Tylo, but it isnt really working, because that fangroup is frustated by the lack of storyline for 11 out of 12 months a year.

    Whip was also a bit of a bad guy during his first run on B&B. Too bad they didnt do more with the talents of Rick and the charcter of Whip.

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    Its really difficult to explain, not only because of the language barrier but also the fact that its just a feeling. I dont like the actress, I dont like her voice, I dont like the character of Felicia (she is boring, spoiled, whiny–>like all the other Forrester kids). I never understood wqhy Brad did the miracle thing and brought her back to life. After that every storyline with her in it was a total bust.

    She had a lovestory with the doctor (Mario Lopez), she had a lovestory with Dante, she had some flirts with Nick and even Constantine. It was a mess. Even writing this irritates the hell out of me :)

    I never seen her in a stand out scene and all of her stories actually went nowhere.

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    It’s sad….I hate that Brad Bell only seems to focus on certain characters for YEARS at a time. A soap opera can’t be made with just 6 characters. it gets boring. And while Brad Bell is a very talented writer (or at least one of the most talented that we have left), I think B&B could be much better than what it is because he has one of the most talented casts…or he HAD. He lets all the talent go.

    So basically, everyone of substance is gone, and we have to watch more Hopeless/Lame crap. We have to watch Hope give herself a pity party every episode, Liam be dumbed down to Nick Newman status, beyond redemption, and Bill be turned into a wife closet-locking psychopath overnight. Meanwhile, characters like Thorne, Taylor, Felicia, Jackie, Whip, etc…are all relegated to the background and then dropped. WHHHHYYYY!!!?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: This just came to my head. But if B&B needed to hire any actress who would fit in well with this show, it would be Susan Lucci. She could come on as a Coco Channel type of character named Kristina Bizen, head CEO and owner of The Bizen Group.

    The Bizen Group would be considered an international luxury retail conglomerate, much like the real life LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton S.A., which is a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate headquartered in Paris, France) which has bought up many of the worlds best luxury brands.

    The company which would have moved its headquarters to L.A. so that Kristina could be closer to her children would plot to and swoop in take over Forrester Creations. Something no one ever saw coming. This would be a good way to utilize SL and pit her against Susan Flannery.

    Imagine Stephanie having to fight against a much richer and more cunning female foe who has years of experience of seizing luxury brands and adding them to her portfolio. To thus maximize her assets and move her closer to her goal of having a monopoly on the luxury market.

    Then I would have her hire Justin (with-whom she would take up as a lover) to oversee Forrester Creations and not think twice about replacing Stephanie and co. if they tried to revolt.

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    @David great storyline possibility! I’d even connect Lucci’s character to the canvas by making her Bill’s mother. Only thing is, Brad Bell would have a honey covered Susan in the woods eating berries that make her horny as a bear chases her (cue “I’m Erica Kane” ripoff) or her appearing on some remake of “Supermarket Sweep”. Hot nasty mess hahahahaha

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    Angrierblackman, now that you mention Joan Collins, I wish they had cast her as Jackie considering her age (although she does look like a porcelain doll anyway). I never liked the way they cast people on Bold and the Beautiful and stopped watching. Robin Riker and Patrick Duffey were too young to play Brooke’s parents (Donna Mills would have been better as her mother, for example). The age thing and the way B&B has rehashed the same storylines over and over made me stop watching. I watched it the other day and just couldn’t get into it. It’s too campy.

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    ER Writer

    ok David, wheres YOUR show cause I wanna watch that.
    Oddly enough I thought that was somewhat what Bill was going to be, minus taking Justin for a lover, but hey… :)

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