More Ratings GOSSIP: CBS Pleased With Bold and Beautiful’s Steady 2.5; Could Pitiable Debut For The Revolution Keep General Hospital on Longer?!


With the daytime drama fighting for her very existence, you can bet all eyes are on the Nielsens ratings. After checking with my moles at several networks I was able to learn the following tidbits:

Suits at CBS Daytime are impressed that The Bold and the Beautiful has maintained a 2.5 in households for the past few weeks. With big stories, including the climax of the Hope/Liam/Steffy (Kimberly Matula, Scott Clifton and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) triangle, Ridge and Brooke (Ron Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang) once again at odds over there girls and things heating up for Rick (Jacob Young) and Amber (Adrienne Frantz), planned for February Sweeps—not to mention B&B's 25th anniversary coming up in March—here's hoping the soon-to-be 25-year-old sudser can keep it up!

B&B's sister sudser Y&R is also causing optimism these days. The soap was watched by more than five million viewers the week of Jan. 16-20, and sources are saying Y&R is continuing to head back to a more traditional style soap. Thank you, Soap Jesus!
"They're finally getting the message," assures one source. "Steve Kent at Sony believes in the future of serialized storytelling. He isn't going to let the two shows he has a vested interest in go down without a fight!"

Hopefully that means a solid future for both Y&R and Days of Our Lives, which Sony also co-owns. The word on the street is DAYS is about to start experimenting with some of the more out there storylines that made it the talk of the 90's.

Now for General Hospital. Even with the soap posting record low ratings, I am hearing from multiple sources there is a strong possibility GH could live on—at least long enough for ABC to develop something to replace The Revolution—all because of the pitiable ratings debut for the One Life to Live replacement.

"ABC is not happy with The Revolution," says one insider, "and not just the ratings, but the show itself. It's a mess. This may buy GH time for ABC to develop something else. "

The Revolution's debut in total viewers was just 1.68 million viewers the week of Jan. 16-20. That same week a year ago, One Life to Live was watched by 2.64 million people. Insiders are beginning to speculate GH could be moved into The Revolution's timeslot if the numbers don't improve.   

As for the GH-to-primetime buzz. None of my generally on-the-money insiders have heard a word about such a move, so take that for what it's worth.


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  1. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Its good to hear about Y&R, but I have been burned by that show too many times. I am done with Y&R and most likely won’t return.

    I am also happy to hear that GH is getting a reprieve, if only for a short while. It seems that ABC is still determined to get out of the soap opera (daytime) business.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It’s good to hear that Sony still seems to care. When it comes to Y&R I thought they’d never see the light.
    DAYS and the talk of the 90s stories … well, I think in a small doses it could help the show as long as no one gets possessed by the devil.

  3. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I just want to know which ABC exec looked at The Revolution (and the Chew) and thought “this is the one! this is what we are going to replace our soaps with and there going to bring in the ratings!” because honestly they need to lose their jobs. Both the Chew and Revolution are piss poor daytime viewing. If your going to have a talk show, do it right. Same with a food show. Don’t come out with a really cheap bright show with a panel of hosts that don’t mesh well together.

  4. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Nothing those idiots put on the air will generate as much fan loyalty as the soaps. Instead of killing them, they need to come up with plans to make it hip again to watch them like it was in the eighties.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I just want to know which ABC exec looked at The Revolution (and the Chew) and thought “this is the one! this is what we are going to replace our soaps with and there going to bring in the ratings!”
    Anne Sweeney. My sources said Brian only wanted to cancel One Life to Live initally (Surprise, surprise). Sweeney said cancel them both and ordered The Chew be fastracked on the air to replace AMC, and The Revolution retooled then put in place of OLTL. Sweeney wants GH gone as well. She wanted to cut all three at once, but Brian convinced her to spare GH. Then the Katie Couric deal came in…

  6. Profile photo of giogio

    Not to be mean here, but it is a pitiful site, that Revolution. NO ONE wants to hear that bull during the day, every single day. Oh no no no no no. That show is bad!!!

  7. Profile photo of giogio

    Jamey – and to think we were writing to Ann Sweeny to keep our shows. They better be careful. They are not above being victims of the economic crisis.

  8. Profile photo of cord2012

    I agree soapjunkie88. I just started watching DAYS a few weeks ago, and I have to say that I am kind of enjoying it. I like the character interaction, use of history, etc. But, most of all I like that the stories are mostly down-to-earth, family-driven stories. Therefore, I hope they are able to do what they need to do to get the ratings up, but I also hope that they don’t go overboard with the campy story lines. If they start having people disappear to some island and devil possession again, I don’t know if I would be interested in continuing my viewership.

  9. Profile photo of jphelps

    I am happy with B&B’s uptick and I hope Y&R stops the stuntcasting.

    As for GH, I just dont see ABC caving. Only 10% of new shows catch on in primetime so I find it hard to believe they dont have other programming available and with ABCD going to a syndication model come 2013 does it matter anyway. I guess anything is possible.

    As for DOOL, they need to trim their cast and hire talented writers. You can tell compelling stories that center around corporate drama. Bill Bell did it for years.These writers cant do melodrama. Going back to Passions like stories seems desperation rather than addressing the real issues.a typical Corday desperation move.

  10. Profile photo of Duchess

    Very happy about B&B doing so well in the ratings and being up a lot compared to last year. It’s been must see TV for awhile now. I haven’t been this excited to watch every day for a long time! Also Y&R is finally on the upswing telling stories revolving around the Newmans and Abbotts. If it wasn’t for that horrible Chelsea I’d be loving everything about it right now!

  11. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    All positive soap news heading into the weekend. It’s been a long time since this has happened. Sounds great for once! All encouraging things- glad to know Sony supports their shows that much- that’s something in their favor if all else fails with CBS! I heard myself that CBS is pleased with their remaining soaps.

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    Marland Fan

    Um, I thought the whole regime change at DAYS was to get back to classic story telling and get away from the outrageous plots of the past??

    It’s a shame OLTL was sacrificed for a show that probably won’t last a year, let alone 43! Dumb move, ABC.

  13. Profile photo of p3wong

    Do you guys know how Anderson is doing? It doesn’t come on until 5pm, so not sure if it competes with the soaps or the Chew and Revolution – but since it is also a new show, wondering how the numbers compare to the rest!

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    B&B’s sister sudser Y&R is also causing optimism these days. The soap was watched by more than five million viewers the week of Jan. 16-20, and sources are saying Y&R is continuing to head back to a more traditional style soap. Thank you, Soap Jesus!

    “They’re finally getting the message,” assures one source. “Steve Kent at Sony believes in the future of serialized storytelling. He isn’t going to let the two shows he has a vested interest in go down without a fight!”

    Jamey, based on the above comments you made regarding Y&R, are these sources within Sony telling you that Steve Kent is finally getting the message from the fans that they’re tired of MAB, SH and HS’s writing of the show and is possibly on the verge of doing something about it?

  15. Profile photo of keanna

    Bonus ratings article, love it, Jamey!!!

    Great news to hear about Days, fan favorites coming back, storylines are getting better, excellent.

    As for GH:
    Not surprising, I hope ABC does give it more time, so that when it does go off the air, Ron can give a proper ending.

  16. Profile photo of keanna

    Bonus ratings article, love it, Jamey!!!

    Great news to hear about Days, fan favorites coming back, storylines are getting better, excellent.

    As for GH:
    Not surprising, I hope ABC does give it more time, so that when it does go off the air, Ron can give a proper ending.

  17. Profile photo of mafelix86

    Jamey- In regards to Anne Sweeney, all I can say is, wow!! What a f***** b****!! And to think I emailed that horrible and vile woman an email begging her to spare All My Children! Why does Sweeney have so much contempt for daytime drama industry that she’s determined to cancel all the daytime dramas and not feel one shred of remorse for the thousands of people losing their jobs?! I understand that soaps are expensive to produce, but there are ways to bring soaps under budget, just look at Frank Valentini and OLTL!!

    The Spew and The Revulsion can never replace AMC and OLTL and I will never watch any of the garbage shows abc airs in the daytime. Once GH is gone, I’m never gonna watch abc again. I hope Sweeney and those a******* get what’s coming to them, cuz payback’s a bitch!!

  18. Profile photo of marybee50

    I’m watching Days now,and for the most part loving it.Will/EJ/Sami/Marlena are the best parts.Y&R seems to be getting better,B&B is OK now hopefully that Liam/Hope/Steffy stuff is resolved.

    As for GH,I actually watched the last episodes with only Sonny & Kate being most boring.Maybe some of Frank & Ron’s influence is taking over.Read an article with Bradford A and he said the mood is more positive with Frank on the floor.Let’s hope so.

    I really don’t know how ABC would think the replacement shows can carry on with viewers everyday all year.Are they going to repeat shows like Oprah and others did.

  19. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I don’t care for GH as is. Yucko. I will see what the new regime does with the characters/stories.

    Anderson Cooper is on 9:00 in the morning in my market. In my area, the 3:00 pm slot is very competitive. Rachel Rae/Wendy Williams/Dr. Oz and GH all on 3 pm. Stuff competition all around.

    GH may also do better at 2:00. With the two shows Revo/Chew, they are shows that people watch hit and miss depending on topic/guest. I think talk shows are like that also. I think execs look at that. Cost is factor but I don’t think most people sit down everyday and watch those shows. I am just pointing out that they don’t need as big an audience to make money. Just sayin….That is why the soaps got in trouble in the first place.

    What is in GH’s favor is the fact that networks may find they need anchor show to grab daily audience for other shows.

    Of course, I still think oltl was better quality show.

  20. Profile photo of


    Did your sources have any news on Maria Bell? Is she really trying her best or did Sony have to tell her stop with the bs and get back to the the basics?

  21. Profile photo of Everett

    I have been watching Days since 1985. For the first time in years I am loving it again. It feels like Days! I like that characters are talking to each, no one has died in months, etc. I don’t want camp or science fiction. James E Reilly was a brilliant writer and probably saved Days from cancellation but I prefer the current writing style. Besides, no one can do Reilly but Reilly and they should not try.

    The network and Sony need to give this team time to get the ratings up. The ratings did not go in the toilet overnight so they can’t be expected to rise over night either.

  22. Profile photo of ckg927

    [quote=p3wong]Do you guys know how Anderson is doing? It doesn’t come on until 5pm, so not sure if it competes with the soaps or the Chew and Revolution – but since it is also a new show, wondering how the numbers compare to the rest![/quote]

    Anderson is A. syndicated and B. airs all over the map, so it’s tough to tell exactly how it’s doing.

  23. Profile photo of THEBEST

    ABC needs to cut their losses & kill “The Revolution”. Give Frank Valentini a set budget that we all know he manage, & keep GH. Katie Couric will fair better if a beloved soap us used as a lead-in. One soap has done just fine for NBC & CBS is pleased with their 90mins of suds. If GH got the same promotion that every other ABC show got, there wouldn’t be a prob.

  24. Profile photo of GHFan76

    Couldn’t have put it better THEBEST!

    We just need to finish the JFP/GW cleanse and good things can happen.

    Apparently, Becky tweeted they start taping Ron’s stuff next week.

  25. Profile photo of BubbleGirl

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ABC Executives for introducing me to the Young & the Restless, the Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives. For 40+ years, I have watched only ABC soaps. Things are changing and so am I. Thanks again, Old Pal.

  26. Profile photo of Hotbilly

    The young and restless is the best show right now. The Adam/Sharon/Victor/Nikki stuff was great for the last couple of weeks. Then the selling of BON by Adam and Sharon warning him of Victor’s plan. THen the exciting desk scene:)by Sharon and Adam. Now we Have Patty terrorizing Jack and Adam. Great stuff

  27. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    Anderson’s show debuted with soft numbers (1.4 national), but it has already been renewed for a second season (then again, so was Nate Berkus…). Syndicated shows often get a second season renewal, even though they seem to be doomed from the start (Bonnie Hunt, Caroline Rhea and Tony Danza are a few examples that come to mind).

  28. Profile photo of harlee490

    Dang, Jamey, I hope Days don’t go all sy-fy again because i won’t stick around. Days isn’t perfect but still enjoying the stories. Well that was short, being a new viewer. I just don’t have any shows to watch, B&B has been good lately. :((

  29. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    [quote=Soap_Stud]Good for B&B. I truly think in today’s economic and technological climate, cutting back to 30 minute soap operas makes sense.[/quote]

    How? By cutting an hour-long show in half, you’re also cutting in half the number of commercials that air, therefore the amount of money coming in is cut in half, too? You still have to pay the same technical crew and all the people behind the scenes. Part of the reason the soaps were expanded to an hour was because it was a money saver. It makes no sense to go back.

  30. Profile photo of

    GH deserves to be dead last. TIIC allowed Frons to push failed pairings for years due to his own agenda and nobody did anything about it. He went so far as to fire the most popular actress on the show and kill a legacy child as he thought ridding the show of these beloved characters could somehow turn his failed agenda around.

    We all told GH to stick it and the ratings prove it week after week. ;)

  31. Profile photo of giogio

    Hotbilly – you are right. I did the same thing. Y&R…..Sharon and Adam…Like old time soaps. It was so different from abc soaps when I started watching, which was last April after the abc announcements. They are so deep. Had to laugh at yesterdays show when Victor put Adams desk in the bathroom. Oh did I laugh.

  32. Profile photo of Jon

    Don’t care if Days reverts to the “out there” stories (although, I agree no one can out JER JER himself, RIP) as long as they keep the gay storyline. It’s fantastic!

  33. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I don’t think the writers are going to try to reverse the clock and go back completely to J.E. Reilly’s Days. They might try to infuse the show with some elements of camp and fantasy, which does not necessarily mean sci-fi.

    I think SOME of nineties’ Days was fun and would have liked it even more if some of the pacing and dialogue and not been so dreadful. These new writers are just fantastic with dialogue, so I’m not worried.

    In short, they need to do something to get the ratings up. If adding more camp and some over-the-top stuff will help do that, I’m all for it.

  34. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=thecourt99]It’s good to hear about Y&R, but I have been burned by that show too many times. I am done with Y&R and most likely won’t return.[/quote]

    The only reason for the ratings uptick for “Y & R” was the MLK Jr. holiday – ratings will go down after the steaming pile of garbage heaped at us viewers this week!!

    C’mon, MAB & co-hacks: Jeffrey has amnesia – REALLY?!? AMNESIA?? Yet he knew who Gloria was back on Long Island Sound & was able to find his way to Genoa City – WTF?!? Kevin built himself a raft with the help of that annoying Angelina bimbette, but Jeffrey wasn’t able to come up with the same idea himself with all that material around (inner tubes and an outboard motor) – REALLY?!?

    Jack STILL can’t tell Patty from Emily – REALLY?!? Haven’t we been down this road before, say about 24 months ago??

    More back-pedaling in the D.O.A./Lame as all Hell “Who Killed Diane?” storyline – REALLY?!? Deacon know MORE – REALLY?!? PLEASE END THIS DULL, HACKNEYED STORY!!

    Sharon & Adam had sex AGAIN – REALLY?!? Stop pairing these two – it’s not working!!! It wasn’t sexy or arousing – it was appalling and tepid at the least – I’ve seen squirrels go at it with more passion!!

    Nikki & Victor found their way back to one another again – REALLY?!? And just how did they achieve this?? Through another one of Victor’s ‘go nowhere/doesn’t make sense’ plans concocted in the pea-brains of the show’s Head Writer!!

    By the way: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ROMANCE ON THIS SHOW?!? Either somebody’s getting married for the umpteenth time or sleeping with somebody’s wife/sister/milkman!! There’s no love stories on this show anymore – NONE!!

    For those of you being entertained by these horribly contrived, plot-driven stories, I feel for you because the the shizz on my screen isn’t Bill Bell’s “Y & R”!! Unless Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks are given the boot, we can all expect to be deluged by more unnecessary new characters in silly, threadbare stories with no resolution or payoff for the viewer.

  35. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    OT: Sad news in the NY Post today….Nick Santino whose credits include AMC and GL committed suicide.

    ‘He couldn’t live without man’s best friend. A down-on-his luck soap opera actor-exhausted from fighting with his snarling Upper West Side condo-couldn’t take the harassment anymore and put his healthy pit bull to sleep on his own 47th birthday…..He spent Tuesday in agony over what he had done to Rocco.’ NY Post

    This story is so sad it made me cry.

  36. Profile photo of richalan67

    I have watched “YR” for nearly 26 years and have to say that I am enjoying it very much. The sls are interesting. The BON plot is pure Bell. It reminds me of the old days. I actually until reading this article today have stayed away from MB because of the negativity and have to say my experiment is paying off in spades. The show is great. One holiday such as MLK does NOT account for the rise in ratings! I think that those who keep saying the show is on its last legs actually are hoping it is canceled. Just saying!

  37. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    Nick never really had a family he could call his own, either, so his life is a sad story of giving and not getting much back in return. A very sad life, but we’re probably better off that he was here.

  38. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    It’s strange that Days seems to be going back to “90’s” storytelling. For me the 90’s were all about Vivian, Lawrence, Carly, Bo, Marlena, John, Steve and Kayla. I guess that’s because I was never a huge Billie fan. Of course I loved the heck out of the Carrie and Sami feud.

  39. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Days Fans: Well just because they may be heading a bit back to the 90’s does mean it has to be Reilly era. It could be the award winning Sally Sussman Morina era right after Reilly left. During her tenure ass the Head Writer of Days, she earned the show its first and only Writers Guild of America award for her storyline involving Sami’s execution. Along with that story, she penned the Kristen/Susan murder mystery and the Mike/Carrie love story. She was also nominated for two Emmy awards, won the People’s Choice and the TV Guide awards. And she wrote the characters 3 dimensional, which was something Reilly was not good at. Characters under his tenure were 2 dimensional at best. So we should keep that in mind.

  40. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Days does need some tweeking but some of what has been going on is sooo good it is the best stuff I have seen in years. To encorporate unrealistic stories at this point will feel strained against the realistic pov that the show has taken lately. I hope that the new stories don’t get too far out there. NO floating heroines. No prisons and death chambers. No virtual reality eden please! Just tell some good strong stories in a timely fashion!

  41. Profile photo of marybee50

    I so miss my OLTL.There is a big empty hole in my TV viewing.AS much as I hate ABC,I started watching GH again because of Johnny’s story.I dont know if GH’s ratings go up if it will make a difference,but I am going to give GH a try again.

    Days is now the show I want to watch in real time when I can.While some of the stories are drawn out a bit,I am along for the ride.Sometimes out there stories are ok if the writers incorporate it correctly and dont take themselves so seriously while they’re doing it.A little humor can go along way in any story.Sometimes it just little comments or looks.OLTL was great at this;John & Todd scences;EJ & Will scences seem to be doing this also.

    Anyway,I’m not ready now to throw away any soap.I hope the revolution dosent run into GH like the chew did to OLTL to add to its ratings.

  42. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Y/R: I just can’t figure it out & I watch fairly regularly every eppy mostly….the Niki back in Victor’s bed quickerthanthis was just a turn off. She sobered up “Victor went to jail for me, he married Sharon for me …We love each other” HuH? Was that Sharon/Adam in bed?

    GH: Its not much I can get into but I am into the JohnnyZ storyline I tried one day with Ethan & Elizabeth scene while I was glad he apologized for his beat down of her & her relationship w/Lucky then she was Lucky, Lucky, Lucky when they give her dialog that makes her sound like a parrot on crack I have to tune it & drifted away. Plesae free her from Schmucky! Jason’s storyline got 1.7’s then he & Sonny scenes got a 1.5 day now that’s sad. These are the big guns.

    B/B: Any Heather Bill scenes are worth watching…I’m liking Amber & Rick in story. They got her away from the kiddie table storylines. When am I going to see Thomas with his shirt off in de bed?

  43. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    I think ABC will kill GH despite The Revolution being a bomb. They want out of the soap biz desperately. Now the result will be a financial bomb for them, but these people who destroyed ABC Daytime will be fired and new bunch of monkeys will be hired to put on game shows to try to regain ratings.

    DAYS needs to go to CBS to survive. NBC is the Titanic and will continue to sink. It’s not going to come back for a very long time, if ever. What else is on NBC Daytime except 8 hours of The Today Show?

    CBS will keep Y&R and B&B on the air for a number of years. It appears they will survive longer than expected because they’ll be the last soaps standing. If CBS plays their cards right, these shows will make them millions of dollars in profit for years to come. Overseas sales will also boost the bottom line. Maybe they’ll pick up DAYS and those three will continue to shine for many more years. JMO.

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