All My Children and Guiding Light Alum Nick Santino Dead At 47

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The New York Post is reporting former All My Children and Guiding Light actor Nick Santino committed suicide Jan. 24, on his 47th birthday. According to the newspaper, Santino taking his life followed him allegedly being forced to put his dog Rocco to sleep.

Reportedly, Santino's Upper West Side condo enacted a strict policy banning pit bulls in 2010, however the rule wasn't applicable to the dogs already living in the building. Neighbors and friends claim Santino was harassed by the building's management and some of the residents, until he was left no choice but to put the dog to sleep. Santino appeared on AMC as Officer Anton from 1998-2001 and on GL as Father Soto in 2002. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.