Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Feb. Sweeps Preview!

Austin/Abby: Mr. Reed turns to Ms. Devereaux after his showdown with Rafe and Carrie. Later, Abby uses an opportunity to her advantage for Austin.

Jen: She lies to help Abe win the election.

Will: Young Mr. Horton rips Sami for her treatment of Rafe.

Austin/Carrie/Rafe/Sami: Rafe and Carrie get a tad bit carried away while they practice dancing for little Sydney's birthday. Unfortunately for them, their spouses walk in at that exact moment. Both Rafe and Carrie try to explain what Austin and Sami walked in on, but the two aren't buying what they are selling them. They get a bit of a reprieve from Sami's wrath when she notices Sydney's missing. She finds out Will whisked her off to EJ's. She goes over to the DiMera mansion to tell him off. Afterwards, Rafe tries once again to tell Sami what she walked in on, but Mrs. Hernandez isn't hearing what her hubby has to say.

Sami focuses on work, hurting Rafe with her brush off. Later, Rafe and Carrie get bad news when she finds out her law firm won't pony up the money for their business anymore. Carrie wonders if this is a sign for her to move back to Switzerland and continue there. Rafe gives her a pep talk not to pack it in, but to fight to make their venture work. The two get a little break when a new development in their case occurs. The two get caught up in the moment and share a kiss! Sami walks in and is not thrilled by what she sees..

Hope: Fancy face learns something stunning about her marriage.

Madison: Her past arrives in Salem.

John/Hope: The two try to repair what they find in Alice's envelope. Meanwhile, Stefano is stunned by what he discovers in his.

Abby: She heads over to Austin's office and figures out he slept there. Abigail believes Austin really cares for her and wants a relationship and uses this as a green light to snag him all for herself. She and Austin go to breakfast together and are spotted by Carrie. Carrie thinks the worst and start to accuse them of fooling around. They both soothe Carrie's fears by telling her nothing happened. Abby meets up with her parents and fills them in on Madison's job offer at Mad World. Jen is not thrilled by the idea, thinking it will distract her daughter from school but Abigail disagrees and fights tooth and nail for the job.

Jack sides with Abby, seeing his daughter is now a woman and not a child. Abigail is shocked her dad is taking up for her and is glad at the gesture. Jen keeps coming up with reasons for her not to do it but Jack tells his ex-wife she has to let their daughter grow up and learn from things. Jen is not amused by his stance, causing more strife between the two.

February Sweeps

Bo/Hope/John/Marlena/Stefano: The love the couple’s have for their significant other is going to play a key role against Stefano.

Austin/Carrie/Rafe/Sami: The chemistry between Rafe and Carrie combined with Sami carrying the secret about EJ is going to lead to explosive ramifications for the couples involved. Everything Sami despised Marlena for as child comes back on her tenfold.

Austin/Abigail: The fallout from Austin/Carrie/Rafe/Sami, affects his relationship with Abby.

Daniel/Jennifer/Jack: Dr. Jonas returns leaving Jen conflicted on her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Jack respects she's moved on and gives her room to breathe.

Abe/Lexie/EJ/Nicole: The Salem elections go down in Feb.

Brady/Madison/Ian: While Brady and Madison get closer, Ian hits town, causing some things to take shape in their relationship. Meanwhile, Madison isn't the only Salem resident he is close to…

EJ/Will/Sami: Will starts to embrace being a bad boy, and is also having a tough time with his sexuality. EJ steps up to the plate for his former stepson, due to Lucas being out of town and his tumultuous relationship with Sami.

Chad/Melanie: The duo are trying to take a stab at a relationship, but the timing is off.

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  1. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    This all sounds like very good stuff to me!!!!!

    I’m generally very happy with Days. I said earlier that I’d be willing to accept some outlandish storylines, but that’s only because I think that might attract viewers to the show. There’s nothing wrong with Days IMO. Especially now that I see from these spoilers that some of the stories I wasn’t enjoying as much as Will vs. Sami vs. EJ vs. Marlena are going to heat up.

    I do want to see a Marlena-in-peril storyline however.

  2. Profile photo of

    Ugh! He’s always been a self-righteous hypocrite, but Rafe has sunk to a new low. I would be more willing to accept his actions with Carrie if they came AFTER he found out about Sami and EJ, but as it is going to play out, the character is pretty much ruined for me. He’s always come across as 100 percent devoted to Sami, and I’m just not buying Carrie as the temptress who is leading him to stray.

    Since EJ is also a lawyer, I almost wish they had chemistry-tested her with EJ and started up a Carrie vs. Nicole rivalry. She needs a new sparring partner, and Carrie vs. Sami and Sami vs. Nicole have been DONE.

    My biggest problem with Days right now is that the writers keep telling us that characters like Brady and Madison and Rafe and Carrie have chemistry rather than just letting it show naturally. As long as Rafe has been on the show, the only character with whom he has had natural chemistry was Nicole when he was duping her for the tape. She’s also the only female character who has clicked sexually with Eric Martsolf’s version of Brady. I did notice a certain something in those shirtless scenes with Quinn, but it may have had more to do with how undressed they were. I do believe he and Vivian shared a unique chemistry as well, though it wasn’t quite sexual. BTW, why doesn’t anyone mention anymore that Quinn is Vivian’s son, or that Melanie is a nurse?

    As for Carrie, why does she continue with her sparkling reputation when she ALWAYS cheats on her men? This will be her second time doing it to Austin, and she also cheated on Lucas (when they were briefly married) WITH Austin. I think it’s time for someone to call out this smug character and give her the smackdown that she deserves. I’d like for it to be Sami, but she has a far more interesting storyline to take up her time (which makes THREE in total — Wow!).

    Right now EJ/Sami/Will/Marlena is ruling the show. I just hope Nicole ends up playing a bigger role here. She and EJ are most interesting when she’s got something on him. If she doesn’t find out what EJ did to John, I think Will should. Then the fireworks would surely begin!

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    I second that S-A, I’m generally happy with Days right now, but opposite feelings on the outlandish stories. Camp is one thing don’t have problem, but having outlandish s\l I’m not wanting to watch or will watch. Days has been so good lately, you can always count at least 4 days of week will be good episodes, the 1 day it seems to lags but Days has moved ahead very nicely, just keep tightening the ship because as they been doing. Feb. sweeps are going to be fun and I for one can’t wait. I know it taken them way to long with Alice’s security deposit box, but I’m still enjoying the story because the s\l and the affecting of families will be sweet~~ :) The Brady family conflict Sami, Will and Marlena has been spot on in story, acting everything. The next story coming up is the fallout will for Abe, Jen and there actions. I read posters that wanted more Lexie & Abe well this decision of Abe & Jen and what they have done will have consequences and on Lexie’s feelings. I can’t wait for this story. Ian coming to town, shows more shades of personality of Madison which I liking how they woven Madison into the canvas. Madison had connection to Sami in the beginning, meeting Brady forming a bond, now this with Ian. Abby herself being a little sneaky and uses to her advantage to be closer to Austin, is definitely Jack’s traits not so much Jennifer. :)

  4. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Really looking forward to opening that damn box and finding out what it has to do with John and Princess Gina (Hope). I am thinking a baby here! I am not sure that is groundbreakingly huge as everyone is expecting, but that baby must be nearing retirement age in soras years lol

    Now what Alice had on Stefano is still quite exciting! Cannot wait!

    Glad the stories are being fleshed out. I think Rafe and Carrie have plenty of chemistry. More than they have with their married partners!
    Looking forward to seeing this and Austin and Abby playing.

    Jen lying and being all sneaky! What would Jack say? probably hypocrite at this point!

    Ian ofcourse has a tie in with the Dimera’s and probably Kate I would say. This is why Madison hates Kate so much. Looking forward to finding that out as well!

    Sounds like a great month. Hope the show continues with the energy and great daily scenes and the attention to it’s own history. These have been what has made Days unique lately and highly watchable.

  5. Profile photo of marybee50

    Hi-hope you guys don’t mind if I post alittle.Just started watching Days again,and the show is really good.I love the character involvement and despite some comments about background scenes that dosen’t bother me.

    Of course best parts right now seem to be Will/EJ/Sami/Nicole.Love all the plots/counter plots.I am glad Lucas is coming back.I know some of their backstories from watching before.

    Love Kate.Trusting Sami now just to have it backfire.I enjoy watching the “bad girls & boys”.Don’t know why,always have.Days seems to have plenty.

    Getting used to some of the characters that sre new to me.The younger crowd is interesting,but not taking over the show which is good.

    The show is good and the spoilers make it look even better.

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