Liam Finally Makes a Decision on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Decisions, decision. Is there still a chance for Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), after Bill’s (Don Diamont) manipulation is revealed? Or ,will he choose Hope (Kim Matula)? Don’t bet on Steffy giving up on her husband without a fight! This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, the fallout from ripples through the Spencer, Forrester and Logan families. Watch the promo after the jump!  

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    I have officially started to watch B&B regularly, rather I tape or go website which i like to do to give the the soap a hit on viewership. I will right now DVR Y&R because of story of Jack and will FF so Y&R doesn’t get hit on ratings until I honestly see a if change is coming.

    Back to B&B has been on fire lately, because of Heather Tom is kicking it up with acting chops with whomever she works with on the show. See all those years working with Eric, Melody, Eileen has paid off in spades as an adult. Yesterday’s episode was EXCELLENT with Pam, Stephanie finding out, fall out of Bill’s dastardly deeds is superb soap opera. Hope being a vestal virgin was somewhat much but Brad has laid his plan and I think because of this experience we will see a different side of Hope coming forth. I loved it when she approached Bill about blackmailing him about his deeds and cost it could take on Spencer Publishing, hmmmmm…not Brooke as much as her internal Deacon coming to surface….NOW BRAD BRING BACK DEACON TO B&B AND YOU HAVE A MIXTURE OF FUTURE STORIES! ;)

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    Brooke & Katie both have shady checkered pasts..they both have crushed Bridgette by her bedding ex-husbands(current husbands at the times)& were impregnated by them..Brooke’s slept with & married all of the Forrester men as well as broken up numerous marriages..hell she even had sex w/Oliver when he was w/ can you not know the touch/feel of your husband of many yrs? why would you be having sex outside of the hse when you’re supposed to be chaparoning a high school party? skank

    Hope you’re full of it as well, you wanted Steffy to respect the engagement of you/Liam yet you won’t respect their marriage & stay away..Hope’s acting like her whore of a mother..Brooke’s broken up Taylor’s marriage to Ridge twice as well as Taylor’s marriage to Nick

    what type of mother is Brooke? while Hope was so adamant about remaining celibate until marriage, Brooke encouraged her to sleep w/Liam anyway in order to keep Steffy from moving in on him.

    Liam needs to grow a set & stop blaming Steffy/Bill for his bad decisions..he grew tired of Hope leading him by the nose & manipulating him about when they should get married & when to have sex..he was sexually frustrated & went on to marry Steffy b/c of it

    what is this? all is forgiven if you are a Logan? Brooke Ridge has forgiven you for SO SO MANY SCANDALS!!!! yet Steffy’s to be punished for lying in order to save her marriage..PLEASE!!

    Hope & Liam lied as well..they both agreed to stop seeing/contacting each other, but Hope kept calling & Liam kept answering..who’s the pot calling the kettle black????

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    Im hoping that when liam chooses hope – and Im figuring thats what will happen, steffy says she will only keep quiet in exchange for bills forester shares and if she can keep her seat on the spencer board.

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