Sami Has a Bad, Bad Week on Days of Our Lives!

Sami (Alison Sweeney) had better buckle up, because this week she’s in for a bumpy ride on Days of Our Lives. Rafe (Galen Gering) and Carrie (Christie Clark) throw her for a loop and then Will (Chandler Massey) confronts her about sleeping with EJ (James Scott). I cannot wait for Will to call out his mother. You just know it's going to be good! Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    Luke-I can’t wait either.You know Alison and Chandler will be bringing their A-game.This story,along with Will coming out,and then EJ getting in the mix according to the spoilers should be fantastic.And if Lucas comes back,even better.

    It’s going to be hard for Sami to play victim right now.It will also be interesting to see how they play Marlena’s part.Will Sami let her help,or keep blaming her.

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    I can’t wait for these scenes! All of the actors are really bringing it in these stories. As an aside, I watched Chandler Massey’s movie with my daughter today, and it was really cute. He did a great job in it. It’s a great movie for moms and pre-teens to watch together.

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    Someone mentioned in the previous Days thread that Sami is involved in three storylines (Will, Rafe-Carrie, Madison-Kate). Despite that, I don’t get the feeling that she’s being overused. I did feel that way when Days was being written and produced by other people. There seems to be more balance now. Just about everybody is getting screen time.

    I would like some more of the Kiriakis family, however. I think Judy Evans and Wally Kurth are on recurring but it would be great if they had a story and that cute actor who plays Sonny is getting seriously shortchanged.

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    Days is my favorite soap currently with AMC now dead. I can’t wait until it all comes out (including Will, lol). The problem is, Will never got ass whuppins as a child. Sammi should have showed him who was boss early, now he is out of control.

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    I have fallen back in love with Days and this commercial is highlighting the reason why. People don’t just start out in high gear over mellodramatizing each story and each scene. These stories have been building for monthe. Now it is time for the fireworks! This is what we have waited for since Days 2.0 and now we are being paid in spades!

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