The Revolution Averaging a Paltry 1.3 in Households so Far This Week; Down 43 Percent From OLTL


ABC doesn't generally waste anytime before yanking primetime ratings disasters, like recently-gutted sitcom Work It, off the air. I wonder how long the Mouse House will be too proud to admit they made a huge mistake in cancelling One Life to Live for The Revolution? According to TV Media Insights, The Revolution is only averaging a 1.3/4 share so far this week. 

Unless the ratings improve, the talk show/lifestyle transformation cluster fudge will average even lower than the disastrous averages it pulled in for the week of Jan. 23-27, says TVMI's editor Marc Berman

Keep in mind that the week one total viewer average for The Revolution was already a subpar 1.68 million viewers (which was off by 37 percent from One Life to Live one year earlier).  So, unless there is an uptick, week two will be lower.

This week-to-date, The Revolution is losing 28 percent of The Chew's lead-in audience, and is down a whopping 43 percent from One Life to Live in the same timeslot in 2011.

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    God is good!!! :D :D :D :D

    I guess women aren’t swooning over the idea of being patronized and talked down to by the likes of Tim Gunn after all………

    Just pull the trigger now, ABC!!!

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    :) What a suprise…NOT !!!! LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS !!!! ENOUGHT REALITY GARBAGE !!!! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW AND YOU WERE SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG !!!! We will NEVER watch one of these replacement shows !!! BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY until they right this wrong !!!! Give Agnes Nixon the rights to OLTL and AMC !!!! DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AND CANCEL GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!! ABC/DISNEY is banned in my home DAYTIME and PRIMETIME with the exception of General Hospital!

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    I have to say The Chew has dramatically improved since it premiered. It’s still not good, but the cast has gelled and the show isn’t as frantic as it was at the start.

    I don’t think there’s any hope for the Revolution. The show is a total mess, they’ll never attract viewers with what they’re offering right now. Why did they need 5 hosts? Why didn’t they go after Jillian Michaels when they were retooling this mess? What do Ty Pennigton have to do with weight loss or fashion. Just terrible all around.

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    Best revenge for a soap fan is not watch this garbage, but The Talk and Let’s make a deal is still on, as long as it is cheap for them to produce, they’ll just replace it with some other garbage.

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    The Revolution looks like a flop now, just wait. They’re comparing The Rev’s ratings to OLTL from January 2011. OLTL’s ratings didn’t really explode til Feb ’11 with the Buke twins’ double wedding. Then they managed to keep the ratings up with Viki catching Charlie in bed with Echo, Bo and Nora finding out Matthew killed Eddie, Rex and Gigi convincing Shane not to commit suicide while Blair smacked the taste out of Jack’s mouth and finally the Two Todd’s story over the summer. Even if the Revolution somehow manages to keep the small audience it has, it’s still gonna look like a colossal flop compared to those numbers.

    It sucks we can’t OLTL back but hopefully this’ll make the networks want to hold on to the 4 we have left.

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    After ABC slapped their viewers across the face, telling them that their stories they invested their lives in were worthless, basically insulting their viewers- now they are getting it back. Viewers are NOT stupid and people won’t just sit in front of a screen and watch what they’re given.

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    RealityCheck 33

    ABC Daytime will continue to sink into quicksand. They deserve to crash & burn for dumping their soaps, which were their bedrock for years. ABC, under Brian Frons, destroyed this franchise that paid off for the network for a very long time. Enjoy your failure ABC. Put a fork in your daytime schedule, it’s DONE.

    >) >) >) >)

  8. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    ABC got what it wanted. Do they really care that The Revolution is an epic failure?

    As for the rest of the gangrenous scab shows they replaced soaps with…The Chew, The Talk, The Revolution, Katie Couric, etc….will never see airtime in my presence. You couldn’t pay me. I would hope that of the kabillion entertainment choices available in this day & age, that I can restrain myself from giving these substandard replacements the time of day. What Anne Sweeney did to ABC Daytime is NOT OK & she will never be rewarded for her mistakes with one second of my viewership again. I will support GH till the end but that’s it. The whole network is circling the toilet anyway…it’s just a matter of time before Mickey takes over that, too.

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    Gramma Diamond

    I am SO happy that they are a BIG, FAT, FLOP!!!

    NONE of those shows will ever see the light of day in MY house. Haven’t turned my tv to ABC between 1-3pm ever since they replaced my soaps!

    Roses are RED,
    Violets are BLUE,
    You have replaced our soaps,
    So now ABC–SCREW YOU!!

    Ha-ha! That’s what you get!!

  10. Profile photo of hothunk

    I have a feeling ABC will revamp ONE LIFE TO LIVE on the network …..
    or AMC, most likely ONE LIFE though ….. I read through spoilers that Agnes Nixon is in the drivers seat now , and there is a very good chance another network is going to ressurrect ONE LIFE and AMC…GH is going to live on as well, according to spoilers.

  11. Profile photo of wasabi

    I had the distinct “pleasure” of having to watch this sad excuse for a program in a hospital waiting room yesterday while my mother was in surgery — as this was the channel their TV was set on. How ABC’s mindless executives thought anyone could have ANY interest in this mess is beyond me. No matter how wacky some of the plots got over the years, One Life to Live was a hundred-thousand times better. I’d prefer to be in surgery myself than to have to watch that painful crap again. I also got to endure The Chew before that(but took a break in the hospital cafeteria, so only saw about half the show). I’d say a thirty minute version once a week would have been more than enough. They may as well turn those hours over to local programming and forget having a presence in daytime. What a waste.

  12. Profile photo of angryhousewife

    Did ABC and the associated soap killing duo (who shall remain nameless)really think we’d be interested in this:

    Tim Gunn: “Ladies, sweat pants should only be worn in the gym”!! (Mr. Gunn- no one cares if I show up at WalMart in my sweats. They’re quick and easy to put on so I could rush home to watch my SOAPS!!)
    Quote from a female guest- “I want to go snow skiing”!! (Well lady, here’s a thought-go buy yourself some ski clothes, save your money, book a trip, and take lessons!! DUH!!!)
    Another quote from a female guest who wanted to lose weight- “I want to change my life and I just don’t know how!!” (OMG…how many times do we have to hear it. If you want to lose weight, EAT LESS, EAT MORE VEGGIES, AND GET MORE EXCERCISE).
    There!! I summed up this miserable show in 2 paragraphs. Now bring back OLTL!!

  13. Profile photo of soapfan616

    The show sucks dirty dishwasher. I’m just shocked that The Chew is getting good ratings. It’s equally vomit-inducing with co-hosts who seem as informed as one could get from the back of a cereal box.

    But when they both tank, they’ll just be replaced by more crap. ABC is out of the soap business. When and if any of these shows, including GH, return, it will not be on ABC.

    Even if Ms. Nixon has some great attorneys and is able to get the rights to AMC and OLTL, they STILL need financing and a network to be shown on. The internet is not going to cut it for an hour long five day per week soap. Most thinking people knew that before PP did (if that whole deal was ever serious and not just a stunt).

    And frankly, I’d rather see all soaps off ABC anyway. ABC does not know how to nurture a show and hire decent writers and EP’s. Soaps deserve better than ABC.

  14. Profile photo of hothunk

    I still think AMC and ONE LIFE will be back ….
    NBC or CBS perhaps.. on another note, SUSAN LUCCI was awesome on hot in cleveland last night, she should stick to comedy.

  15. Profile photo of goyankees

    AGAIN, I echo what a poster above said. KEEP WATCHING THE SOAPS THAT ARE STILL ON, TO SAVE THEM (Even GH?? Sigh. Bad, I know)

    The Spew, The View 2.0 and The Regurgitation SHOULD NOT BE BEING WATCHED BY ANY GL, ATWT AMC AND/OR OLTL FAN (or ANY daytime fan)

    I’m biased with The Young and The Restless, BUT NOW’S THE TIME to get crackin with Y&R/B&B/Days and… ugh. GH. Even if you add ONE to your lineup, it’s better than this crap they’re putting out there in place of 40 years of history.

    They will give these 3 Shitbomb shows YEARS to get momentum. These assholes will refuse to admit their mistake.

    But if they see the Ratings for Days climb?? Ha! Glorious!

    I happened to see last weeks DIGEST ratings?? Wow, GH. What a low you’re on. Literally.

  16. Profile photo of hothunk

    Well Im sure the shows will be resurrected …
    alot of people are working hard behind the scenes to make sure they are ..
    GH is going to live on as well, despite what Raven Beauty said that its over in SEPT…

  17. Profile photo of cottle

    ABC made a big mistake!!! They cancelled OLTL for this garbage. Also, since the Chew doesn’t have OLTL to follow it, Chew will probably start to tank. ABC doesn’t want us to know that yet! FEB sweeps numbers will be interesting. I am a SWAN. Agnes Nixon will be able to resurrect these soaps if she can get the rights back. I have faith.

  18. Profile photo of cottle

    ABC made a big mistake!!! They cancelled OLTL for this garbage. Also, since the Chew doesn’t have OLTL to follow it, Chew will probably start to tank. ABC doesn’t want us to know that yet! FEB sweeps numbers will be interesting. I am a SWAN. Agnes Nixon will be able to resurrect these soaps if she can get the rights back. I have faith.

  19. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I wouldn’t count on it, shoegal. NBC cancelled Another World when they had to choose between it and Sunset Beach, even though Sunset Beach was lower-rated, only to cancel Sunset Beach by the end of that same year. It wouldn’t surprise me if ABC did the same thing. It’s sad, but true, that it would be more exciting if they actually released these hours to local affiliates, rather than some boring, hyped-up sh*t that they have put out already. If they were smart (which they aren’t), they would keep GH the way NBC has kept DOOL all these years (for what, 4 years?) and move on. Maybe now that they are rid of ABC Daytime and Brian Frons (the way NBC was rid of Sheraton Kalouria and NBC Daytime), they will leave GH alone and actually cut their losses and cancel The Revolution and Katie will air in its place.

  20. Profile photo of hothunk

    Has anyone heard anything or latest developments in getting one life and amc back on tv? just curious .. seems like it has fallen off the beaten path.. and is abc really keeping GH now ???

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