RUMOR REPORT: Has Jack Wagner Been Taken OFF CONTRACT at The Bold and the Beautiful?!


Mark this one under rumors we sincerely hope prove untrue! Sources have tipped off Daytime Confidential that popular soap hunk Jack Wagner has been taken off contract at CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Wagner has played the role of Ridge Forrester's (Ron Moss) hunky, sailor half brother Nick Marone since 2003.  

"Jack learned late last week his contract was being terminated," says the source. "He had signed a multi-year extension less than 6 months ago, but apparently they [B&B] have the power to void it during certain intervals."

According to one insider, B&B could have simply exercised a 26-week out clause in Wagner's contract. Additionally, Wagner was said to have told several people at a recent concert at the Mohegan Sun that he had been fired from B&B.

"He sort of saw the writing on the wall after what happened to [Brandon] Beemer and Leslie [Anne Down]," one setsider surmises. "They're writing out that whole Marone family."

The source goes on to reveal Wagner was offered to continue with the show—on a recurring basis—but only if he opted not to pursue work on other daytime serials.

"B&B said he can become recurring at much less money, and also cannot appear on any other daytime show, so that looks to be a dealbreaker," says a source. "Jack hasn't had a legit story in years and has been wasted on this show. General Hospital may be a possiblity now with a new regime in there bringing back all the old favorites—Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes, Rick Springfield— in an effort to boost ratings."

DC reached out to The Bold and Beautfiful for comment. Keep checking back as this story develops.



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This makes me sad, cuz I liked the character of Nick and add to that the fact that Jack Wagner's pretty damn sexy. Laughing out loud

That being said, Bold and Beautiful hasn't given Jack a good storyline in quite some time (Nick and Donna? Really?)so maybe they're doing him a favor by letting him go. GH can snatch him up and use his talents just like DAYS is doing with Sarah Brown after her dismal stint at B&B (through no fault of her own).

Unfortunately, for me and all B&B fans, this is gonna mean EVEN MORE screen time for Steffy. Don't we see enough of her every day?! I like the characters of Bill, Hope and Liam , but I don't wanna see them every single day!!

B&B should be focusing on the other characters as well. Give Thorne a storyline for the love of God!! Bring back Kristen, Felicia, Macy and CJ. Would it be asking too much to give Eric and Stephanie a storyline that puts THEM front and center?

I do hope that GH or another show gets him cuz I wanna see Jack on my screen ASAP!!

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This makes me sad Sad I loved Nick from the very beginning when he came on as the sea captain then fell in love with Brooke. I've always held out hope for a Nick/Brooke reunion as they had such amazing chemistry and he was the one real threat to Brooke/Ridge on her side basically the equivalent of Taylor to Ridge. I never understood why they dropped that angle which added believable drama to Brooke and Ridge and instead put Nick with one woman after the other plus suddenly made him into a fashion house owner. I've loved Jack Wagner since the Frisco days. He was my first soap crush! So I hope to see him back on GH.

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A friend caught this on twitter last night and I mentioned it in the forums last night. Im hearing hes gh bound.

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I would love to have Frisco come back. But I want him to interact with Kirsten Storm's Maxie not recast Maxie. KS and JW would be awesome together. I have no doubt that with FV and RC at the wheel they could write an interesting scenario for Frisco's return. Especially now that Robert, Holly and Anna are returning. This would be the perfect opportunity to bring back Frisco.

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Oh man, so this would be the perfect time to bring Frisco back & I have just the story for it!!

I wrote this before, but back in 2008 when the Russian's were in town & Maxie had been hit over the head or something, she was found unconscious by Spinelli in the exact same place (& position) where he found Georgie dead. So here's my Nov. 2008 SD posting:
Actually, I think that it is perfect that they laid Maxie in the same way b/c it makes the story that I made up in my head all the more plausible (and the new head writer can use it when Guza get's fired... I don't mind).

So, basically Georgie is not dead.

The Russians had been following Georgie for some time and actually switched the real Georgie for a fake one... so when the (Text Msg Kiler) TMK came upon "Georgie" in the park, and she was like "oh, it's you" (as opposed to, you know, screaming her head off at the dead-man-walking), b/c this "Georgie" had only read about Georgie's life in reports, and Deigo only came up as the guy that helped Lulu break up Georgie's marriage.
So yeah, the TMK killed "Georgie" NOT Georgie.

Now, I know you may be wondering why would the Russian's do this? It is simple: Frisco. Like I said, they had been following Georgie for awhile... and Maxie. But of course they found out that Maxie was the "bad seed" and Georgie was the "good one" that EVERYONE loved. So, if you are needing some help with keeping a super-spy in line, which daughter are you going to take? The good one that is soft and kind and wears her heart on her sleeve (& would therefore be easy to keep in line) or the bad one that's trouble (who goes around faking pregnancies and keeps cops' hopped-up on stolen drugs)? Exactly; they chose Georgie. But they didn't want her other dad Mac and the rest of her family/friends getting involved in trying to find their missing Jones' girl, so they switched her with a double. Unfortunately (for her), but still fortunate (for them) b/c their plan remained intact (and also, less likely to be discovered-- i.e. the impostor); "Georgie" was murdered by the TMK.

Their plan is basically all about using Georgie to keep Frisco doing what they want him to do. They have poisoned her and everyday she must get an antidote or she will die and if Frisco tries to rescue her or doesn't do what they want, she won't get the antidote. Does this sound (read) familiar? It should b/c that is what James Craig did to Nik (Craig had to get the drugs from somewhere!!)... the only difference is that Georgie's poisoning has caused her to lose her memory (Nik didn't lose his b/c of his tumor), so she believes that the Russian ppl assigned to "watch her" are her adoptive parents-- and so she lives a relatively normal life.

Now, this 'Maxie in the same position as "Georgie"' comes from the guy who was told to drug/dump Maxie as a warning to Sam/Jason/Sonny. This guy was at "Georgie's" crime scene and knows where her body was left... he also knows the real Georgie very well, and has fallen in love with her (b/c well, who wouldn't, it's freakin' Georgie Jones!). He doesn't like what his employers are doing to her and he doesn't want her to suffer anymore (remember the torture that Nik went through? Georgie is going through it as well, the only difference here is that Georgie believes it is b/c she has an illness and the "medicine" that she must take everyday as treatment for her disease is actually the antidote).... so he thought that drugging Maxie and leaving her in the same place that "Georgie" was found would somehow lead to ppl questioning and looking into Georgie's death. He knows that her family (Jones', Scorpio's) are super-smart and may actually be capable of putting 2 & 2 together. However, he cannot out-in-out say anything, b/c his employers are too powerful and he is too scared... so he has to be a bit covert: hence the super ridiculous coincidence of Maxie being left EXACTLY how Georgie was.

This would open up a whole slew of stories... of course I have a few mapped out: ...beginning with Dillon going location-scouting for a movie that he is working on with Ned, and he comes across Georgie (who because of the poison doesn't know of him or her previous life)... Dillon does a little sleuthing (remember that trip he went on with Lulu and Robin in the Jungle looking for Luke and Holly and Robert... so yeah, he is capable), figures out that Georgie is not quite right, and pretends that he is just an interested boy so that he can gain access to Georgie's home/life to get more information. When he realizes who he is dealing with (he's not THAT capable) he goes back to PC and enlists super-spies Robert and Anna ...and with the help of Frisco (recast his ass!) & Flea and of course some assistance from Mac and Sean, they bring down the Russian mob together and they bring Georgie back home (and Robin & Patrick cure her like they did Nik). With Kevin's help, Georgie regains her memory/life (& deals with the fact that she is no longer dying from an imaginary disease).
And of course, with Georgie back in PC, there is another viable ingenue for all of these young men in their 20's that they keep bringing onto my screen (they all can't and SHOULDN'T fall in love with Lulu!!!!!). Also, there should ALWAYS be a Maxie and Georgie love/sisterly-hate/rivalry. They are legacy children and are the future of GH.
And 3 damn years later, it could still work! Wink

We could replace the Russians (since no one really remembers them or what they did to Maxie) with Faison & the story would be even better (could even explain Flea's deadbeat mom role as well).

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Word is that he and Kristina Melandro (Wagner or Crump) will be back on GH....epic returns if they pan out to be true

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I'm down with Frisco coming back, but Kristina/Felicia..NOOOOO!! I've never hated a character more than Felicia. From the second she showed up dressed like a boy searching Frisco's room for Aztec treasure's, I've hated her face. The only actor in history that my hatred boiled over to the real person & not just the character. I will have to get new batteries for my remote because I will WEAR OUT the FF button if she comes back. Sick Sick Angry Angry