What Will Hope do About Her Hubby Hoopla on DAYS?

Sometimes when you dig into secrets you get more than you bargain for.  Maybe Hope (Kristian Alfonso) shouldn’t have let curiosity get the better of her. This week on Days of Our Lives, Hope learns she’s still married to John (Drake Hogestyn) and not Bo (Peter Reckell).  Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    I would think this wouldn’t be such a big deal. Ok amnesiacs John and Hope were married! Ok well divorce courts are pretty liberal and I would think inability to remember marriage would qualify for a divorce pretty easily.
    Then the two couples can have more big weddings! We love nothing better than to see Hope and Marlena walking down the isle as it is! Other things that could have been in that box would have been much larger. I wonder what is inside of Stefano’s envelope. Perhaps it is more exciting!

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    I was hoping the secrect was going to be that Stefano was getting it in with Alice. He slept with pretty much every other womamn in Salem so I figured Alice at some point he got with the Horton Matriarch.

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