Who Will Win B&B’s Soaper Bowl 2012 Smackdown?

Are you ready for The Bold and the Beautiful’s Soaper Bowl 2012? The smackdown pits Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) against Hope (Kim Matula) in an epic struggle to win the Liam Lombardi Trophy (Scott Clifton). Watch B&B’s Soaper Bowl promo after the jump! 

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    Clarence cracks me up. For those that want to follow BB but don’t have time to watch the show his weekly wrapups on the BB official homepage are hilarious.

    I’ve been a fan of SC since his GH days but the character of Liam is not worth all the fuss. Both gals can do better.

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    While I hate to see Hope “win” Im hoping that once Bill sees how crushed Steffy is he cant help but declare himself. Those two belong together. Hope should go for Thomas and wouldnt it be funny if liam then ended up with Katie – those logan women sure do like to pass the men around the family tree so it would make sense.

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    Its not the Logan women alone that pass men around their family tree. Taylor and her daughter Steffy have some experience on that part too. I think Katie is a virgin compared to those two.

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    That was hilarious! Clarence has been doing the soap promos on & off since the late ’80s. He’s back, I liking this triangle mainly how it didn’t drag on with Steffy. B&B is cooking lately, I’m loving the show right now.

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    No…not at all. In reality, Steffy has only had sex with like TWO guys on B&B the entire time she’s been on. And Taylor…well, it depends on which Taylor Hayes we’re talking about. If we’re talking about her original incarnation, then we all know she was never passed along. But since she came back from the “dead” she’s done a little more. But still NOTHING compared to everyone else on the show. So yeah, it’s definitely a difference there. And I think we all know it…lol

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    Liam needs to dump both of them, switch teams and come on over to my place!

    I think Scott Clifton is a yummy piece of………..oooh la la!!!!

    Good actor, great sense of humor, wit…..what’s not to love? :love: :love:

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