Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope and John Are HITCHED!


John/Hope: Kids, the two discover they are married! Bo and Hope open up the mysterious envelope from Grandma Horton and are stunned by this development. They wonder if they are being hustled by Stefano, since Hope's "marriage" to John happened while she was acting as Princess Gina. Fancy Face and her man tell everything to Doc and John, who are both shocked and decide to figure out what to do.

They decide to get an annulment and consult Carrie. She tells them they can't get an annulment since John and Hope consummated their marriage while she thought she was Gina. She also tells them divorce won't be easy for them since Alamainia has different set of rules when it comes to marriage. In order to be granted a divorce, they must live in Alamainia for two weeks and file in the country— WITHOUT Bo and Marlena!

Rafe: He goes to Kayla for advice on his marriage.

EJ/Abe: Ballot stuffing allegations fly during the election results.

Victor: The Kiriakis patriarch names a new CEO of Titan.

Abigail: The vixen fills Carrie in on the older man she slept with.

EJ: The DiMera legal eagle is nervous Nicole will discover everything.

Carrie/Sami: The sisters get a bit heated regarding their past.

Lexie: She listens in on an interesting conversation.

Stefano: The Phoenix reads his letter from Alice.

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    This story of John & Hope is boring and not interested what so ever. I’ve been reading on other boards rumor is that the love child is EJ, ugh, not happy if true. Most of everything is looking good I hope so it’s wait and see.

  2. Profile photo of wiggum

    Is it even possible that Hope gave birth without anyone knowing? I know she disappeared in the early 90s but has she ever been off canvas since the whole Gina/John thing? Didn’t that happen early 2000s?

  3. Profile photo of snags

    I don’t see the point of bringing this back again. It wasn’t a great story. Is this part of their plan to reintroduce some of the “out there” aspects of Days back on to the canvas? I honestly enjoyed Will and Sami’s confrontation leading to him revealing that he knows Sami slept with EJ. And it pulled in Marlena’s past with John. That was GOOD soap! This? Eh!

    I know Gina had Greta as a daughter but I can’t recall if they confirmed whether or not John was Greta’s father. I believe she knew who it was, but never confirmed onscreen? Not sure. But I enjoy Marlena more in the Will/Sami storyline even though she is a supporting player. I’m not a huge fan of the supernatural, crazier stories. To a degree, maybe if done right but this wasn’t a favorite story of mine. Mind control and microchips aren’t my cup of tea on Days. Just my opinion.

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    The story is stupid. The marriage would not be valid, as Hope is NOT ACTUALLY Princess Gina! I am not enjoying the subtle dismantling of Alice Horton’s integrity. She and Tom were (and still are) the moral center of the show. I don’t like the idea of Alice holding deep secrets from her 40-year-old grandchildren and covering up with lies.

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    I am agreeing about a marrage being legal if the name you had was not your legal name?? I think what they are trying to do is show the fans how loyal Alice was to BO and HOPE and the love they have for each other! She wouln’t keep a secret if it was going to hurt them… I do however, like the fact that Alice was blackmailing Stefano!! Shows that she was not a Saint and that family was the most important thing to her and she would do anything to protect them! So far since the new writers, I have been pleased. Sammi is back to being Sammi especially with Carrie. She was bashing Rafe about betrayal lol! If only Will could have seen that! Loving it!!!

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    im loving days lately. i can honestly say i dont hate this hope/john storyline. im hoping the love child is EJ or someone ne to the canvas. the good thing is that the writers are not making this story the biggest one. they know how to balance the good ones with the mediocre ones.

    abigail is gonna sleep with austin???!!!! cant wait for that to unfold..

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but EJ cannot be Hope and John’s love child from that time (circa 1998) because JT was the supposed love child from that affair, of course later they made some bizzare change to make it so Bo was the father. I guess Hope could have had twins and Stefano took the other baby, but this all happend after EJ was born. When EJ was born Hope was dating that Franco Guy and John was dealing with the Kristen/Susan mess.

    Oh yeah just had another thought. This marriage cannot be valid because if I remember correctly John was turned back into the Pawn while on his Honeymoon with Marlena. I specfically remember them being on the beach and John getting pulled into the water and then ending up on that submarine with Princess Gina/Hope. So this means that John is legally married to Marlena and the John/Princess Gina/Hope Marriage is invalid.

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