YES! Robin Mattson Brings Wacky Mess, Heather Webber BACK to General Hospital!

Crazy is on its way back to Port Charles! Soap Opera Digest is reporting veteran soap actress Robin Mattson is returning to General Hospital as cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Heather Webber! Look for Heather to mix it up with her son Steven (Scott Reeves), whom she once sold on the black market.

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    Very interesting. Frank and Ron are clearly doing their homework and are preparing to bring it. And as a viewer who has never been able to really get into General Hospital, I must say that I am excited by the prospect of becoming a viewer once Ron Carlivati’s material begins to air. However, I will not be tuning in to GH before that date. ;-)

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    Good move, GH! FINALLY!!!!

    Between this and learning that you’ve cut your losses on that damned Woman In White, it seems that someone behind the scenes might actually have a SHRED of brain power after all.

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    Great news! I have loved all 3 actresses who’ve played this part. I did not like what they did to Heather back in 04 by making her crazy. She was at her best when she was scheming and conniving. Hopefully they will have her being recovered but not reformed!

    I loved it when she kept sneaking out of the sanitarium. Will never forget the night she was headed back to Forest Hills and there was a car accident and she was in a nurses uniform and the police made her get out to help. Then Rick and Jeff came and she slid across the backseat of someone’s car and spun her tires getting away from them. She just barely made it back before Rick and Jeff got to the hospital.

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    This is just like OLTL and AMC. Bring back everyone from the past for the finale which we all know will be in September. So get ready for Frisco, Felicia, Laura, Blackie, Scotty, Serena, Lucy, Alan, AJ and whoever else you can think of.

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    On a totally unrelated note, Soap Snob:
    I love your Beverly McKinsey avatar! I can’t claim to be a lifetime viewer of the show but I was a fan, especially the mid-late 80s/early 90s. Loved how Alexandra & Alan used to mix it up over the company. That was when company intrigue was done well. I remember mentioning on some message board & blog, how I had hoped Y&R would’ve emulated Alexandra Spaulding with their Victoria Newman character and they could even include that bohemian/artsy quality that TPTB seem to have saddled the current actress (Amelia Heinle) with but alas, they’ve made Victoria Newman into Stepford wife Vikki (Newman) Abbott.
    Anyhoo, you’re avatar is a constant reminder that there once was a time that a female soap character could be ruthless & a romantic, if written with consideration.

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    Thank you, MsAgentProvocateur1. I LOVED Beverlee McKinsey; and I believe that Alexandra Spaulding, not Iris Cory on Another World, was her signature role. Beverlee was absolutely divine as Alexandra. The writing for Alexandra during Beverlee’s time in the role was so rich and deep and good. I truly miss that era of soap opera.

    As much as I adore Y&R and the character of Victoria Newman – ESPECIALLY when she was portrayed by Heather Tom – I never made the correlation between Alexandra and Victoria. But I could totally see it – if Heather Tom were still in the role. :-)

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    Now this is how you do it. Now get rid of that boring Maggie. Heather will for sure cause problems for Steve and Olivia. These are characters that the audience already knows and loves or loves to hate. Bring it on Cartini!

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    Hello alstonboy4315.

    Marj Dusay was OK as Alexandra Spaulding; better than Joan Collins. (I can’t believe I just said/typed that.) :-) I remembered Marj from Capitol as Myrna Clegg and always thought she was a good actress who brought more than a few shades of the comedic to the characters (Myrna, Pamela on Santa Barbara, Vanessa on All My Children) she portrayed; which was fine, it just was not in keeping with the characterization developed by Beverlee, who originated the role of Alexandra. However, Marj and Joan both paled in comparison to Beverlee. Alexandra Spaulding and Beverlee McKinsey was quite simply a wonderfully divine match-up of character and actress.

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    ^^ SoapSnob — I agree with your assessment of Beverlee McKinsey versus the other actresses who played Alexandra Spaulding. You are far more diplomatic than I am!

    And don’t get me started on Alan Spaulding as played by the great Chris Bernau versus Ron Raines. That is a situation I cannot be diplomatic about at all!!!

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    SoapSnob…HERE HERE I’ll drink to that :beer: :beer: BM was the best but I have to say I did like MD as Alexandra. Hated Joan Collins. There wasn’t anything like BM & MZ in scenes together…as on DVD…love it! :bigsmile:

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    Daniel St. John

    Beveleee McKinsey was pure perfection as Alexandra Spaulding and in my mind is the archtype for the rich, powerful, pseudo-bitch of a certain age character.
    Marj Dusay did a helluva job considering the gargantuan shoes she was tasked to step into but aside form the first few months of her time on the show (the Nick Mindy engagement, Who shot Roger stuff was her best work on GL) she was almost routinely saddled with terrible writing.
    Joan Collins was just doing Alexis on GL and that was not Alexandra.

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    Hey I want in on the Beverlee LOVE! See I LOVED her as Iris on Another World. Alex was a good character and all but Iris was the bomb. Both characters however were played to minute perfection by what maybe the best actress EVER to grace daytime tv. There simply was nothing this woman could not do from pure vileness, to belly laughing humor, to romantic interludes, family drama was a forte of hers, I could want to strangle her one minute and cry for her the next. I even enjoyed her time on Texas. I would have loved to see Beverlee on Texas when Pam Long wrote it. But such are things. Another thing I would have loved is to see Beverlee on Santa Barbara. I think she and that show would have been perfect together. Anyone who missed out on this breathtaking creature should go to utube and study up. There is way more of her as Alex but there is some of her on AW too.
    My one regret for her is that she never got to do as much comedy as she wanted. Wouldn’t she have been great on Designing Women?

    By the way just wanted to say Marj Dusay is pretty special herself. She has a record that speaks for itself. And mostly she is known for being a recast but She did not dissapoint (But there is not nor could there be anyone like Beverlee.) She managed to put her own mark on every character she played (I especially enjoyed her time on Santa Barbara as Pamela. It made no sense that they didn’t extend that delightfully crazy character into a regular role. The show might have lasted longer.

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    Oh and speaking of great comedians, kudos to the smart people who decided to bring Robin back to daytime. Big star and one of daytimes best comedy acts ever. Noone plays over the top meanness better.

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    First, love Heather. I intentionally missed Guza’s interpretation of Heather. i’m sure he destroyed her like every other character on GH. I’m glad to see that they are bringing back good actors!

    Second, I really hope this means a reinvention of the Steve character or that Heather will be showing up to town because of Steve’s funeral. GH has no time to deal with poorly written characters and characters the audience is not invested in. The character of Steve is about as believable as a doctor as Rick Santorum would be as the GLAAD president. And attaching mob loving and booby-licious Olivia to Steve’s arm has not helped his character’s believability or likability. As currently written, neither character is relevant to the canvas nor has the audience been given any valid reason to become invested in them.

    Mob-loving Bensonhurst newbies can’t hold a candle to the Heather Webber I remember. The fight won’t even be a fair one, but might be fun to watch.

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    i must get in on the Beverly love too. i never saw her as Iris but i did see her as Alexandra and i agree – she was pure perfection. i remember reading about BM’s death and the first thing that i thought was that the soap world lost a true actress. BM had chemistry with everyone and that icludes Michael Zaslow who was nothing short of perfection himself when he played Roger. i miss the days of when the soaps were written by Pam Long, Bill Bell and especially Douglas Marland. i think that Bill and Doug are rolling in their graves over the way that soaps are right now and how they are being written with no substance. during Doug’s time ATWT was amazing and for a brief time almost took Y & R out of the top spot. oh well, i digress, BM was a amazing actress and I was sad when she left GL because while MD was okay as Alexandra she did not hold a candle to BM.

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