The Spencer Family Grows on B&B

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful’s Spencer family is getting a bit bigger on-screen. According to TV Guide, Joanna Johnson’s Karen Spencer is returning to B&B and bringing a daughter Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) with her.

The kid is named Caroline, after Karen's late sister (also played by Johnson), and she's a twentysomething design student who is hoping to land a job at Forrester Creations. Karen brings her to L.A. for the interview.

However, there’s a twist about the latest addition to the Spencer clan.

The rep further reveals that Caroline — who uses the last name of Spencer — is not related by blood to anyone on B&B which makes her available to all the show's young men.

Reportedly, The Bold and the Beautiful’s characters will already know Caroline when she first appears on March 27. No word on how long Karen will stick around after Caroline has been introduced. Get the full casting scoop at TV Guide.

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    I hope Joanna Johnson sticks around this time! She is probably my 2nd all time favorite on BB (after Susan Flannery of course).

    I am going to assume young Caroline will attract the attention of Thomas or Rick? If so Thank Gawd these boys won’t be chasing their sister or niece for a change.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Although I pretty much no longer watch soaps at this time, I’d love to check out (online) Karen’s return. I kind of wish they had never killed off Caroline though. I guess having Karen return with young Caroline in tow, may be enough to sufficiently haunt Ridge (lol)…I hope.

  3. Profile photo of booze26

    This is interesting. It also explains why Brad dumped Nick, Jackie and Owen. I tghink he could have fired other actors though, because I liked all three of them, but I guess the wages for LAD and JW are pretty high.

    JJ is great. She showed that she has still great chemistry with Ronn Moss. (and that says something)

    But really, its still not clear what direction Brad is going with this show.
    JY as Rick is still a let down.
    Bringing back Amber was another mistake, she has no storyline after the Liam mess thats interesting enough.
    The black cast is useless on this show, or at least the way Brad writes them. I dont see any point for Marcus, Dayzee or Justin to stay on this show much longer.
    Donna, Pam, Taylor and Thorne…I guess its hard for Brad to say goodbye, but sometimes its just better to do something drastic.
    All these people had more reason to be fired then LAD, BB or JW. But thats my opinion.

  4. Profile photo of VannieNY

    should be interesting, can’t wait to see it unfold. the only thing better would’ve been that she goes to work for Jackie M because they really need a designer instead of stealing all the damn time, lmaooo

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