The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Genaura Battle For Beauty Of Nature!

Genevieve: The mob moll feels the consequences for her actions regarding Beauty of Nature. Meanwhile, Genaura and Victor go to war for the company.

Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight has a romantic Valentine's Day planned for his lady love.

Adam/Jack: The two are once again brought together, due to their hate and vendetta with Victor.

Nikki: The socialite gives Jack a shoulder to lean on once he hears his diagnosis.

Adam/Sharon: The two head to Kansas, in order for the black sheep Newman to accept his outcome regarding his sight. Adam will do battle with the evil side of his persona. A trip down memory lane gives Adam a bit of comfort.

Phyllis/Avery: The sisters once again butt heads over Daisy's case.

Kevin: He is stuck in a loveless marriage. Kevin is saved by Angelina.

Chelsea: The con artist has a health crisis with the baby, but does she really?

Anita: When Chelsea's mom hits town, her meddling will start to display her daughter's vulnerability.

Cane/Lily: The lovebirds get hitched once again in Paris. Cane and Lily's marriage may be threatened once again.

Olivia: Dr. Winters hits town for three days next week.

Darnell Williams: His character Sarge, makes his debut on Feb. 20.

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    What else could U expect from MAB? She writes such screwed up stories that U should not expect anything better in a name. What I would like to know, is, how does she find all of these rejects from other shows and bring them to YR?

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    Sarge?????? Really, Maria? After Genevieve and Harmony you had to come up with Sarge??? What’s wrong with you?

    Here’s hope that we get a little bit more out of these Nikki/Jack scenes. I honestly would love for the two of them to be paired back together again.

    So, Cane and Lily get married in Paris? Like fake Paris you mean!? Do NOT care!!!

  3. Profile photo of tunabeard

    Adam/Jack: The two are once again brought together, due to their hate and vendetta with Victor.

    Seriously?? How long is that going to last? Who’s going to screw who over first? And you would think Jack would know better than to get involved with Adam or have anything to do with a Newman after Genaura acquired BON.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t mind the name Sarge….I can think of a million other names that are much worse that MAB could have come up with.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: So I tired to watch yesterday’s episode of Y&R. Well let’s just say I suffered through it.

    When the first scene is Lily and Cain I just had to walk away until the scene changed. Bad actors coo’ing and ooo’ing on my screen is just bad.

    Then it went straight to Sofia (more bad acting) and the mention of Moses just churned my stomach. Ditto that to Charlie and Matilda.

    Now once we got to Debbie Morgan in a bad wig and horrible outfit snapping her fingers to some music that wouldn’t even top the charts on Mars I was about too through. But at least Devon will finally stop looking a character off of Star Track: The Next Generation.

    Patch and Jill were just okay.

    Nice to see Elizabeth Hendrickson back on screen. Too bad there are not other soaps for her to get on.

    Anyways, Y&R is just not my cup of tea anymore. If they resurrect Bill Bell’s soul or some good writers take the helm then it will be worthy of my attention. But until then those of you who like it can have it.

  6. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Wish I had written all of the above. I did think all of it, just didn’t have the time to waste, by posting it, although it is great. I thought that was lovely shade of red on YoHarmony’s wig though, and the song was “FAR OUT”, but just not far enough.

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    hey mon

    C’mon. C’mon. Stick with Y&R through ‘thick and thin’. At least Kevin and Angelina weren’t on-screen. Mumbles had the day off, he needs one here and there, him being the King of Wisconsin. Shadam were given a breather.

    Some good things: Since Gen owns Beauty of Nature, I hope there are some glimmers of hope on the horizon. Praying that MAB doesn’t get it wrong. Have Cane work at BoN…Have Cane work at BoN.

    And of course, we all recoiled in horror with the addition of Daisy Dukes on-screen today. Did she advocate a shotgun marriage in the previews? I hope she is not some more comedic relief, in the form of making fun of Southerners or something. We already have enough of that with the Jersey Shore Club.

    When are Sarge’s and Avery/Phyllis’s Father first days?

  8. Profile photo of tedew

    Kevin stuck in a loveless marriage? Just who is he married to?

    I guess I just don’t get why Genevieve owning BON is such a bad thing. She did buy it basically fair and square so her being dissed by all and mostly by Cane is just annoying. Besides, if Victor attained any company in a similar manner then he’d be considered to be a good businessman.

    I do wish that Harmony could keep the same hair style for at least two episodes. Just where is she getting all this money to keep her so glamourized?

    Jack and Adam reunited in a vendetta against Victor (yet again)?
    Where do they get the time for all that considering their current health matters? Also it is actually Adam who should watch his back against Jack. If memory serves … did Jack not get away scot-free with his involvement in the forged diary shenanigans?

  9. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=tedew]I guess I just don’t get why Genevieve owning BON is such a bad thing. She did buy it basically fair and square so her being dissed by all and mostly by Cane is just annoying. Besides, if Victor attained any company in a similar manner then he’d be considered to be a good businessman.[/quote]

    Um, duh, it’s because she’s a woman of course.

    Oh, and Cane is THE WORST.

  10. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Cane and Lily’s marriage may be in trouble once again…REALLY?! MAB is so freaking lame that she can’t even allow these two to be happy for a few stinking weeks?! I’m so sick of her repetitiveness. Let me guess: he lies to her again!

  11. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=hey mon]C’mon. C’mon. Stick with Y&R through ‘thick and thin’.[/quote]

    I swear, you MUST be on Maria Arena Bell’s “under the table” payroll – I see nothing but recycled shizz on the horizon!!!

    As MAB and her co-hacks have proven time and time again, they have not created one story with a reasonable conclusion since her reign of terror started during the 2007/2008 Writer’s Strike! Proof positive: There goes Ronan again, with no explanation as to why he disappeared previously when he got Chance’s partial liver – another half-baked under-developed character that added NOTHING to the Genoa City canvas vanishes. Excuse me while I cry…NOT!!!

    Adam & Jack working together to battle Victor – AGAIN?!? Didn’t they do this with the alleged diary back in 2008?

    Cane & Lily married – AGAIN?!? Z-Z-Z-Z!!!!

    Recycled/re-tailored/re-used – and I don’t mean just the “stories” – that goes for the “new & exciting” characters MAB & her co-hacks are creating – that is ALL I am seeing on “Y & R” these days!!

    Stick with “Y & R” through thick and thin?? I have been watching the show since 1981!! Been there, done that!!

    Again, you must be easily entertained! LOOK – a leaf floating in a puddle!!!

    BTW – the brand new character is named SARGE?!? F*** ME!!!

  12. Profile photo of GHfan-4now



    I see Maria reads the boards, and came up with something else she assumed “befitting” ………………………………….. Though, at this rate, I was expecting Mufasa or some sh*t.

  13. Profile photo of Divagalore

    Yeah, I also find it interesting that MAB decided to change the name Yolanda to Harmony. I don’t really get the significance, considering she’s not a singer or a Poet…so why Harmony? I’m also not thrilled DW’s new character will be named Sarge…come on Y&R…what’s with these adults with the silly nicknames?

  14. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    You know, there are times when I have found myself sitting through yet another excruciatingly awful episode of the Y&R and wondering if my IQ hasn’t fallen far enough below the national norm that I just might start to fanaticize that life is “Luk a bux o’ choklets….”
    Then I wrote down a few thoughts and observations and showed it to someone who said, “Whoa, that’s a little harsh don’t ya think?”
    Well, with that crtique in mind I have instead decided to present this edited version and so, here goes…
    “Y&R, she’sa no good!”
    “Rehashed plots, etc, etc!”
    “MAB, she is makin’ a big mess of things!”
    “Cane and Lily’s marriage could be in trouble… AGAIN! – Like who freakin’ cares???”
    “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid people!”
    “HULK SMASH!!!”
    BLAH, BLAH… I think you get the point!
    There are only so many times you can go back to the well before the water dries up and I think Y&R has reached that point creatively. It’s too bad because SoapLand is getting pretty barren out there as the old guard continue to be cast aside by corporate decisions based on either declining ratings or just plain apathy.
    I have become one of those viewers who only tune in occasionally now and usually walk away before the closing credits.
    I find that there seems to be nothing to look forward to in the coming storylines except more of the same. As well the spoilers don’t illicit any real excitement and the characters with their ongoing trials and tribulations aren’t of much interest because we have seen it all before!.
    That said, this is only my opinion so if you are finding Y&R entertaining right about now then all power to you!
    One thing though… Bartman, I concur with your previous observations – someone has been drinking the Kool-Aid and is just a ‘little’ too upbeat to not cause one to be suspicious!
    Also, RebbecaJ, I think you’re giving too much credit for originality to Maria on the ‘Sarge’ naming front! (Gawd, watta a hack MAB truly is, and her boy Hogan ain’t far behind!)
    So there you have it, my kinder, gentler version!!!
    That said… gotta run. I have a neighbor kid’s pet bunny boiling on the stove, an email telling me how I can get a share of $15,000,000 from a dead Nigerian prince I didn’t even know I knew to respond to, a herd of cows to tip over, a punch bowl at the local high school prom to spike, a school bus of orphans to topple over a cliff and a litter of puppies to drown…
    Well that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it … C’ya

  15. Profile photo of tedew

    soapbaby … that is what I meant; Genevieve is a businesswoman and Victor is a businessman. Aggressive and savy women are of course bitches; aggressive and savy men are of course simply just good businessmen.

    For some reason I am enjoying things a bit more these past few days but still do agree fully with all the criticisms being posted here. The one thing I’d truly like to find out is what is or has been making Ronan tick. What’s with him anyway? I’d also like to see the Chelsea story unfold in a less predictable manner than it appears it will.

    Also … I fear the Sainted Olivia’s return. And I truly hope that apparent miracle worker will not be the one to magically restore Jack back to 100%.

  16. Profile photo of soapbaby

    It’s blatant and misogynist. I mean, really, if Victor or Jack or Tucker used similar tactics in the name of business dealings, no one would bat an eyelash.

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    After catching the Canadian Wednesday episode, I’m really quite annoyed by the way Genevieve is being treated by The Abbott girls. Even the normally very nice and forgiving Tracy is being quite the bitch.

    I still don’t get why Genevieve did buy BON or why she just didn’t claim she made the purchase as a wedding gift for Jack. However, I highly doubt that any of the above mention gentlemen would have been fired by Ashley. It also annoys me that she is basically being blamed by that circle for the Jack shooting. Why would she have cause to check out her new maid? Where did she get treated for her “major” burns and why was she not recognized by anyone anywhere. Where were the old photos of Emily? Why didn’t Jack have Genevieve checked out?

    Maybe it would be a good thing for Genevieve to stick around and become a major rival for Victor. Maybe Jack (since he still does love her) should reconnect with her and join forces against Victor.

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