Will Happiness Last For JaSam and Scrubs on GH?

General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) have been through so much, they deserve some happiness. The question is, how long will it last? Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    Yesterday was my first time watching GH since the demise of Liason. Omg…I did not recognize anyone on the show!!
    I even puked a little bit when confirmation of sams baby being Jason’s. Who is this fake Maxie? Who was with Helena? Ive been a long time listener to the dc podcast but nothing prepared me for this!! Will Ron be able to salvage and save this show??

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    at least the “i don’t know if my killer husband’s enemy raped me and got me pregnant” is coming to an end (i hope). now we’ll get the “what’s wrong with jason’s brain” story told again (how many times have we seen this already?) Every story seems to need to feature Jason. Even Robin’s last weeks seem to be about Jason.

    There isn’t a single story to “like” now on GH. I like that I will get to see Anna Devane again and I pray that her story will bring some integrity back to the character that anti-woman Guza/Phelps turned into a rock groupie. The new powers that be lack of confirmation on how long these returns will last has me a bit concerned.

    My fast forward button still gets a lot of use. I just can’t care about killers even if their brains are swelling while attractive women line up to get pregnant by them.

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    I’m THRILLED that Sam and Jason are having a healthy baby!!!!! :party: :love: :party: :love: :party:

    And I’m very happy that Robin gets good news that her HIV drug protocol is working! Too bad KMc is leaving.

    I can’t wait to see Anna and Robert!!! :bigsmile:

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    JaSam baby story has to be the worst!!!! Who’s the daddy? The freak that I think raped me or the guy I’ve been hanging on for two months straight everyday 5 days a week!!He walked away from one child and a woman he “loved” to keep them safe but yet he is happy about this only makes me cringe! Two thugs having a kid wow perfect family! The writing can not get any worse. Is Sam gonna keep her gun in the diaper bag??! Stupid is an understatement! They are great chasing the “other” bad guys but parents together ummm NO! They should have Jason supporting Robin, not the other way around. This whole show just makes me sick, hope the vets perk it up!!! I did like Kate telling Carley she owns the Metro Court! If Johnny wasn’t so hot I would ff thru his scenes too. Bring back Lucky and Laura! Being that Anna n Robert are back that would be perfect! Get rid of Shawn and TJ Ethan n lady in white Madia and Ronnie, Maggie, Ewin. They are paying 8 useless people!!!! Even if they had to get rid of Kate and Olivia then so be it!!! |( They just need BIG change!!!!

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    Im thinking of that movie with jennifer aniston a few years ago – He’s Just Not that Into You. Maybe he just wasnt that “in love” with liz?

    All I can say is all the haters in the world arent going to harsh my mellow. My TWO – not one but TWO – all time favorite soap characters in ONE promo – Anna and Sam. When Anna shows up I am going to make Robins SQUEEEEEE seem like childs play!

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