Is There Already Trouble in Paradise for Y&R’s Victor and Nikki?

Child, just when you think Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are finally back on track, one of them screws it all up. MTS gives TV Guide's Michael Logan the 411 on what torpedos the supercouple's relationship this time around.  Keep reading after the jump!


TV Guide Magazine: We're loving this umpteenth Victor-Nikki reunion! Who's going to screw it up this time?

Thomas Scott: Victor does the whole Valentine's thing, bringing in a pianist and a violinist, candles and champagne, which of course leads to sex. They're madly in love. But Nikki will find out he lied to her about his involvement in the Chelsea-Anita scam and she leaves him. Just like that. Over! Pow! Nikki gets her s–t together and says, "I can't stay here anymore. I'm done!"

TV Guide Magazine: Then what? Nikki goes back to the bottle?

Thomas Scott: As we know, it's never really over for Victor and Nikki but it's my guess she'll get hooked up with Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] again and they'll probably marry. She's visiting him in the hospital every day and being a really good friend. [Laughs] We all know where that leads! When Peter and I first saw those scripts we could read between the lines. But it's just my speculation.


A Victor/Jack/Nikki love triangle again? I can get down with that — provided it is done correctly. To find out about Thomas Scott's showdown with a Sony exec at the Bell Daytime Emmy afterparty last year click here!

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    YES!!!!!! I hoped for a Jack/Nikki/Victor triangle since I’ve read the spoilers. :) It would be great if they don’t mess it up like the latest round of the Ashley/Victor/Nikki triangle a couple years back.

    Anyway, great interview! I’m excited. :)

    Jack & Nikki … :love: :love: :love: :p

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    As can I Smitty! I am sick and tired of Victor sticking his dirty hands into everyone’s marriages and lives and ruining those relationships. I’m glad that Nikki finds out and tells Victor to go to hell, which is where Victor belongs anyway. Can’t stand the character and can’t stand Eric Braeden either.

    Nikki and Jack = NACK!

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    I’ve been a viewer since 1997, so I ADMIT, I’ve always hoped we’d see Jack and Phyllis back together (Cuz I’m in the camp that believes Summer is Jack’s daughter)

    But, since they put that idea to bed (literally) a year or so ago, I’m SO ON BOARD with a Nicki and Jack pairing!! (*sidenote: Again, Jack can NEVER be without a woman! Even when his pepper may not work for him…he’s got a girl by his side ALWAYS)

    But we all know what happens becuase of this, right?? Our Laura Spencer doing the horizontal tango with The Moustache. Bleech.

  4. Profile photo of Freerhythm

    So, I’m all for a Jack/Nikki pairing, even if we know that it’s only a pit stop on the road back to Victor, and I’m excited for Jack to be involved in a relationship that actually makes sense. At least he shares some strong history with Nikki, instead of pursuing these unbelievable romantic pairings that have tied up Ol’ Smiling Jack for the last 10 years or so.

    Hooking him back up with Nikki makes a lot more sense than the whole “I know I just met you Emily/Genevieve, but you’re the woman I’ve been waiting for forever” or the “I know you’ve been married to my former stepson/the guy I’ve always felt paternal towards (despite having two sons of my own that the writers only remember when convenient), but let’s get together Sharon/Phyllis” storylines.

    Having said all of that, I have one humble request of the DC editors/writers…Nikki has been looking AMAZING since her return, so can we not use any of those photos (see above) from that “she’s not looking so hot” period? She’s lost some serious weight, looks better than she has in years, and has been rocking some outfits that put the younger women to shame since she’s been back from her “hiatus.” Can we show her off in her currently “hot Damn, Nikki/MTS” phase? Please and thank you.

  5. Profile photo of Duchess

    What a great interview! I just love this woman and how she speaks her mind. She is dead on with fans not caring about who killed Diane or just plain Diane period and also with saying that there’s too many people in the cast. I think Jess Walton just said something similar too. With Darnell Williams coming on soon and now having added Chelsea’s Mom there’s way too many characters and it’s hard to keep up on some stories when they disappear for weeks at a time.

    I love Nikki and Victor but he deserves to pay for whatever he did in that stupid Chelsea/Anita/Myanmar mess. So tired of him messing with Billy and Victoria. I’d welcome a Victor/Nikki/Jack triangle especially since it’s believable unlike Jack’s recent pairings and would have tons of conflict and play on history. Bring it on!!!

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    Trouble in Paradise for Victor and Nikki? Well that is certainly a novel situation we can sink our teeth into!

    I still have no doubt that Nikki will find herself involved with Jack very very soon.

  7. Profile photo of Bartman202

    Gee – Victor orchestrated the whole Chelsea/Billy thing – NO SHIZZ!!!

    Who didn’t figure this out, yet they save this huge ‘revelation’ for Sweeps??

    UGH – more tired, recycled shizz from MAB and her co-hacks!!!

  8. Profile photo of tedew

    Bartman202 … exactly!

    And isn’t that huge mess of a mother laying things on just a bit too heavily?

    Hope this all ends fast without dragging us all into yet another Victoria/Billy breakup. It really is just tiresome from basically a very tiresome couple.

  9. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I was one who liked Jack and Phyllis (back in the day when things on Y&R made sense if you can believe that). Having said that, I have fond memories of Jack and Nikki and the story involving the child they lost. I can easily get on board for them to get together again. But like Jillian said it has to be done correctly. With MAB at the helm (God save us, please!) I’m nervous… 0:)

  10. Profile photo of DenverDean

    Loved Nikki/Jack back in the day. Was so bummed by decision to have Nikki lose the baby. Thought it would have been a great rivalry. Nikki children with both Jack/Victor. Would have been a great rivalry. If this was AMC, the fetus would have been saved and voila – Jack would have another son, who after a year, we’d never see again. I’m all for this pairing.

  11. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I suppose if we have to have MTS around, it would be nice to see her with Jack. That was a nice pairing back in the early 90s. Too bad Bill Bell had Nikki mis-carry.

    Get rid of Anita and Chelsea right away. Already sick of Anita, and Chelsea reminds me of the the worst s/l ever on Y&R — Billy and Myanmar. So Chelsea has to go. Besides when I see Chelsea, it reminds me that Amelie Heinle is too old for Billy Miller. She’s got what? — 10 years on him or something.

    Sick of seeing Angelina, when I’m not seeing Ashley. Kevin, keep the beard.

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