All My Children and One Life to Live Wardrobes Go On Sale Feb. 24

Have you always dreamed of wearing one of those slinky, little numbers Erica Kane frolicked about Pine Valley in (and more than not, out of!) on All My Children? Or, perhaps it was one of those chic, conservative ensembles Viki Lord adorned on One Life to Live that you admired from your living room? Whatever your preference for soapy fashions may be, you're about to get your chance to pick up some of the clothing worn by your fave AMC and OLTL characters, starting Feb. 24

On that date, It's a Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales will begin carrying items from the AMC and OLTL wardrobes. AMC's own fashionista Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee) will be hosting the event at the Burbank store on opening day, starting at 10 a.m. Are you excited or depressed at the thought of being able to buy a pair of Dr. David Hayward's trousers?

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    I used to tell my mother that everyone has such great coats on OLTL. Now I want to go buy them. I liked the pea coat Brody was wearing and the JPL leather jacket. Now I just need to fly down to Burbank.

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    Excited, but only b/c u said Dr. David Hayward’s trousers.
    How can one NOT be excited about anything that has to do with that man’s pants!?!

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