All My Children Legend Darnell Williams Debuts as “Sarge” on Young and Restless Feb. 20!


All My Children legend Darnell Williams' (ex-Jesse) new Young and Restless character finally has a name and a first airdate. Look for Sarge, played by Williams, to arrive in Genoa City on Feb. 20.

When I first heard the name, I wanted to start ranting and raving, that is until I remembered this is the same show that gave us a Snapper and a Cricket, and is the sister soap of a show that gave us a Ridge, a Thorne and a Storm. At least the Bells are equal opportunity in handing out silly names! Speaking of characters with goofy names, are you excited to see Sarge mix it up with Harmony (Debbi Morgan) and the rest of Genoa City? 


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    I hope that means he’s a sergeant or former sergeant & they didn’t just saddle him with it w/o cause of any kind. More than that though, I hope he’s not wasted & really woven into the canvas. He’s a stunning actor.

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    Don’t know who this guy is–and don’t care. I watch/ed Y&R for the VETS–not the NEWBIES. Which is probably why I took it off my DVR over two months ago. I don’t know who any of these people are.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Well Jamey I will look at the clips online to see how he is brought on to this show. Yet from his name “Sarge” is not going to be a businessman. Let’s just hope he ain’t no former pimp, drug dealer or ex-con. Given Maria’s recent history of writing for black characters you have to cover all your basis.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Coffee_Junkie: Darnell is a soap icon. A 2 time daytime Emmy Winning actor. If you don’t know Darnell you don’t know daytime.

    But I do agree with part of your assessment about too many newbies.

    Anyways Y&R might be building up a cast of black people, but until the writers learn how to write for them, the quantity ain’t gonna make much difference.

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    [quote=david46208]@Coffee_Junkie: Darnell is a soap icon. A 2 time daytime Emmy Winning actor. If you don’t know Darnell you don’t know daytime.

    But I do agree with part of your assessment about too many newbies.

    Anyways Y&R might be building up a cast of black people, but until the writers learn how to write for them, the quantity ain’t gonna make much difference.[/quote]

    I am a one soap person and seriously wish they would quit dragging in all of these people. Could care less about seeing this person or that blob Daisy Pukes.

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    Darnell Williams has the kinda talent that puts a few of Y&R’s “vets” to shame! And my definition of vet is someone with 15 or more years of tenure.

    These ridiculous names need to end. Not only are they distracting and silly, but they do absolutely NOTHING to improve the quality of this show’s storytelling. Go back to the basics. Small details matter!! Never mind, I forgot who is running this show!

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    I hope they don’t make him another corrupt cop like on All My Children…I hope he is a retired military man or something. Can’t wait to see him in action on the show. BTW, he still looks so amazing! I swear he and Debbie Morgan are robots.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: For those of you who think people are too hard on The Young and The Restless, here is why:

    Say you live in a town and you have 1 pizza delivery business. The first time you order your pizza it arrives on-time and warm. And when you eat it, it is good as hell.

    Yet as time goes on the deliveryman is infrequently late, the pizza is often cold, sometimes it is not even what you ordered and other times it ain’t even fully cooked.

    So after dealing with them for a long time… After many complaints and promises from the pizza place that things will change. The changes only last for a little while and its back to the BS!

    And now the town folks are promoting that people should support their local businesses.

    Eventually those folks who were tired of the bad service and the lack of faith in the pizza joint would just either give up on pizza, go to the next town to get it or purchase the frozen pizza at the store.

    And to put it into a deeper context, it’s like when people talk about the pizza joint was good under the old management. But now under the new management even the bathrooms can’t be trusted to be clean on regular basis. The tables are also a hit or miss. When you order they often run out of ingredients. And sometimes they are just closed for no apparent reason.

    So that is what it feels like when it comes to Y&R. So the writing and EP regime don’t inspire long-term confidence. Because as soon people start praising them as on the rebound they always take a wrong turn and you’re back to where you started.

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    New commenter but long time lurker. Y&R has unfortunately become too predictable but I think that Darnell Williams’ Sarge will be enlisted (pun intended) to get Jack Abbott walking again. If not, I hope there is a better idea that is more worthy of Darnell Williams’ talent.

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    hey mon

    I’ve never seen an ep of AMC in my life, but Mr Williams seems like a nice guy. Hopefully, he is a cop and is replacing the position that Ronan had on the roster. Maybe Sarge is his nickname, cause he is such a good policeman.

    Maybe he is Spencer Walsh’s brother? That would be a good way of tie-ing in the fact that ol Spence has been on The Show for a year, and maybe should be given a contract. After all, doesn’t Esther have a contract, and Spence is shown more than her. Maybe Spence and Sarge could fight over Sophia.

    Naw, that would be too intricate for MAB and The Gang. MAB will probably have him hanging out at Glo-worm, or be someone who is involved with Angelo.

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    ^^ Excellent analogy David! The other day, I was just saying to someone that Y&R used to have characters but now they have caricatures running around mucking it up. I was referring to Chelsea and Anita and Angelina and Angelo and Yo!Harmony and Victor’s new penchant for ‘mustache-twirling’ evil. Just argh.

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    The perfect character for Darnell Williams to play on Y&R would have been Adam’s doctor – who happened to be an old friend of Victor’s due to having done some extensive work in researching Hope’s blindness and he shared a competitive past with Olivia back when the two were in medical school. With that simple a premise, story could have written itself. And his name should have been Dr. James Robertson.

    I have been watching The Young & the Restless since 1978 – that’s 34 years. Though I have hung in there, the past six years (when Lyn Marie Latham entered the building through Scott Hamner’s and Hogan Sheffer’s current shiteous writing and “character development”) have been extraordinarily difficult to remain a viewer. (I truly feel I watch out of habit than actually being excited about anything I see on my TV screen.) It is so difficult to watch what this once excellent show has devolved into. I can only hope for change. But it does not appear to be any where in sight. :-(

    PS: While not blameless, I think that Maria Arena Bell is quite simply an “absent supervisor.” And while should feel a stronger sense of pride and preservation in her work (for obvious reasons) she is not responsible for holding herself professionally accountable. But there are people who are responsible and should be holding her accountable.

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    hey mon

    Have to vent, as well.

    So the only murderer (or attempted thereof) was Diane herself that night in The Park. She tried to murder Nikki, and was killed in self-defense. Now I understand why Kyle had to be sent away. MAB doesn’t want a scene where Jack has to tell Kyle that his mother basically deserved to die on July 31st, because she tried to kill Nikki.

    Sickening, disgusting MAB and The Gang. Stringing us along for months with the footage in the warehouse, and the clues, and everything. To find out that D-Con bashed in Diane’s head to take the focus of off Nicole Newman. So Patty was sewing pillows just to make everyone’s life a living hell?

    MAB, resign now. That is the word resign, not re sign. The manatees pushing balls together (a la South Park’s criticism of Family Guy), could do a better job than Maria Bell and Scott Hamner.

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    ^^ Don’t forget Hogan Sheffer who has a proven track record of bad storytelling. He’s as responsible as Hammer. But ya know I am willing to forgive them for Diane’s murder if they just end everything Angelina, Angelo, Kevin Fisher, Chelsea and Anita.

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    Let me say I love Darnell Williams. His return to AMC along with Debbie brought heart back to that show and a real AA presence again. Its a shame AMC wasted the immense talents of CSJ.

    Anyway I am aware of his being an icon but its kind of like the boy who cried wolf over at Y&R. One big name is big news. By the time soap icon number 100 is cast it’s like who cares. It loses its impact. I am feeling this way about Days now too. Name casting. Who cares, if there is lousy or no story to support.Y&R has an extroadinary underused cast. Everytime Tricia Cast or Doug Davidson are rolled out for their quarterly appearences I am reminded of that.

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