Talks for Nadia Bjorlin’s DAYS Return BREAK DOWN!

Looks like Chloe Jonas won't be hitting high notes in Salem anytime soon. According to the Feb. 21 issue of Soap Opera Digest, contract talks between the brass at Days of Our Lives and Nadia Bjorlin have broken down. According to the mag, salary and length of work cycles were sticking points. Are you sad Chloe won't be coming home on DAYS?

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    This is the first I heard that she may have been coming back but once I found out yeah this would’ve been the first time in years I would’ve started back watching. Now they will continue to not have me as a viewer.

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    Not sad at all. Nothing against the actress or the character, but if the show can’t make the most of the cast it has, it doesn’t need to add more characters to the canvas. I think DAYS is spending too much money and effort on all of these actor returns and not enough on stronger stories and better quality sets. The show has too large a cast and many of the returns have not been needed outside of Marlena Evans and Lucas Roberts (on his way.) There is no story for Chloe Lane or Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna’s coming back to take up space.) Austin and Carrie are frontburnered when they aren’t interesting to warrant the return to Salem. In theory, returns of fan favorites is a good thing but the reality is if the storylines aren’t there, it won’t help at all (evidenced by DAYS’ current ratings.) Short, interesting returns of past characters to bolster current stories could work as it did in the case of Tina/Cord on OLTL in it’s last few months.

    Jack and Jennifer are not being utilized properly, they need story. I want to see Adrienne and Justin! Judi Evans and Wally Kurth should be on contract, not recurring. Give me more John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers! Mary Beth Evans popped up on screen a few months ago with like two sentences of dialogue to Rafe and Carrie_ Why? Not necessary but I am sure she doesn’t work for free. Improve the stories and the sets.

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    Windsor Heights


    I know what you mean. I too LOVE Chloe and Nadia. In regards to Chloe, she was and still is my favorite character of DAYS because she was the character that drew me into the show. The episode in June of 2000 of Chloe revealing her outer (AND) inner beauty at the Last Blast Dance is MY Days. Chloe was no nonsense yet still had a heart and went through a lot as a child being jumped from foster home to foster home. She battled leukemia and a tragic accident. Plus, the Phloe vs. Broe triangle is one of the best ones in Days history that was never truly resolved.

    The way Hogan Sheffer brought Chloe back was unrecognizable and then Dena put the final nails in the coffin by twisting her history and then trying to make viewers Team Melanie/Nathan at the sacrifice of Philip/Chloe in my opinion. Plus, the way Philip and Chloe had Parker was out of character and the relationship with Daniel, and Lucas plus suicide attempt and then the hooker phase, it is the reason I stopped watching DAYS. Plus that and reading comments from people who SAW Chloe pre-Higley and were complaining about her (and saying she needs to go). It was bull. So when the reset happened, all the characters were redeemed or saved, except Chloe. She was sent out of town. So what does that do to her fans and not to mention the “haters” who don’t know better.

    In a way, I’m glad Nadia didn’t reach a deal because these fans need a bit more time away from “Chloe 2.0 brought to you by Dena Higley”. I do hope Nadia can eventually come back and the writers write her the way she was originally written in 1999-2005. Here’s hoping for our Swan Princess!!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Last time around she was doing nothing but that blank stare with those large eyelashes. I guess that is what they call acting in daytime these days. I was happy when she was written off. And at this point Days has enough cast-members. We don’t need it getting to be like The Young and The Restless where they have enough actors to fill up 2 soaps.

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    Since her return in 2007,they didn’t give her much to work with.But the very little she was given she rocked it.Nadia is an amazing actress.Watch her on VENICE and you’ll know what I’m talking about.The only way I want her back is if they give us the real Chloe back and actually write for her.

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    What the hell are they trying to bring her back for?
    Last time she was on she was TERRIBLE.

    I’m going to stop singing the praises of this new regime soon. They’re making some WTF decisions.

    soapbaby, I agree with every word.

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    You got that right David42608 about Nadia’s blank stare. Unfortunately, that is her acting style along with the monotone voice. She is very beautiful and seems like a nice person in real life, but she is not a good actress and that is ultimately the problem and why, I feel, she hasn’t broken into primetime or films. Look, on the soaps, there is some very good acting, some bad acting and some acting which I think is just ok–nothing much one way or the other. I don’t mean to be mean, but Nadia’s acting is representative of bad acting.

    Also, with regard to Chloe, she is not tied to any of the characters currently airing, so there is no need for her character. As a 31 year fan of Days, I am thrilled with the returns of characters who are Hortons or who are related to other characters. I think the show has absolutly rocked! And am I the only one who is absolutely loving Deidre Hall’s Marlena being a phychiatrist again, sympathetically counseling everyone from Jack to Will to Carrie to Bo and Hope? It’s what Hall does best and what first made her a fan favorite.

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    and then Dena put the final nails in the coffin by twisting her history


    Agreed, Windsor. And once Dena turned her into a hooker, it just confirmed what I always knew: the woman had no scruples. Especially when it came to female characters. She’d have fit right in with JFP and GH’s overall misogyny. The woman has damn near ruined every show she’s touched.

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    Nadia Bjorlin has always been little more than a glorified hair model! She may have had a FEW moments here and there where she gave decent or even good performances, but she’s a dreadful actress overall.

    Other than the fact that she’s pretty and she’s got a great singing voice, I don’t get her appeal. Sorry.

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    NOPE! I originally liked her as “Ghoul Girl”, when she was “ugly” and had conviction and character. Since then she’s been watered down, whines and cries. And oh yeah, she turned into a prostitute for the lamest of reasons. She really has no spark or interest for me. She’s beautiful to look at, but I would rather have the cast on now be figured in more prominently. More Jack and Jenn, Will’s coming out. She’s NOT needed!

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    I agree that Chloe was more interesting as “Ghoul Girl”. But it was funny when she turned into “hot girl” it was like if the cartoon character Daria turned into her sister. What was wrong with how she was before, besides being more out going?

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    I am so confused about the weather in Salem. Outside and the women wear sleeveless or short sleeves? Is Horton Square heated???? They carry coats and never seem to be cold….help….

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    Honestly, as much as I’d like to see Chloe back on the Days of our Lives canvas, I’d rather see Nadia Bjorlin in other projects. They really don’t know what they’re doing over there. And it’s like watching a bunch of tourists on a sinking Italian cruise ship trying to figure out how to survive. It’s scary, pathetic and sad at the same time. People keep asking for good stories, and they keep throwing fans nothing but gimmicks. No wonder they have terrible ratings. If DAYS had been on ABC, they would’ve been gone 2 years ago…

    There seems to be a lot more to this story than meets the eye. When Bjorlin was let go back in September, immediately there were lots of rumors floating around that she would be asked back in the new year. It’s pretty obvious what Corday was doing was corporate restructuring to save the show from the ax. Good for him. But they fire a few high-dollar salaries, and bring back old favorites at a reduced price, knowing that they’ll jump at the opportunity since they haven’t worked in ages… Honestly, my gut tells me they expected Bjorlin to jump back in as if nothing happened. Heaven only knows what they might have offered her. From the sound of that article, she was not happy with it and she quickly called them at their game. I have no idea if that’s what actually happened. But if it’s anything close to that, then I say “Brava, Nadia!” She deserves much better than what they can offer her at this point. I say onward and upward to new adventures, Bjorlin! Go get’em, sexy tiger!!!

    “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”
    ~Oprah Winfrey

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    She is beautiful, I don’t know her work but things I have read over the years and about her acting from posters, is why would Days want her back? Maybe because this new EP wants to dummy down the show again which I’m seeing some of it now, with dialogue, repetitiveness, weak plots starting to emerge to the surface…damn shame. Ken has “jumped the shark” and should have kept Noel, his direction was for more adult intelligent direction, Lisa is aiming for the 12-17 demos and I think it will just get worse…sigh I was so enjoying Days since the reboot and not as much the last few weeks. I was looking forward Feb. sweeps and will see how it pans out, but this Alice and tweaks that were made by Lisa FELL FLAT, not a good start if this is the new direction. :~

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    Good heavens you’d think soaps were filled with Meryl Streeps the way this board talks. Heck watch primetime there are plenty of mediocre actors whose abilities are covered by lavish and sharp production and Days has never been known for great acting.I think Nadia did a great job with the PPD story actually much better than Kimberly McCullough did with hers which is kind of a surprise.

    That said I like Nadia, think has great screen presence, but this smells of desperation.The returns have not brought back viewers and Days demos have slipped even further than higley.But they need to write for the large cast they have.Plus I am not sure where Chloe fits anymore but I still think rather than this current lame romance with Brady they should have revisited Brady and Chloe. Regardless I wish Nadia luck.

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    Anyone who claims Nadia Bjorlin can’t act is clueless about talent…she’s an amazing actress who’s been underrated for way too long and finally her performances are praised on Days and Venice.Days for the Hysterical Pregnancy,PPD, Chloe losing her baby,…these wer teh ony meaty amteria she ahd since ehr return in 2007.And she killed,rocked them.On Venice,…she outshines CC and JL…..It’s Days Loss..they failed to use her talent.I hope she doesn’t come back because she deserves so mcuh better.She’s too good for DAYS.

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    Thank goodness! Chloe adds nothing to Days.

    Now before her fans lynch me, I met Nadia a couple of times at events and she’s warm, friendly and animated in real life. It’s a damn shame she’s always been incapable of adding that to Chloe. Don’t know whether it’s her or the directing or what, all I know is that she’s painful, PAINFUL to watch onscreen.

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