The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki and Jill Team Up to Take Down Anita!

Victor/Nikki: Sucks to be The Black Knight. His lady love finds some damning evidence against him and Anita. Later, Nikki has a chat with Chelsea's mama to find out why they're targeting her daughter.

Jack: Old Smilin' Jack butts heads with his physical therapist.

Cane: The Aussie gets a new job that puts him in the line of fire with his mother.

Victoria: She finds out the real deal about Anita and Chelsea.

Jill/Nikki: The two ladies put their issues with each other aside and team up to take down Anita.

Billy: He isn't buying what Chelsea's selling.

Victor: Mr. Moneybags turns on the charm to get what he wants from Genaura.

Adam/Sharon:  The Newman reject is still angry at his father's cold shoulder. Sharon informs him it was Victor's idea for him to return to the farm. Adam thinks Victor has a plan set on motion, but she disagrees, causing Adam to storm off in a huff. He falls, but Sharon is there to help him. The childhood memories Adam has from the farm aren't as Norman Rockwell-esque as people may have been led to believe.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Back with my take own the spoilers:

    Hogan/Melody: Sucks to be Hogan Sheffer. The leading lady finds some damning scripts written by him and Maria. Later, Melody has a chat with Scott Hamner to find out why the writing is so bad.

    Peter Bergman: Not Working With A Full Deck Peter butts heads with Maria.

    Daniel Goddard: The Aussie gets a new storyline that puts him in the line of fire with the fans.

    Amelia Hinley: She finds out the real deal behind Hogan and Maria’s writing.

    Jess/Melody: The two ladies put their scripts aside and team up to take down Maria.

    Billy Miller: He isn’t buying what Maria is selling.

    Eric Braeden: Mr. Leading man turns to the press to get what he wants from Maria.

    Michael Muhney/Sharon Case: The reject Emmy critic is still angry at the cold shoulder from some of the cast for speaking out. Sharon informs him it was Spit-takes idea to try and backburn him. Micheal thinks thinks spit-take has a plan set on motion, but she disagrees, causing Micheal to take to twitter. He tweets, but Sharon is there to help him. The previous DC podcast comment memories Micheal has from the DC aren’t polarizing as some fans may have been led to believe.

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    LOL This is amazing, David! :D And so much more interesting, not to say juicy, instead of what we’re getting on-screen.

    I don’t know why Cane is still on the cast … well or should I say, I don’t get why they brought Daniel Goddard back in the first place. Cane is one awful character, who was rewritten so many times, I don’t care what he does or why he does anything. Just … :Sp

    Don’t care for Chelsea or her mother. Gosh … can’t you start and tell interesting character-driven stories instead of bringing in “a problem” (or a psycho) every time a couple seems happy? It’s so boring!!!!
    The US writers really should start watching UK soaps. Maybe they can learn one thing or two. :p

    Ah … it’s just sad … these spoilers sound like an awful repeat of old stories with new names or just things that ain’t that interesting.
    I’m not even excited for the Nikki/Jill team up because it will be another PLOT-DRIVEN mess. :( |( :X

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    All does look like it will be much more of all the same old. But if it is done well then we can probably live with it.

    Out of everything though … I can never quite understand why Nikki keeps reattaching herself to Victor when he can always so easily shake her off. Can’t there be just that one final rejection or that one final manipulation from Victor that at long last lights that proverbial bulb in everyone’s head?

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    [quote]Jill/Nikki: The two ladies put their issues with each other aside and team up to take down Anita.[/quote]
    I’ll tune in for this. I remember when Kay/Jill teamed up to get Nina. That was so mean, but it was so good.

    [quote]Jack: Old Smilin’ Jack butts heads with his physical therapist.[/quote]
    Why can’t “Jesse” be a doctor? Can’t wait til his first scene w/Ashley, I think “Jesse” could liven Ashley up-they could make a fun couple.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @tedew: You are preaching to the choir. I always felt like that when Y&R eventually comes to a close that it should end with Victor’s funeral or with him being hauled off to jail like Bernie Madoff with like 100 years in jail. The payoff for all his crimes should not be some happy ending with Nikki. The villain must get his just desserts in the end.

    If the funeral idea was used. Victor’s machinations over years could lead up to his death and the murder being arrested saying that “he had it coming,” as they were escorted off to jail.

    If the federal prison story was used as a way to end it all. You have a scene with Nikki and victor having a tearful moment before he was carted off and Victor asking Paul Williams to love and take care of Nikki for him.

    Then again in one of the best ending twist. Nikki could do the deed. Yes, shoot Victor and end the insanity he has caused on the citizens of Genoa City. Because sometimes if you truly love someone then you have to put them out of their misery.

    But those are just my ending thoughts.

    Yet if I was at the helm of the show. I’d write Nikki taking over Newman Enterprises in a surprise coup and running it with Victoria and Nick. Something Victor would never see coming. Because after all the years of him reminding Nikki that she is nothing but a stripper who climbed up the social ladder off of marrying him and the ways in-which he has challenged and destroyed her own business dealings, fans would love to see Nikki take him down.

    Cause Victor does not truly love Nikki, he loves Newman Enterprises and has showed time and time again that if you mess with his company he will beat you like Chris Brown beat Rhianna. And not even Nikki has been able to win against NE.

    So it would be fitting. But then again I am tying in the history of this show. And I know that would win the press over and fans alike.

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    @David those are great ideas for an Y&R finale, but I don’t wanna think about that yet. Even a MAB massacre is better than no Y&R at all. I’m sure OLTL would love their show to be back on the air, even if written by Dena Higley.

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    I called it! I knew after a few good episodes, YR would go back into the crapper. Its like clockwork.

    -I’m sorry, but the Chelsea/Anita is sh*t. Its so stupid and thrown together. I’m glad MAB is good friends with Bach and she decided to offer her a job because she has had some bad luck, but it doesn’t help the show.

    -Kevin/Angelina….this is the cherry on top of the garbage. Holy cow, they really have no clue what to do with GR. Time to let him go. Geeze.

    -Adam…don’t care. I don’t want to hear some sob story about how he was abused or some crap because I ain’t buying. There is a reason MM has never been nominated for an Emmy. just sayin’.

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    Well, I think these spoilers could be much worse…lol. This Chelsea/Anita thing…I can tolerate the story, the only thing I don’t like about it is I think Catherine Bach has been HORRIBLE so far on the show. Her acting is just….UGH. People were comparing her to Tawny, but Andrea Evans she is NOT.

    I’m looking forward to Jill and Nikki working together. That should be fun. I kind of like Genevieve now…

    I’m glad there were no Kevin/Angelina spoilers. I’m ready for this to end because I think this storyline is RIDICULOUS and so is the character of Angelina. Sad to say, I think Greg Rikaart actually ENJOYS doing these kinds of stories, seeing as how majority of his stuff are suggestions HE’S made!! UGH UGH UGH..he should stick to acting and stop bringing in input.

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    I agree it could be worse, we could have another doppelganger story going on and I ok with Jill\Nikki teaming up, it could be fun. Angelina story needs to go now. Poor Greg\Kevin in another horrible story and he such a fine actor to be in this whirlpool of ridiculousness. OH Gawd, Catherine Bach has been horrible I cringe and walk away.

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    hey mon

    Once again I’ve got my Jekyll and Hyde thing going in my mind. Not sure why, but I’m starting to like the way MTS is playing Nikki. She is wise, smart, and knows that Victor is ‘no good’. Sort of like the NVP story-line under LML, only without her running for State Senate. MTS has her prancing around a lot less, too. And though I am a big fan of vodka, I’m glad Nikki has stopped drinking.

    Sarge (Jesse) would be an-ultra welcome addition to the Abbott life, as Jack’s therapist. Hopefully, he can light a fire under Ashley. Love Ash, but it seems strange that she is the ‘stable rock’ of the show now. I don’t want to see her in a loony bin, miscarrying, or carrying around a blanket named “Robert”, but I do want to see her on screen.

    Hopefully, Cane will join one of the big companies on the show. Chancellor, FMN/BoN, Jabot, McCall, or Newman (That is a lot of companies for one daytime drama) That way he can be right in the ‘thick’ of things, and the younger women do love their Cane Ethan Ashby Atkinson (Mr Retcon).

    The whole Anita/Chelsea thing is finally getting interesting. Didn’t know Anita was going to go into labor so early. Well, we’ll see how the whole thing plans out. Maybe Amelie can wake up a bit, too. She’s been sluggish on her lines again.

    Need to see my new crazy boy Ricky a lot, too. Even though he’s only half, he representing the whole Latino community on the show. C’mon Hamner, show my boy Ricky a bit more. One last thing, Give G Rikaart an Emmy again. His story-line is so messed up. But he is giving it his all, and is making the whole thing somewhat more bearable. I’m likin his new dark look, too, with the beard (He looks like Ryan on “The Office” when Ryan was VP of Dunder-Mifflin). I’m thinking the ONLY saving grace of that s/l would be if Kevin came out of the whole thing as a mob boss.

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    [Quote] I’m thinking the ONLY saving grace of that s/l would be if Kevin came out of the whole thing as a mob boss.[/Quote]

    WTF?!?! Hell to the No! This ain’t GH and I can’t see Kevin leading the mob. He’s to wimpy for that. Kevin has been reduced to being the Spinelli of Y&R.

    [Quote]Sad to say, I think Greg Rikaart actually ENJOYS doing these kinds of stories, seeing as how majority of his stuff are suggestions HE’S made!! [/Quote]

    I’ve been saying that for a year. I’ve been left with the impression he likes these stupid “let’s search for buried treasure” BS storylines that are purely plot driven. I think it is safe to say 99% of the viewers don’t. MAB needs to tell him to zip it or else he can join EOB.

    Apparently Catherine Bach is MAB’s neighbor and they are good friends (as was posted on DR).

    IMO, MTS needs to tone down the “snot in boots” portrayal. I think she plays Nikki way to snotty and aarrogant.

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    hey mon

    Sorry, I meant Chelsea. Not crazy about both of them. I saw on ET that Catherine Bach’s husband committed suicide, and that is probably why Maria offered her a job as Anita. Honestly, Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe needs to put a comb through that mess, and wear a push up bra. Right now. Can Cane and Lily get any more boring, either?

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    Bach wasn’t that good at acting while on Dukes of Hazard and she did nothing on that show. If MAB wanted to help her, maybe they could have made her a writer. She has to be a step up from HS.

    EH weights like a grand total of 95 pounds. NOTHING on that body sags. She doesn’t need a bra. Hell, Billy Miller has bigger breasts. Same with CK. Both actresses are damn skinny. What’s the bra going to support? Air?

    Daniel Goddard is starting to age. His face is starting to get lines and wrinkles. Time for him to ask for the doctor that Hunter Tylo visited.

    I also think CLB is starting to show his age. And JC has been looking deathly thin recently.

    However, ED and MTS have aged pretty damn good over the years. They’ve sort of stopped the aging process somehow.

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    I agree with the comments that Y&R always does seem to revert back to bad after a few good or even just decent episodes.

    Don’t we all just get a bit fed up when someone thinks they have to pretend to love someone else to protect the one they actually love? The Kevin/Chloe/Angelina thing is a prime example. It will be a relief if and when it ever ends. It will be a relief if and when the Chelsea hijinks comes to an end. It will be a relief when Angelo departs for good.

    If we could be rid of the trash and/or comic relief then maybe something of much more interest would arise.

    At least we do seem to have Nikki coming more to her senses and maybe even being reborn as a force for some certain individuals to reckon with.

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    hey mon

    tedew — I think we are probably seeing the full nature of Nikki now. Should count our blessings now that MAB doesn’t have her on the bottle, or the mascara flowing through a rainfall of tears. I’m not holding my breath that 2007 is coming back and she will be the CEO of NVP, or running for State Senate. MTS said that she was happy that MAB and Hamner were never going to have Nikki have a career again.

    Seems that Greg Rikaart prefers the plot-driven stuff that is chewed out for Kevin on a yearly basis. Too bad, the kid’s a great actor, and the beard is a step up for someone who is over 30. Not sure why he’d want to be on the Angelina/Angelo mafia-go-round…after the “Jana is crazy” stuff…and the Smythe stuff…and the “Amber and the chipmunk” stuff. But, oh well. I like Judy Chapman, and if this drivel keeps her around as Kevin’s Mom, I may be able to tolerate it.

    Dyllan — Cane is aging, what is he, almost 40 in real life? Better get him to Hunter Tylo’s doctor immedjiately. After all, his mother is supposed to be 49-yr old Genie Francis (Mr RetCon/Cane/Ethan strikes again). I hope he gets a bit more wrinkly, then maybe my teen daughter and her friends will Twitter about him a bit less. (Can you say creepy when your teen daughter Twitters about a 40-year old man).

    Always likin Christian LeBlanc. Give him something to chew on. Make him pay for being Victor’s lackey. Something. The guy is being wasted right now.

    Liz Hendrickson is a beautiful young woman. MAB and The Gang are always portraying her as the ‘sad sack’ of the show. Not a Chancellor, nor a Newman (Cassie is dead), or an Abbott (Poor Colleen). She’s always dressed down, raggedy-looking, unlucky in love. Spruce her up, put her in some decent clothes, and put her at Beauty of Nature with Cane. We’ll see if those 2 are truly over each other.

    Yes, the beautiful Eileen Davidson is aging great. Let’s see more of her.

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    hey mon … I agree with you about Michael Baldwin. He is always clearly distressed about what he does for Victor then just seems to go on right ahead and do it all very gleefully. He also forgave Phyllis quite readily after saying that he and Mrs. Baldwin were through with her forever.

    Right now I think Michael is a bit of a weasel. It would be nice to see him take a stand against Victor or to suffer some personal turmoil for his involvement in Victor’s (unpunished) crimes and misdemeanors over the past couple of years.

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