Victor Lies to Nikki AGAIN on The Young and the Restless!

Uh oh! It looks like Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) had better watch her back. This week on The Young and the Restless, what Victor (Eric Braeden) wants, he gets, and you can bet that isn’t good news for the mother of two his children. Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    I have just got to go on record here: MTS is looking ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! since she’s been back, I mean, holy smokes, we’re talkin’ fine wine here!
    And she looks even hotter in this promo than she did in that purple dress followed by that black one with the open sleeves that she had on about a week ago. WORK IT Girl!!

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    I would marry MTS right now…with the age she is. That woman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and hot…and sexy in every way imaginable. Okay, I’m beginning to rant…

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    OH! she’s a beautiful diva…BITCH! I’m sorta looking forward for Nikki to throw around some diva attitude on Victor’s ass! >) It might be round ‘150,00 but they are fun when Nikki ups one on Victor! However you cut it…it makes delicious TV. And she’s running in Jack’s atmosphere could be soapy goodness if done right..I’m praying! This story is classic Y&R we seeing which we haven’t seen in 5-6 years. I want my Y&R OUT of the basement. Lets see if we seeing the tide turning and Sony is making changes in direction. When the core characters is featured heavy the ratings are higher, and lower…well the you know the shitty ones! Lets see Angelina & Angelo last much longer, I don’t think so but Chelsea story probably will go on for a minute. Chelsea story at least has much stronger players in story which can be tolerable compare to screech mouth |(

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    hey mon

    Even I have to admit, as a person who has traditionally not liked MTS — this has been her Winter. She looks good, the hair, the pouty lips, the red dress. Nikki is being played smart, she’s going to tell Victor off… I may even let my mind wander about her…

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    MTS has been kickass since her return and has literally taken over the show. She could given lessons to all those lame returns on Days and to all the casting stunts at Y&R.She is a diva first class but most of all Nikki has her heart and strength back.And I am loving she and Victor for the first time in years and loving that with her Victor has gotten some sense of humanity back. I just can’t wait to see her walk out on him and watch him scheme to get her back.And I do hope she gets closer to Jack but I am also loving seeing her hopefully back to protecting her kids. Now she needs to show Pod Victoria how to dump her loser fratboy husband and get her strength back too.Victoria Newman RIP.

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