Bren Foster: “I’m No Longer With DAYS”

Fans curious as to why Days of Our Lives' Bren Foster (Quinn) isn't onscreen, can wonder no more. The actor revealed on Twitter that he's non longer with the NBC sudser. See tweet below!


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    I started watching Days again after AMC went off and I love the Will/Sami/EJ stuff and the Sami/Carrie stuff but there is a lot of dead weight that needs to go along with this guy. Madison needs to go and they need to bring Kyle Lowder back as Brady. The guy playing Brady now can’t act and is way older than Brady should be. Also the younger set needs some work too Chad, Melaine and Gabbi are very boring and I have no interst in them. Also I find it hard to buy Abby being obsessed with this version of Austin. The guy who plays Austin now looks as old as Bo, Jack and John. If Austin Peck were still playing Austin I could see Abby falling for him because he isn’t 50 years old.

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    Amen cheesehead!

    If Austin is supposed to be a babe-magnet, then he should at least look like one.

    They really, really should be trying to get Austin Peck back. He‘s sexy as hell AND he’s learned to act since the last time he was on.

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    I have to say I don’t care that Quinn is leaving. They barely used him since DAYS reboot. Was surprised to hear that he wasn’t fired after all back at the end of the summer.

    The younger set just isn’t interesting. I mean, I kind of repeat myself but American soap writers really should watch UK soaps sometimes. There is so much more you can tell with young people than never ending love triangles between friends. Seriously, an American soap doesn’t have to look like it’s some outdated genre.

    And yea, I don’t buy Abby and Austin and it’s because of Patrick. Sorry I know he’s the original portrayer and everything, but with this storyline Austin Peck would have made so much more sense.

    The worst story I’ve seen since the reboot is by far John’s marriage to Hope. I mean, seriously? What a mess!

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    Austin Peck reminds me of Jim Carey, lol. I like Patrick Muldoon, he seems like a regular guy and not some dumb underwear model. I can buy him as a professor. I would not be able to buy Austin Peck as a professor.

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    I am liking Days lately. I’ll agree there are dead weights on the show, especially the younger set like Melanie, Gabi and Chad.

    I read that the stories are getting wild again like bringing back Princess Gina and The Pawn. And I LOVED the showdown between Carrie and Sami yesterday, those two bickering are the best! I have missed that!

    I am glad that the old Austin is back, but I feeling bad thinking this but the way he looks so much older now distracts me so much! Some cosmetic surgery would help with that. Most of the female cast has had it and they look great. JMO

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    We bitch when people have too much cosmetic surgery, we bitch when they don’t.

    I think Patrick Muldoon looks just fine. He looks his age (he’ll be 44 in the fall, but so what.)I think he does wear a hair piece that could look a little better.

    I’ll miss Bren Foster, though!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: More diversity at Days is good. And guess what? He was no drug addict nor a thief. And not only can he read, but he can take a woman’s temperature and give them a psychical too. See LIZA D. worked at Passions so she gets it. So that is a plus in my book!

    Y&R and GH need to take-a-notes.

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    Without Vivian around, who really cares about this character?

    Hate to sound harsh, but he’s not a vital character to the show and this show needs to continue to focus on characters who REALLY matter and get rid of dead weight. He should be thankful that the show has given him employment, even though the retcon story that they wrote for him was kinda lame and they totally did a disservice to Louise Sorel/Vivian by not allowing her to stick around for any sort of decent follow through.

    He’s cute, but cute ain’t enough to keep you around soapland anymore. #kanyeshrug

    Life goes on. Eye candy comes and goes.

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    oh well, I really didn’t care for him, besides they really haven’t done much with his character anyway. I’m liking the reboot, aside from a few non essential characters that shouldn’t be there, this is reminding me of the show I fell in love with 30 years ago. I hate to say it but Melanie is growing on me.

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    Yes! That’s fine with me! He was annoying when he came on. He was a pimp and then he owns a spa? I thought it would have been woven into the canvas better but all of his martial arts classes take place in the middle of the lobby of the “spa”. How is it appropriate to be shirtless and kicking and punching in open area where customers would walk around? Lawsuit really. If they couldn’t find a means to keep Vivian on, then they don’t need him around either! Dump Chad, Gabi and Melanie. Increase time for Sonny, Adrienne, Justin, and Jack.

    I agree above that the Will/Sami/Marlena/EJ story unfolding is interesting. I like the beats of Will struggling and dealing with Sami. I like that Sami and Carrie are at odds, but it’s a bit contrived. Rafe has NEVER been a cheater, he’s Mr. Honesty so I find it way out of character for him to even consider kissing someone especially when he’s married. Carrie has cheated before (Mike while married to Austin, Austin when she was married to Lucas) so it’s not totally out of character, but the way in which they were paired up (broken heater at work? Lame. Open the door instead of stripping down at work. That whole bit was dumb. And the John/Hope being still married doesn’t really change anything. It’s a plot that has been used A LOT. Hope was Gina, how can she even be of sound mind to marry John? Why not weave in the story from the books that Sherri Anderson wrote as a secret? John and Marlena have a secret child and Stefano could be stowing this child away. It’s just uneven. And Jennifer offering to stuff ballots for Abe. Really? That’s not in Jennifer or Abe’s character to do something like that. A little out of touch with some of the character beats here. I enjoy seeing more veterans but some of it is a bit out of character for me.

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    im actually liking days much more now than when higley was at the helm. yes bren was eyecandy but he was deadweight. i still think there’s more to the john and hope thing. what is in stefano’s envelope???? i have a feeling EJ is Hope’s son… stefano could have stolen her eggs and put them in susan!!!

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