BREAKING NEWS: ATI Passes on Doing Next Daytime Emmys!

Sad news for the daytime world. Associated Television International's (ATI) President Jim Romanovich announced today on Twitter the company will not produce this year's Daytime Emmy awards. ATI has produced and broadcasted the award show since 2009. Romanovich stated:


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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I’m probably gonna catch flack for this but….I’m glad they aren’t doing the Emmys.

    Look I enjoy watching the telecast but, the past few years have been horrible and why should I want my favorite actors to suffer through them (I can fast forward) just for my benefit?

    I’d rather they be held at a hotel, un televised, than force myself and the actors, directors, and writers to sit through another telecast AND then feel grateful for the tossed bone.

  2. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    Sucks only because I, like many other big OLTL fans, wanted to see the soap get recognized by winning many categories this year. BUT, you never know. It could’ve been ignored regardless of the dynamic performances given last year…

  3. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    i remember watching the Soap Opera Digest Awards on nbc, and thinking how fun they were. It wasn’t so serious and it was loose.

    but then we lost that and now we’re losing the Daytime Emmy’s too.

  4. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I am with you Stefanstavros. I was really hoping to see one the OLTLers all dolled up en masse one last time and hopefully they would sweep. I especially want OLTL to win best show this year.

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Strangely, I saw this as more than a possibility (a likelihood) since since the demise of so many shows. Perhaps, the Daytime Emmy’s should consolidate either with the Primetime Emmys (which may not be feasible with time restrictions on the telecast, I can see the Daytime Emmy’s being treated as a stepchild on some time of weird pre-show telecast which probably would be put on the web anyway & not on TV) or consolidate with the Indie Soap Awards next year. The Indie Awards are already being streamed online on SFN, I think. Many of the actors on indie & web shows are already from daytime and their could be a built in affinity.

  6. Profile photo of maca42

    Last years were so tacky with an hour long tribute to oprah who wasnt even there and a 30 second bunch of nonsense for susan lucci. it was so embarrassing. the only good thing was laura wright winning. i can just imagine the “tribute” to one life to live. they never give any daytime shows any dignity.

  7. Profile photo of GHFan76

    I agree with maca42 and RoseVioletDaisy completely! It was almost embarassing what the show had become. It’s a damn shame though, it truly is. Once nominees performance clips were replaced with ads for vegas hotels and shows you knew it was downhill from there. I always used to look forward to the show. Laura Wright was the best thing and only good thing about last year!

  8. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    You’ll get no grief from me, Katiebug9624. No awards is FAR superior than that gawd-awful Vegas infomercial last year. It’s the difference between dignity and humiliation. I would rather sit in the dark and imagine an awards show than sit through that garbage again.

  9. Profile photo of josser

    I think an Internet airing would be great. We can escape that Vegas sales pitch we saw the last few years and focus on real daytime shows. Look at the Golden Globes. It had was a fun dinner with an engaging host. Let Michael Muhney host the dinner and turn it into a blast.

  10. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Thank God no more Vegas commercial/telethon!

    I would be all for Daytime taking back the show. I enjoyed the afternoon shows in the 70s when everyone got together with Merve Griffen hosting.
    Have Ellen D. host the show for two hours and have it at a nice restaurant.
    Show clips from each of the shows, bring in a few blasts from the past and give out the awards. I personally don’t need 3000 people helping me to celebrate daytime.

  11. Profile photo of Jon

    As Michael Logan joked in his interview with Melody Thomas Scott, I can see you now picking up your Emmy in Lane 6 of the local bowling alley. Sad to say that seems to be an increasing possibility.

  12. Profile photo of appleridge

    I could see this being filmed and viewed on the Net. Like On like The Indie soap awards are gonna be. I bet we still see them. Just on the net and very back to basics. Just reading nominees, see clips and speeches than repeat til all categories are finished.

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