The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Avery Fights to Spring Daisy (WHY!?)!

Avery/Daisy: Yes kids, the legal eagle works overtime to set Daisy free. Seems Avery is motivated by her ailing father, and all of her hostility towards big sis Phyllis resurfaces. Avery wants to stick it to Big Red, but also believes in Daisy. She talks to Daisy and tells her if she can get proof Sarah made her commit the crimes she's convicted of, she can walk free. Daisy suddenly remembers (of course) a video Sarah made of herself and Ryder threatening the twins that they will pay, if they don't do what she says. Avery being the super sleuth she is, finds the evidence they need.

Jack: Old Smilin' starts his physical therapy sessions and sees Sarge (Darnell Williams) browbeating a patient of his. Jack doesn't like what he sees, but realizes Sarge's tactics are used to push his patients to work harder. Later, Jack asks Sarge to take him on as a client, realizing he needs someone to motivate him the same way.

Victoria: Her new gig has her butting heads with Victor.

Phyllis: Big Red debates about visiting her dying father. Avery chats with her big sister and lets her know she saw their ailing father George in prison. Although Avery's still mad at Phyllis' treatment of their father, she still wants a relationship with her, and for big sis to do right. Avery cajoles Phyllis to visit their father, before it’s too late, but the two siblings get into a heated argument. Phyllis thinks everything she needed to tell George, she has, and doesn't budge on her stance. Avery informs her about where their father is getting treatment and leaves.

Later on, Phyllis confides in Nick about her issues. He says she should talk to her father. He tells Phyllis all about his time Victor, and his visit with his grandfather Albert Miller, and implores her to visit with her father. Phyllis breaks down and tells Nick about George stealing from his investment clients and she being the one who snitched. Phyllis still feels guilty to this day, for her father going to jail because of her, but maintains it was the right thing to do. Nick begs Phyllis to reconnect with her father and leaves. Phyllis then calls the care facility George is staying in and informs them of her arrival.

Patti: Patti Cake drops a bombshell that may bring Adam to his knees (if he can see them).

Chloe: The fashionista is puzzled by Daniel's behavior.

Cane: The Aussie gets a job opportunity from Ashley.

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    Awful stuff. It really is beyond me that MAB brings Daisy back time and time again. Why??? Why do we have to put up with a character NO ONE likes.

    I’m not interested in the drama Avery and Phyllis put on and can’t believe Ashley is giving Cane a job… Oh why can’t we just be rid of this character after this snooze fest of a wedding.

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    Apparently, per other reports, GH is on “life support”…will Drs. Frank and Ron prep the show for a dignified death or at the final hour will they develop a miracle cure? Stay tuned…

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    i hate the whole phyllis/avery fiasco..nothing in her history or character makes her behave this way. she came in as a total psychopath. she never did the right thing when she came the right thing to do was to report her father? the real phyllis would have blackmailed him or run him over. i dont find this believeable at all..

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]Awful stuff. It really is beyond me that MAB brings Daisy back time and time again. Why??? Why do we have to put up with a character NO ONE likes.

    I’m not interested in the drama Avery and Phyllis put on and can’t believe Ashley is giving Cane a job… Oh why can’t we just be rid of this character after this snooze fest of a wedding.[/quote]



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    I just got through watching Friday’s Days and I was impressed. Lexie had it out with Abe and then put his business on front street. The election results are being challenged courtesy Nicole’s own machinations.

    Victor learns that the Ian the man he hired to run Titan is married to Madison and is now going to try and rid him from the job. Then Madison continues to press her case of forgiveness and love to Brady.

    Bo/Hope and John/Marlena prepare for their trip to Alamaina to dissolve John and Hope’s marriage. Each character has a relevant flashback from the Princess Gina storyline and then learn that not everyone can go on the trip.

    Kate is caught-up with emotion over the man from her past Ian, but covers when Stefano is concerned about her. She leaves to head back to her office and runs right into Ian.

    Stefano finally opens the envelop and becomes emotional at what he sees on the paper. This is still a mystery to the fans.

    And that is just Friday’s episode.

    Now I come to read about more of this bullshit happening on Y&R. What do they have David Seaton Executive Producer of the Sun Also Sets helming?

    “they put his head back on in a Preston 7 day setting.”

    Come on now! Come on!

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    In the episode from Friday (Canada) Phyllis actually had the gall to diss numerous other gentle Genoa City residents for doing or acting exactly (or less) than she has always done in the past. And some of you wonder why some of us so despise that creature!

    If Daisy is sprung with the help of Avery (and there probably is some validity there), it would be great to see that character do battle with that other red haired loony. Phyllis should lose custody of the purloined Lucy who is always out at some sort of sleep over or not being attended to properly.

    Adam. Basically I think he is just as teflon as his Father and will probably remain a Genoa City resident for the long term. It was a bit of a nice change to see Nick expressing some semblance of sympathy for his stricken wayward but extremely more intelligent brother.

    This time I do hope that Nikki gets the upper hand on her duplicitous former (hopefully never again future) husband over the Chelsea matter. I hope that it is not all yet again written so that Victor comes out on top smelling like a rose. Also … that pregnancy costume that Ms. Egan wears as Chelsea looks so incredibly phony. And for some reason I’m not finding Catherine Bach all that annoying when she is not in that over the top hillbilly mode.

    I still see some flickering of lights on the horizon in some places, so hopefully they will pan out.

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    it’s funny how we’d rather talk about days in a y&r…

    i think i know what stefano’s envelope had in it!

    and im thinking IAN is austin and billy’s dad!

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    when are they going to re-open the investigation (if there ever was one) of Sasha Greene’s mysterious death?

    she was Phyllis’s friend who was going to expose all her lies/schemes until she died when her apartment caught on fire.

    iirc, when Michael informed Phyllis of her friends death, she didn’t appear to be that broken up about it. It was implied that Phyllis was the one who torched her apartment, but they never brought it up again.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]when are they going to re-open the investigation (if there ever was one) of Sasha Greene’s mysterious death?

    she was Phyllis’s friend who was going to expose all her lies/schemes until she died when her apartment caught on fire.

    iirc, when Michael informed Phyllis of her friends death, she didn’t appear to be that broken up about it. It was implied that Phyllis was the one who torched her apartment, but they never brought it up again.[/quote]


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    Oh Phyllis is just the BIGGEST hypocrite of GC. She should not even be allowed to judge other people … she’s done worst things than every one of them. I hate detective Phyllis, who thinks she’s a journalist, but in the end ends up writing about the exact same three or four people. It’s disgusting!!! I must say, a few years back I loved Phyllis when she was still a real bitch and not pretended to be someone better. I also loved MS acting. Today it’s all gone through hell. I’m really disgusted with the character and her every week changing open relationships. Also don’t like MS acting at all anymore. It’s too much! I get things when the woman says it once. But her acting quality seems desperately feel the need to repeat things. Now I have the feeling every word out of her mouth comes out twice, which is just unbearable.

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    hey mon

    I’m surprised that Phyllis hasn’t taken off her clothes in over 2 months. I mean it was an every week event, with either Ronan or Nick. Heck, at this point I’d even take her stripping next to a dumpster with a newly-released Deacon, or something.

    As far as Sasha goes. Yeah, Phyllis is a murderer, and she tried to kill Paul Williams with her car. That was all Bill Bell’s doing. MAB isn’t too far off from her father-in-law with Adam. And Victor, of course.

    Do we like the realism that was LML, or the escapades of MAB and the Hamner? Can’t have it both ways. Phyll went to jail for the simple blackmailing of Brad (very real). There was an explosion at Clear Springs, and really nothing happened to anyone (somewhat real).

    MAB is crazy, crazy, crazy. Changing from one month to the next. One month Diane is lecturing us from the after-life in August, challenging us to guess which millionaire killed her. In January, we find out that Diane was actually a murderer trying to kill Nikki, and it was all in self-defense.

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    Daisy. No….Just NO. Such an awful character played by an awful actress. Won’t be watching any episodes that’s she’s on.

    If there WERE to be a bright side to this barf bucket of a storyline with Mister Ed, it’s that Phyllis gets what’s coming to her. I think we were all sad Lucy was snatched away from Victoria like that, after PHYLLIS LURED THE HORSE BACK TO TOWN….so there ya go doll. Granny will lose her Lucy and she’s got no one to blame but herself. (not that we EVER see Lucy these days-or any bond they may have)

    I’m watching Tuesday’s episode right now. Delia’s birthday party. On Valentine’s day…a Tuesday. Sun is shining. No one works.

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    How predictable! Have not read YR comments for a month & this is what I get.Do you commenters actually watch the show?
    I think the show has improved and the acting has been compelling,especially Michael Muhney & Melody Thomas Scott.Loved the Adam & Hope scenes & it was refreshing to see that Nick has feelings other than for himself.Sharon Case is also wonderful to watch with MM – he brings out the best in her. Also enjoyed Genie Francis as her storyline has more bite to it and I’m praying her character keeps Victor away from his beloved “Beauty of Nature”.I could go on……………..
    Please feel free to vent,

  14. Profile photo of sillytee

    for whom the be,

    youre right. i do like sharon and adam together no matter how tawdry it might be. i really hope adam gets some kind of conscious and Nick reallly starts to feel some compassion for his brother..genie francis doesnt annoy me like she does other posts. she’s pretty good in this roles and i see that she has calmed down a bit. im waiting to see how this story unfolds. i just hope victor doesnt sleep with her!!it would have been nice if Neil accepted her job proposal. but since MAB only lets him work on the 1st and 15th of every month, i doubt that would happen!

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    Yes “for whom the be” I watch the show. And I agree, there a few stories that keep my interest. I love to have MTS on my screen and I actually enjoy the current Sharon/Adam storyline. Can’t warm up to Genevieve though. She’s better written than in the beginning of her run, but I still don’t see the need of having her on the show. Inbetween all these new characters I just have forgotten to care. The cast is too overloaded to make me care.

    And besides from two storylines I like, there still is a lot that’s just painful to watch. And these are the storylines these spoilers here are about (and it thankfully doesn’t even include the Kevin/Angelina mess).

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    hey mon

    I’m semi-pi$$ed off that Hope was only on for 10 minutes, if that. Twas a little bit surprised to see that Signy Coleman has Hunter Tylo lips. She didn’t seem like the ‘type’ back in the 90s.

    I’m a little bit surprised that Anita is being exposed so early, makes me feel sorry for Chelsea. Good to see Nikki get her wake up call again with ol Vic. Take it and Run, Nikki, Run. Patch/Tucker must be on a vacation, haven’t seen him in a month.

  17. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    HEY MON, You must have blinked. TUCKER has been on recently. Loved seeing HOPE, but not digging the peroxided BLONDE LOOK. I think Sharon Case, for example, that has been a BLONDE forever looks much better now with her close to natural color.

  18. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Well, I think it’s slipped a little in the last week or two from the miraculous one-or-two week creative peak it experienced with the whole Patty debacle, primarily because we’re being stuck again with Cane and Lily–another tired ass wedding and how typical that Abby, who despised Lily just a few short months ago because of the whole Daniel business, is now her maid of honor–Sofia, Harmony and the Jersey Shore rejects(for maybe the first time ever, I actually feel bad for Greg Rikaart; he’s had some really shitty storylines, but this crap with Angelina/Angelo is probably the absolute worst thing he’s ever been saddled with). On the upside, I’m loving the possibility of a Nikki/Jack rekindling; next to Phyllis, she’s always been my favorite romantic partner for Jack(and would move her away from Victor, at least for the time being). Speaking of Phyllis, I’ve been done with her since she stripped Lucy out from under Billy and Victoria and brought wannabe-psycho Daisy back to town. So while I’m neither here nor there regarding Avery, she could skewer her at this point and I doubt I’d care much.

  19. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Y&R has a pattern. It does a few good episodes, then it goes back to crap for about 2 months and the cycle continues.

    Y&R is back in sh*tty mode.

    Personally, I don’t care for MM or his “acting”. He’s way too stiff and phony for me, as is his romance with Sharon. His twitter account doesn’t help.

    I’ve never felt the chemistry between Jack and Nikki. Jack’s only decent pairing was Phyllis. Nikki and Jack were always a bore.

    Villy…the most overrated couple in history of soaps. Total snooze, as is this storyline with Anita and Chelsea. I would love to see those two written off.

    And the bottom of the barrel is Kevin. Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s always wanted this stupid plot driven crap. I say keep that crap isolated from the other storylines on the show.

    Phyllis is a BIG hypocrite. She’s killed people, and now she’s being written as this self-righteous do-gooder who couldn’t bear to see her dad scamming people? Whateva…. They need to show this Phyllis/Avery showdown….offscreen. The character Phyllis is completely overrated and a screen hog.

    On the positive: Nikki’s storyline has been decent and I still love Jill.

  20. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    @yojoromo — I probably didn’t miss much about Tucker. Mumbling about Devon or something.

    @ChrisGa — You’re right. Last year Abby couldn’t stand the sight of Lil, now they’re ‘besties’.

    @Dyllan — Y&R is back in ‘boring’ mode cause Adam is getting a ‘Kansas’ personality makeover, and Patty is off-screen. Can’t-act Amelie/Victoria on EVERY day makes for some boring scenes. The same goes with can’t-act Joshua/Nick. I feel sorry for MAB, 3 out of 4 Newman ‘Victor’s kids’ actors, can’t perform their way out of a paper bag (I’m including Marcy/Abby in their, too). That’s probably why MAB is so MM dependent.

    Not sure why Rikaart likes this drivel his character is given. Chipmunk, mobster’s son-in-law. Not a good way, Greg, to get a second Emmy. Keep the beard.

    Keep Phyllis on, often, and on a desk.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    soapjunkie88 … I enjoyed your comment about “double talking” Phyllis. I’ve been noting that in here forever as well.

    Like I’ve said before … I am having some hope for some glimmers of light on the Y&R horizon. It would be great to get away from all of the continuous, boring and predictable cycles and on with some character changing and/or retribution or comeuppance story lines. Most here deserve it (and I know we do).

  22. Profile photo of david46208

    @ hey mon: No sympathy for Maria Hell! It’s all her bad writing that drives these actors down the hill. Even under Bill Bell the so-so actors were worth the time, because at least the storyline was good. So you could focus on good writing even when the actors were not up to snuff.

    Maria just makes them look worse. So there is no defense, no sympathy for Maria Arena Hell!

  23. Profile photo of dqh257

    I’d rather awful stories that give the impression of a town than the constant Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle that is dominating B&B, to the detriment of every other story on the canvas. What happened to the Pam/Stephanie fallout from the design stealing? Where is the fallout from Dollar Bill/Katie over Steffy? I mean, MAB may have her faults and her inconsistencies, but the show is mostly entertaining and not swallowed by one story.

    I’m enjoying DAYS, too, but Lexie’s unwillingness to forgive after years and years of marriage seems unrealistic and uncharacteristic of the Abe/Lexie characters that have already been established.

  24. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I’m loving BB. BB>YR. Bold and the Beautiful is only a 30 minute show and it has tons of commercials. It can’t fit that many storylines into its time frame. I don’t know how anyone can argue that MAB is a better writer than Brad Bell. Brad Bell’s writing is more similar to his Bill Bell. I think the hate on BB is over-the-top. It is by far the best soap left.

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    [quote=sillytee]i hate the whole phyllis/avery fiasco..nothing in her history or character makes her behave this way. she came in as a total psychopath. she never did the right thing when she came the right thing to do was to report her father? the real phyllis would have blackmailed him or run him over. i dont find this believeable at all..[/quote]

    Oh my gosh, thank you for pointing this out! You are so right about Phyllis and who she really is. A leopard never changes its spots and Phyllis should not be changing hers at all.

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    [quote=Dyllan]On the positive: Nikki’s storyline has been decent and I still love Jill.[/quote]

    Speaking of Jill, has Jess Walton resigned with the show or is she still on the way out the door?

  27. Profile photo of dqh257

    @Dyllan, there’s no way you can’t recognize how unbalanced B&B is. There was a Monday episode three weeks ago (I’ve been counting!) where Pam/Stephanie dealt with the design stealing and there has been nothing since then for the past three weeks. There was absolutely no fallout from that story, no impact on the Marones, the Donna/Nick relationship, etc. But we’ve had to see Steffy/Hope/Liam ad nauseum for the past three weeks regarding the “annulment papers.” That should be the new drinking game, anytime someone on that show says “annulment papers.” We’ve moved on to the new phase of that story, but give those actors a break and showcase the other established stories.

  28. Profile photo of Dyllan

    ^True, but half of those actors are leaving the show. Why focus on it, when they will be off screen in two months. Its really hard to jump between two major storyline on that show in the same episode.

    BB doesn’t put any Jersey Shore garbage on their show or any wannabe, dreadful neoShelia (aka Daisy). Y&R just puts out ridiculously bad storylines.

  29. Profile photo of david46208

    @dqh257: It is sure more compelling and better written then that Amos and Andy mess they got for the black folk on Y&R. So I can suspend belief and go with the flow.

    See when a soap is as terribly written as Y&R has been for since 2009 then more fans can make allowances for certain writer perspectives when a soap is written well. When the characters are written with dignity and dealing with life drama that doesn’t equate to some “ghetto-urban stereotypical myths” it can work.

    So right now Abe and Lexie (Renee Jones and James Reynolds) are holding it down for the black people in daytime. And for that they can get a pass. Y&R can’t getno pass for that heaping mess.

    I even got my momma watching Days over Y&R and she was once die-hard Y&R 35 years to be exact.

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    [quote=matealestlmo][quote=Dyllan]On the positive: Nikki’s storyline has been decent and I still love Jill.[/quote] Speaking of Jill, has Jess Walton resigned with the show or is she still on the way out the door?[/quote]

    Never mind, I did learn that Jess Walton has indeed re-signed with Y&R.

  31. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=matealestlmo][quote=matealestlmo][quote=Dyllan]On the positive: Nikki’s storyline has been decent and I still love Jill.[/quote] Speaking of Jill, has Jess Walton resigned with the show or is she still on the way out the door?[/quote]

    Never mind, I did learn that Jess Walton has indeed re-signed with Y&R.[/quote]


  32. Profile photo of tedew

    sillytee … since I watch only one soap I do find it rather amusing or confusing that the Y&R threads seem to drift quite far from topic.

    Regarding Victor … where are his and when is he taking his (what should be constant) heart transplant meds? Where is that (what should be large and obvious) heart transplant scar on his chest? Or … did they pull that replacement heart up by strings from some other orifice on his body?

  33. Profile photo of dqh257

    B&B has no balance and it detracts from my interest in the show. @ Dyllan, the reason you focus on the Marones is because we get some explanation as to WHY they are leaving the canvas, rather than disappear into the ether and we’re left with the Forrester clusterfuck. I am less inclined to see how well-written B&B is when the characters simply regurgitate the same dialogue they’ve been repeating for the past three weeks. It’s not the Steffy/Liam/Hope show; it’s B&B.

    Now, I know Y&R isn’t perfect and a lot of people hate how it’s being written. But there are some positives: Nikki’s return, the fallout from Patti’s latest stint with Jack’s paralysis and Adam’s blindness, we are getting some business stories with Beauty of Nature and Jabot, and there is a sense of community and balance that is severely lacking on B&B. If I don’t enjoy the ONE overwrought and overused story on B&B, I’m SOL; whereas there are a few stories that do hold my interest on Y&R. (Less Angelina, although I’m curious to see how Jeffrey wins Gloria back.)

  34. Profile photo of akbad806

    Comparing B&B and Y&R is like citing the differences between apples and oranges, and I believe that’s what Bill Bell wanted. I like both shows for assorted reasons, but Y&R is the better show IMHO. I am digging all things Nikki and have even been intrigued by Ricky. He is creepy and the actor is doing well with his screentime. The Patty/Ricky scenes had me glued to my TV!!! If Stephanie or Jackie aren’t on B&B, I’m usually bored. Most things about Genoa City interest me because of the sense of community. I feel like hardly anybody interacts in LA! Why can’t Dayzee and Hope be homegirls? Or Rick go hit the gym with Nick or Thorne?

    Anyway, Y&R is still a bit of a mess however. I think the Phyllis/Avery story is an EPIC FAIL! No way did my Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman, the same blackmailing trampette who tricked Danny into marrying her while pregnant with another man’s baby and set a hotel room fire to kill Sasha, actually turned her father in for investment fraud. I’d rather it had been that George had molested Phyllis so Michelle Stafford would have a blockbuster story to rock. Instead, we get hot garbage.

  35. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Tell it, akbad. Phyllis turn in her father, no way. Too bad MAB & The Hamner Gang didn’t go with the ‘molestation’ story-line like seemed to be planned last Fall.

    I’m liking Ricky 100%. Creepy, weird, half-Latino. His interaction with Patty was great, and refreshing. I’ve tried watching B&B, but not interested in a daily re-gurg of Liam/Steffy/Hope. I’m too old to have it entirely focus on the kids in their 20s.

    Put Cane with Ashley over at Jabot, and have them begin an affair. I’ve never seen 1 episode ever of AMC, but I’m liking Sarge after only one day. The guy has elevated the acting on The Show immensely, and I’m liking his inter-action with Pete Bergman already.

  36. Profile photo of tedew

    If nothing else for Phyllis then at least let’s get something going when someone has a flashback dream with her behind the wheel of the car who tried to run them down. Like every single other hypocrite in Genoa City, Phyllis has no business dissing others for doing exactly or less than she has. Also this sudden back story is just annoying, but at least it is not making her look like the stricken heroine. We don’t need Phyllis to suddenly be the troubled stricken heroine to erase all the trouble she has caused since.

    Ricky is kind of interesting and creepy but I don’t know how long he is going to stay that way. We certainly do know which side of the family his genes are from though.

  37. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [Quote]Ricky is the future of Y&R[/Quote]
    Lawd, I would say his acting skills are a step away from MM’s (that’s not a compliment). I currently enjoy how the writers are utilizing Ricky, however, I can’t see him being the “future” of the show. He doesn’t have the talent. He’s kind of stiff. And I only see the show lasting another 5 years.

  38. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    I said the same thing! TPTB can try to rewrite history if they want to but die hard Y&R fans will never forget the real Phyllis. She is NOT the person who does the right thing. She is a selfish whore who only does things that are in her best interests. She sickens me.

  39. Profile photo of queenbee

    This crap with Avery is sickening. There is no way I would help some psycho who raped a man toget preggers get my neice or nephew back no matter how mad I was at my sister. Jessica is a good actress give her soemthing besides this crap with Daisey no one wants Lucy with the crazy thing anyways so let her rot in prison and Give Avery a storyline worth watching for goodness sakes.

  40. Profile photo of queenbee

    This must have been whoever plays Ricky writting this. lmao Ricky is not even a key player in GC let alone the future of the show. Now if they had made him a little more like his dad than his mom His character might have been worth watching. Hes going to be another Adam.

  41. Profile photo of Dyllan

    MM is by far the worst actor on Y&R. I can’t think of a single male actor who is crappier. He’s stiff and comes across over rehearsed. He’s not a natural. The only good thing about his character is that he get’s decent one-liners, and that’s because of the writing (and sucking up). That and his diva antics with pollsters on twitter are a major turnoff.

  42. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Michael Muhney is a fIne actor. Not sure what might go on behind he scenes but he always delivers quality performances and I don’t particularly like Adam Newman and cheered when he got pesticide in the eyes. I feel the same way about Eric Braeden. He’s a strong actor though Victor Newman is a horribly written character. Heck, that goes for most of the actors on Y&R! Michael Muhney could NEVER be the worst actor on a show featuring Daniel Goddard, Yvonne Greg Rikkart, the woman that plays Angelina, and the man who plays Ricky.

  43. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I’m not GR fan, and still believes he phones it in (comparatively speaking), but he is by far a better actor. You can’t even compare MM to EB. EB is a fine actor. MM just sucks. He can’t emote anything or make it come across as authentic. The only possible candidate who might be more sucky would be DG, and I prefer DG over MM. And it doesn’t help that he goes around whining about how deserves an Emmy. Please! MTS is a wonderful actress, and when she wasn’t nominated, she didn’t go around whining.

  44. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I have less than zero use for the character of Adam Newman, but I would hardly call MM a bad actor. More often than not he’s unreasonably good, though occasionally I do see the same snarky, chip-on-his-shoulder attitude that Trevor St.John displayed on OLTL when he was on autopilot for the last year or so. That said, there’s probably at least a good 5 to 10 worse actors just on Y&R alone(and I don’t consider GR or EB, no matter how much they may appear to be on autopilot, among that list). Among the males, Daniel Goddard, despite his swoon-worthiness, is to me the worst. And though I’ve had unholy thoughts about him for at least five years now, Joshua Morrow is right up there with Goddard. Fact is, at the end of the day, MM is probably one of the two or three best actors on that show(I’d probably throw in Peter Bergman and Doug Davidson as the other two).

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