NATAS Still Plans to Air Daytime Emmy Awards

Don't count some form of a broadcast for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys out just yet. Bob Rosenblum, chairman of the National Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences (NATAS) released a statement on the Emmys website saying:

The Daytime Emmy Awards is a powerful brand. We at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are continuing to explore all broadcast possibilities including network, cable and digital media in order to produce a prestigious show that will satisfy the daytime community, fans and the worldwide viewing audiences.

This statement comes on the heels of Associated Television International (ATI) President Jim Romanovich announcing last week that his company had passed on producing the telecast this year.

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    I say Air them on the net like on and they can be realk scaled back. Put em in a ballroom in NYC. Read nominees, see reels and acceptance speeches then repeat til end of telecast. We dont need big flashy numbers. Just wanna see who wins and the work that got them nominated.

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    I agree except NYC would be too expensive. Most soap actors are in LA now.

    Unfortunately, I doubt the SFN would have the budget to produce the Daytime Emmys. The Emmys should just follow the Golden Globes and have a banquet with a fun host. Cheap can be damn good.

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    The problem is that the Daytime Emmys should be something that soap opera fans are proud of. When you look at major events, look at The Super Bowl. Its for the Vince Lombardi trophy and the biggest sporting event in the world. Look at WrestleMania. Now, there are probably not many wrestling fans on this board but my point is that when you say WrestleMania you know what it is. Its the event in wrestling. Even non-wrestling fans know what WrestleMania and the Super Bowl are.

    My point is that, the Daytime Emmys SHOULD be like The Super Bowl and WrestleMania. There should be a lot of focus going into the Daytime Emmys. Its the Super Bowl or WrestleMania of soap operas. Now, maybe Im reading too much into this but I think the Daytime Emmys are treated like an after thought and a foot note and that shouldnt be? Does anybody agree?

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