Should Steffy Move on With Rick on B&B?

Ok, this could be hot. This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick (Jacob Young) sets his sights on Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).  Is he wasting his time or could they be B&B’s next sizzling couple? Watch this week’s B&B promo above and vote whether you’d like to see Rick and Steffy below!

Would you like to see Rick and Steffy as a couple?

Should Steffy Move on With Rick on B&B?

  • Yes! They have lots of potential. (43%, 1,169 Votes)
  • No! Bill and Steffy is where it’s at. (57%, 1,559 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,728


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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Didn’t like the pairing the first time around. It’s no different now that Jacob Young is playing the part. Forresters should just stop dating each other. Especially this ones. Rick used to date Steffy’s dead sister and was even engaged to her mother. I know in the B&B universe that means nothing … but it should start to mean something.

    Not to mention that Steffy just ended a marriage with a guy she was supposedly so in love with. Is it too much to ask to wait just a few weeks to pair her with someone new? It’s beyond me how Brad Bell can speak to the New York Times about independent women on his show, when all they do is lusting after the next guy…

  2. Profile photo of alexia2012

    Rick&Steffy is totally disgusting as couple!!! He’s her uncle, she’s her niece…they legally are!! I hate these kind of incest within family Bell likes so much…it totally sick!!
    Beside that Rick killed Steffy’s sister, bedded her mother, bedded her sister, bedded Steffy herself to get revenge against Ridge!! He’s totally slimy!! I hate Rick as much as I hate Liam for being a total Loser and brainless!!
    None of them is the perfect match for Steffy!! Steffy’s soulmate is Bill Spencer!! I think now is the perfect moment for Bell to give Bill&Steffy a chance as couple!! Steffy&Bill are my only favorite couple on B&B!!

  3. Profile photo of amy2527

    Only on B&B would they have the absolute gall to have a male abuser go after his victim AGAIN. Oh, sure, PSA for cancer, homeless, transition houses, but lets put the male abuser with his female victim again and have him USE her AGAIN only this time for his sister’s happiness instead of trying to get back at the female victim’s father. This pairing makes me want to puke. Just beat Steffy up and lock her in the closet already because its the same thing and its sick. Hope has a message that’s positive and Steffy is the poster child for abused women? Rick is a psychotic killer to Steffy’s family. I don’t care what that vote count says above, people aren’t thinking straight or don’t know what this means by putting these 2 together. End of story. Put him back with Amber who got him on the design team at FC. Where’s his loyalty? Oh right, that’s what Rick’s all about. Playing games with women. Using them and mentally abusing them. Just for his sick enjoyment.

  4. Profile photo of Miry

    How about the answer choice of “hell no, he’s her uncle!”
    I don’t care about Ridge & Rick not really being brothers, Steffy & Rick GREW UP thinking that they were CLOSELY related… you just don’t stop calling someone “Uncle Rick” (i.e. thinking of them as fam) after doing so for the first 16 years of your life b/c a DNA test tells you that u are not actually related.
    So, it’s gross. A thousand times G.R.O.S.S!!

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Something seems VERRRRYYYY incestuous about Rick and Steffy! It makes me gag just thinking about it. But then again, Brad Bell has made sure that practically EVERY character on this show has slept with each other at least ONCE over the past 25 years…

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It’s beyond me that over 40% vote for a Rick/Steffy pairing, but no one accept Luke speaks out over this. For me there is nothing hot about them.

    But well I guess Brad Bell is doing fine when in a poll like this over 40% would go with this incestuous relationship and an editor of this site even thinks this could be hot.

    Just sad that B&B is a worldwide successful soap opera. Wonder what what European, Australian or Asian viewers think of America with stories like this. LOL :P

  7. Profile photo of Pookibum

    I’m not sure why anyone is backing Rick and Steffy again. They are step-siblings and regardless of no blood connection. It’s gross. We want the chemistry that is STILL! STILL is where it’s at!

  8. Profile photo of alexia2012

    Well is really awkward to read the editor of this poll calling it hot!!! I read someone yesterday calling it healthier than Bill&Steffy!! WTH??
    I understand people have issues….but age difference today in our society means nothing when we’re talking about Love!! But calling healthy kissing and dating your uncle is the most disgusting thing ever!! yuck…not to mention the fact that this man killed your sister!!

    Regarding the chemistry between the actors, I don’t see any chemistry between JMW&JY!! JMW is very gorgeous but JY is pretty ugly, not to mention is shorter than her!
    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Don Diamont chemistry is off charts… Liam/Steffy, Rick/Steffy can’t compete with the chemistry of Bill&Steffy!!
    Bill&Steffy are the hottest couple seen on daytime!!

  9. Profile photo of EZBaby

    Rick and Steffy is all kinds of nasty!!! Come on B&B if we wanted to see a uncle and his niece hooking up we’d turn the channel and watch Jerry Springer or something like that. It’s gross! Rick is her uncle–Steffy’s Dad is Rick’s brother. There’s nothing “hot” about this other than it being a big old HOT MESS! Can’t Steffy be with someone not in her family tree? Where’s Bill Spencer? At least they won’t share DNA..

  10. Profile photo of EZBaby

    Steffy and Bill I think would be “blazing” because from what I saw-they were hot enough to melt ice cubes! Jacqueline Wood and Don Diamont have a chemistry that’s off the Richter Scale–It was a stupid decision to break away from Bill and Steffy as a potential couple,so what was Bell thinking? SO many people rooting for them to be together, ratings were going up, then he puts Steffy with Loser Liam, and now might put her with Slick Rick? No-Thank-You!Give her a man, not the little boys.

  11. Profile photo of EZBaby

    If Bell won’t put Steffy with Bill why can’t he just bring in a MAN for her to be with she can do so much better than the LOSER Liam and especially ‘Uncle Rick’–> (I feel slightly sick even writing that!)

  12. Profile photo of Smitty

    DISGUSTING!!! I hated them the first time and hate them this time…but Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has more chemistry with Jacob Young than Kyle Lowder though.

  13. Profile photo of amy2527

    This poll has been going on for over a week and a half now. Are you waiting until you get a certain result before you pull it? Isn’t it clear from the comments and the fact that NO has been the majority position for the entire time the poll has been up that Steffy and the psycho killer sick rick are NOT to be paired again? Don’t you think its time to stop this nonsense and pull this ugly twisted poll that does not benefit women at all and instead degrades them? Sure, put the abuser with the abused woman again when she’s emotionally down and have him play with her emotions AGAIN. This after Rick killed her sister, slept with her mother, and actually made Steffy the way she is with men. Ugly. This whole issue is ugly and sick.

  14. Profile photo of llanviewlovely

    OK guys I need a lil help here, I’m a former ABCer and just started to watch B&B after my beloved OLTL got cancelled. I’m really liking it so far but haven’t put all the family connections together yet, I do know that Hope is Rick’s sister. You mean to tell me that Rick is Steffi’s uncle??!! EWWW and he’s trying to seduce her? That’s just NASTY and isn’t Liam’s father Bill Spencer? So Steffi was sleeping with father AND son??!! EWWW!!!

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