Angelica McDaniel Promoted to SVP at CBS Daytime

CBS is rewarding Angelica McDaniel for managing to make a modest success out of The Talk, after overcoming a few casting bumps and bruises. The network has promoted the TV exec to senior vice-president of daytime. This news is awesome sauce, considering I was hearing a certain former ABC Daytime soap slaying exec was spotted lurking and skulking about CBS late last year!

In her new role, McDaniel will oversee The Price is RightThe Talk, Let's Make a Deal, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Prior to coming to CBS, McDaniel worked at Telepictures/Warner Bros., creating strategy for such series as The Tyra Banks Show, Ellen, Extra and TMZ. Here's hoping she's also a soap fan!

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    Here’s to hoping she supports the bells and maybe tell Maria to stop the foolishness…I hope Frons wasnt lurking over at CBS. He would had murder Young/Restless for a makeover/fashion show in daytime call”The new you”

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    Seems like she has a ‘bent’ toward talk shows. Hopefully, the remaining Daytime Dramas on CBS will get a fair shake and some constructive criticism that will help (like the suggestion of a new head writer @ Y&R).

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    With any luck, this woman will actually LISTEN to the fans! “Y & R” is in major need of repair, both in the writing and the acting


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    I’m glad its a woman and maybe since the post has been vacant for over a year this means that Bradley Bell will finally be held accountable for the incestuous and abuser storylines he constantly comes up with and rams down our throat along with forced sex to get what the other person wants either using a former abuser or alcohol. Maybe she’ll look behind the numbers that got dumped as new viewers year over year and see its because of the other shows that got cancelled and viewers looking for a place to land instead of Bell’s storytelling and realize that Bell’s selling this 30 minute show to CBS has deteriorated in the past year as he focuses on only the younger crowd to the detriment of the older crowd and the older actors and actresses which cost more to keep! So were left to watch a kiddie show and 3 adults with 2 young looking actors who should be in their 40s if one follows the storylines over 25 years but are playing at being in their late 20s early 30s. Either give the show more money so it can do a better job or yank the thing and put in a 30 minute infomercial. Either way, Bell needs to have a heavy hand laid on him as he’s been given free reign as he crows 3 emmy’s 3 emmy’s and the suits buy his showboating and don’t look underneath to see the rot.

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