SOAP BYTES: Grief, Barbed Wire, Tools and Sami vs. Marlena

GH BYTES:  Mobsters don’t kill legacy characters like Robin (Kimberly McCullough), hospitals do. Knowing McCullough is actually leaving only makes watching the Scrubs scenes that much more difficult. McCullough and Robin will be sorely missed.  Jason Thompson was on fire as the grief stricken Patrick, but you can bet your last dollar, Robin’s death is going to provide John J. York, Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers some amazing scenes too.

Watching Michael (Chad Duell) and Molly’s (Haley Pullos) cousins scenes at Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) house were thoroughly enjoyable, but only reminded us we need Lexi Ainsworth back as Kristina. 

Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) rationalizations never cease to confound me and I'm pretty good at rationalizations.

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    I’m loving this hot mess with JY & JMW! It’s a bit incestuous but the chemistry is there with JY compared to KL. Add some Amber and Deacon come home Mr. Man and do we have a party going to happen! :party: :party:

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    I’ve had enough with Sonny on this show. He ruins whatever could be good drama because of the way the character is written. Plus Dante is no longer a strong character because he lets his father off on everything. How can he ever be the good cop when someone else besides his daddy does wrong.

    And as much as I am liking the idea of OLTL characters coming to town I am not liking the fact that it will be at the expense of other characters, Mac etc. and even the returning Robert who are not the ones bringing down Sonny. Sonny should come down. NOW!!!

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    B&B is good only when there is story. The HOPE LIAM STEFFY story is fun but the other 2 generations need a story. Katie is one of the strongest characters on the show now which is great because she was the weakest when the show premiered 25 years ago. Have her go up against Stephanie, Heather Tom has the chops to do it.

    Soaps need to remember WOMEN WATCH SOAPS more than men. Women want to see strong women take charge. WHY do you think characters like ALexis on Dynasty, ALexandra on Guidling Light, Iris & Rachel on Another World, Marlena on DOOL, Lucinda & Lisa on ATWT, Erica on AMC, Dorian & Vicki on OLTL were soooooooo darn fun to watch? Because they were strong women. Change that now soap writers!!!

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    Marlena, Sami and Will are the reasons I might just start DVR-ing this show after soooo many years of not bothering to pay attention to it. But EJ, Nicole, Jennifer/Jack, Carrie and Austin and the new HORTON SECRET story are the reasons I will DVR it so I can fast forward it!

    The Will story is being told or written by totally different writers because it;s a slow telling but at a great pace. Adding Marlena into is amazing and bringing back the Marlena vs Sami dynamic is priceless!

    Time for the Dimera’s to go. Please soap writers if you have EJ rape someone he has to pay for it. Shooting him in the head doesn’t make him a saint. If you write someone EVIL (not a villian but evil as in rape, murder, arson) than that person has to fall/pay for it for us to root for the good guys. (SEE SONNY on GH go around screaming you shot my family but forgetting he shot someone else’s family and got away with it only sours the story)

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    Great chemistry but Sharon is a moron. Adam stole her baby and we all know the rest of his deeds. He needs to go off the show even if for 6 months to pay for his crimes and then come back. I am tired of hearing sharon defend him to Nick as if Adam only did what he did to her and she forgives him. It’s just bad.

    Plus, now they are rewriting the history of Phyllis being the GOOD GIRL (I brought daddy down … she never mentioned that when Nick brought his daddy down), or Daisy now being forced to hold Lauren and attempt to kill her. Surprising that when Ryder was fighting for his freedom he never once mentioned those tapes and never did Daisy. Rewriting a bad idea like Ashley not being John’s daughter (ok they just never mentioned it to John) is one thing but to rewrite history so you can keep characters on teh show that fans don’t care about is another.

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    Y&R needs a serial killer, who targets women!!!

    It would be a great way to get rid of characters like Daisy, Avery, Eden, Angelica, YoHarmony and Genaura. And come on if these five characters die there won’t be appearing many tears over them on our screen.

    I love the chemistry between Michael Muhney and Sharon Case … and that’s why I actually enjoy the Sharon/Adam scenes. But story wise, it’s a hot mess. -.-

    Enjoyed yesterday’s GH. Yea here I go. I said it! LOL

    Don’t wanna talk about the EWWW-factor that is B&B. :Sp

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    Marlena, Sami and Will are the only reasons to watch right now, I did love when Marlena said she had faced her demons, and Sami replied by saying “literally”… Marlena responded by saying her response was cute. That was a nice little nod to possession storyline that happened oh so many years ago.

    Everything is kind of just blah.

    Jack and Jennifer need an exciting story, probably should have been roped in to the whole Alamania story, given Jennifer’s history with the Dimeras and the Alamains. The whole story with Jennifer being Abe’s campaign manager is a yawn. and poor Matthew Ashford hasn’t had much to do, if they write him off again, I say kill the character for good to give Jennifer some closure.

    Abe and Lexie, I like them, but they always seem bland no matter what story you insert then in to. The only time I liked Lexie was when she turned to the dark side and embraced her inner Dimera.

    Brady and Madison, ZzzzzZzzzzz, wake me when they’re off my screen.

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    OLTL characters won’t come at the expense of GH characters.
    Ron’s writing offers a much better balance of ALL characters and storylines. You wont have to sit through 25 straight days of Sonny.
    In fact i cant think of the last time any character showed up on OLTl 5 straight days.
    It may come at the expense of dead weight, but there is going to be a lot going on on GH and it wont just be about Sonny….

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    Y&R’s Sharon has overtaken Lily as my least favorite Y&R female character! She’s so stupid and ridiculous that I wish they’d just write her off the show for about 6 months…or more! There’s NO logical reason that I can see of to root for or like her anymore!!

    GH’s Jason Thompson has been breaking my heart over the past two days! I hope he gets Emmy consideration next year! He certainly deserves it!

    Ron C, don’t let me down!!! I am counting on you!!!

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