Bryan Dattilo on His 2009 DAYS Exit: “I Was Burned Out And Not Giving My All”

Days of Our Lives fans wondering why popular actor Bryan Dattilo was let go in 2009, now have answers. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with the actor, who admitted his behind the scene antics led to his dismissal.

TV Guide Magazine: There was buzz that your ouster from Days in 2009 was due to un-professional behavior. What's the truth?

Dattilo: I was definitely sending out the message I didn't care. I was burned out and not giving my all. I felt the development of my character wasn't going anywhere. I was cracking a lot of jokes. It all came off like I was mocking the show and the work everyone was doing. It was just my insecure way of handling the pressure but it was stupid of me to burn a bridge like that, with a show that's done so much for me, a show that's been my life. It was just the dumbest, most egotistical thing. And I really regret it. I want to prove I can make the most of this second chance.

Dattilo goes on to reveal how, during the event for Days' 45th anniversary, he showed himself off with former co-stars.

TV Guide Magazine: Your appearance at the Days 45th anniversary panel event at the TV Academy sure didn't help.

Dattilo: No, it didn't. Days was very nice to invite me even though I was no longer on the show but I showed up feeling pretty bitter. I said some things to cast members I shouldn't have. My attitude really rubbed people the wrong way, and I didn't represent the show properly, either. The next day I was so disappointed in myself. I was like, "Why did I do that? Why did I flick James Scott's ear? Why did I make fun of Ari Zucker's name? Why did I have that glass of wine before I went?" It was horrible.

Hmm…Getting fired really does humble a person. To learn how Dattilo's Lucas winds up in the sack with Sami (Alison Sweeney) click here!

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    Damn he ended up working construction at Sony Studios. But what is more interesting is that at the time many fans blamed the show for his exit. When in reality it was his own actions that led to the exit. I’m glad he is back and glad he got in touch with his demons.

    Now if the ego-driven cast at Y&R could humble themselves and stop acting like their shit don’t stink. Because the folks there save face and act like “the sun shines and sets with them on there…”

    But kudos to Bryan for being honest.

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    @richalan67: One Life To Live did and even though it has been creatively in the toilet GH has a better cast all around. There was a time when Y&R had the cast of daytime. But not anymore.

    You also rarely if ever heard about tons of backstage drama on the other soaps. But too many of the Y&R cast members would take to the press and let their ego’s hang out for the public to see.

    The point is Bryan has humbled himself and come to terms with things we would have never known were going on.

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    when you need a job you need a job and I applaud him for working and not sitting on his butt when he has a kid to support. He took that time and was humbled instead of getting bitter so I commend him and wish the man well. Will/Sami/Marlena stuff has been wonderful this week so hoping Lucas in the mix will really make it fun.

    Looking forward to Billie, Lucas, Austin, Kate, Carrie, Sami drama.

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    Y&R has the most talented cast on daytime. OLTL was filled with scenery chewers and though many think the show was overall “better”, I still say Y&R has the best cast. And this post wasn’t really even about Y&R….so….

    Glad Bryan can humble himself and admit his wrongs. :)

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    @Stoney & the Moustache: Let’s see here Daniel Goddard, Julia Pace Mitchell,Christel Khalil, Amelia Heinle, Yvonne Zima, Catherine Bach, Diana DeGarmo… need I say more? Y&R use to have an A-List cast. Now it just has some A-List soap actors along with a crop C and Z-listers who couldn’t a get part in a pre-school Tea Pot play.

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    [quote=david46208]@Stoney & the Moustache: Let’s see here Daniel Goddard, Julia Pace Mitchell,Christel Khalil, Amelia Heinle, Yvonne Zima, Catherine Bach, Diana DeGarmo… need I say more? Y&R use to have an A-List cast. Now it just has some A-List soap actors along with a crop C and Z-listers who couldn’t a get part in a pre-school Tea Pot play.[/quote]
    I could list a bunch on GH and OLTL that fall into the same category. For every FL yoU had an FF. Y&R’s cast despite the stunt and such has never been the issue and every show has and needs a balance of acting talent. I wouldnt want to watch a show of Meryl Streeps because not every role calls for an A lister.

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    @Jphelps: You can’t be serious. This would be akin to a car dealer suggesting that he or she does not need a staff of top producing salesman or a 5 star restaurant saying it does not need a staff of good chiefs.

    Yes, if a soap opera had an entire cast of people who could act like Streep, Washington, Bassett and Roberts. That soap would be the most critically acclaimed soap as long as the writing was good.

    And you will never hear a soap fan say, “I can’t watch that soap… They all act too good…”

    Also your statement is akin to telling actors who take their job seriously that it is not worth much if anybody can do it. Imagine what it is like for Emmy winning acting talents to have share scenes with people who couldn’t emote if their life depended on it. Nia Peebles discussed that when Y&R had Eva Marcille on there.

    So what is daytime like McDonald’s? Anyone will do? Come on now… You can’t be serious.

    Anyone in business knows that the quality of the employees is what sets you apart from the rest.

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    I think its a matter of opinion. I watched OLTL and I thought a lot of the acting was terrible. Same way the rest of the soaps. NONE of the soaps have a cast full of Meryl Streep’s. So yeah, when I weight out the good against the bad, I still think Y&R is tops.

    And actually, a lot of the acting isn’t bad, it’s the writing…the characters are either over the top or boring. FOr example, I don’t think Christel Khalil is a bad actress…I just think her character is boring. The way she chooses to PLAY the character is boring. But I don’t think she’s a bad actress. Diana DeGarmo has a HORRIBLE character in Angelina, but she’s not a bad actress. ANd then for every Christel Khalil and Catherine Bach, we have a Jeanne Cooper, Jess Walton, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Stacy Haiduk, Tricia Cast, etc……so yeah, IDK. I guess we just will disagree…

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    I don’t care how critically acclaimed something is or great acting talent, it doesn’t translate to most viewers I just can’t believe how naive people are. Is that why crap like 2 1/2 Men is a ratings hit while a show like Parenthood barely has an audience or why Mad Men a critical darling that barely draws a million viewers while Jersey Shore now even beats Greys. Santa Barbara, Ryans Hope 2 critical successes constantly at the bottom and cancelled while a show like B&B which has had barring a few, mediocre talent for the most part for years.

    Its about the right stoies with the right mix of characters and actors. No one on OLTL was ever as good as ES and so what. Susan Lucci a mediocre actress that appealed to a few and carried AMC. I wouldn’t want a show of Tony Geary’s. That much ego would likely make a horrid show that was unproducable.

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    @Stoney07: i’m going back to the 80’s and 90’s when GL, ATWT Y&R, AW, AMC, OLTL and GH had 98% cast of good actors. Not today where you the talents are no longer the majority.

    Yet if can tell me what acting techniques Khalil, DeGarmo and Bach are using i’ll give you that. That’s if you can tell me… ;)…

    Again though the best of actresses and actors can work the worst writing in history. They let you know that it ain’t them. No actor worth there salt in gold blames the writing for their bad acting…That does not cut it…

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    I’ve been lurking for quite sometime, and I’ve been afraid to post things on here because i’ve noticed how quickly threads go off topic. It also seems that this a very anti-Y&R place. I don’t know where all the hate for the show is coming from… it really isn’t as bad as people make it sound. I’m just making an observation, so I ask kindly, please don’t beat me. I would like to contribute and interact more here to share my love of soaps with others. And as for the topic on hand…good for Bryan Dattilo. A serving of humble pie does the spirit good sometimes. I look forward to see him mixing it up with his on screen family. Take care y’all. And happy soap watching! :)

  12. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    David, you’re right. People were quick to blame the show when Bryan D. was let go. People, myself including, have a tendency to mouth off when they don’t know all the facts.

    Lucas was never a character I was invested in so I wasn’t sorry to see him go and now that he’s being brought back I’ll just wait and see how it plays out. It will be good to see him as part of Will’s story but I hope they have more than that planned for the character.

    I’ll just add here that what I enjoy most about threads on DC is the fact that the posters are not sheep and do voice their own points of view even if they stray from the topic.

    All I will say about the other topic is that we have indeed seen enough about the Y&R cast in the media (and not just from what Victoria Rowell says) to get the impression that they do indeed believe they’re God’s gift to the soap world.

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    [quote=david46208]@Stoney & the Moustache: Let’s see here Daniel Goddard, Julia Pace Mitchell,Christel Khalil, Amelia Heinle, Yvonne Zima, Catherine Bach, Diana DeGarmo… need I say more? Y&R use to have an A-List cast. Now it just has some A-List soap actors along with a crop C and Z-listers who couldn’t a get part in a pre-school Tea Pot play.[/quote]

    Brilliantly said David, brilliantly said……………..and funny as all get out! I agree with you!

  14. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapArmageddon: Lucas was a character I always liked. It was just that they never seemed to move beyond the quad (Sami/Lucas/Carrie/Austin). I’m happy to see him return as it fits in well with the storyline of Will coming out of the closet. And that leads me to say that when Days brings back or cast new characters these days they have a name and a storyline for them in place. And that is good. So we’ll see Days best ass-whole mix it up with everyone.

  15. Profile photo of david46208

    @matealestlmo: Remember the days when even a day-payer or an “under 5″ was so good on Y&R that you thought they could have explored that character more? I miss those days…But I guess as my grandma use to say, “Yee how the mighty have fallen…”

    Anyways I am satisfied with where Days is at right now. It’s about a B- average. So I can go for that.

  16. Profile photo of akbad806

    Y&R has a top-notch cast. The rest of daytime has always been “shoddy, baby, at best.” I won’t name names but OLTL and AMC had the worst hams on television. I love them, but their acting was awful at times. I’ll take Genie Francis at her Helena Cassadine best over Nafessa “I gotta find my mama” Williams or Cameron “look right in the camera and Vogue” Matheson. Oops.. I said I wouldn’t name names.

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    @david46208 no, no, no. I won’t agree with that! Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott stomp even old Angie and Jesse and a dead baby. I can’t copy and paste but their are Nictor scenes that live on in infamy. Plus, Jeanne Cooper and a monologue directed at God is soapy goodness.

    Then, you have Peter Bergman, Jess Walton, Tricia Cast, Kristoff St. John, Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Michelle Stafford, Eileen Davidson, Stephen Nichols, and so many others. Plus, Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams now earn their paychecks at Y&R also. The writing may be shitty, Y&R’s cast acts circles around Susan Flannery, Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Deidre Hall, Alison Sweeney, James Scott, and those others worshipped here.

  18. Profile photo of akbad806

    Of course in a dream would, I’d watch a soap starring Fiona Hutchison, Constance Towers, Tom Phelrey, Trevor St. John, Victoria Wyndham, Jack Wagner, Lesley Anne Down, Matt Cedeno (for eye candy!), and of course, Victoria Rowell haha

  19. Profile photo of Jon

    I’ve never been a big Lucas fan, but he’s the only one I’ve liked Sami with.

  20. Profile photo of Miry

    Well, I am glad that he was able to admit his mistakes and move on.
    And I am also glad that he is bringing the character of Lucas back home to Salem! I have always been a Lumi fan & I had hoped that these two would find their way back to each other… however, I do not want this storyline rushed! Lumi needs a S.L.O.W. build/burn. They have a lot of things to work through, and Sami was married to & in love with Rafe and I want that to be worked out as well. The only thing that is making me feel good about these spoilers is that I know Days tapes months in advance, so I probably won’t be seeing these scenes play out until June!
    The art of soaps is that they don’t have to RUSH things. It’s all about the payoff, baby!

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