RUMOR REPORT: Did ABC Daytime FIRE Their Vice President of Communications?!


I've been hearing rumblings all weekend that ABC Daytime has already ditched Mirian Arias, whom they hired to replace Jori Petersen as vice-president of communications in October of 2011. Arias was tapped for the position when Petersen moved over to ABC Family.

"I hear she was making enemies left and right," says one source on Arias' alleged ouster.

According to a network mole, the fact that Arias was hired by former ABC Daytime President Brian Frons didn't serve her in good stead.

"Vicki [Dummer, vice-president of Time Square Studios] didn't hire her, so she had no vested interest in keeping her."

After Frons announced he was leaving his position atop ABC Daytime, ABC embarked on a restructuring under the Time Square Studios umbrella.  

"It's been a disaster over there in terms of managing the external communications for ABC's daytime transition," says the insider. 

In her role at ABC Daytime, Arias was tasked with developing and managing communications strategy for ABC Daytime's two newest series The Chew and The Revolution, the latter of which has proven to be a ratings disaster. She also oversaw publicity for The View and ABC's sole remaining daytime soap opera General Hospital.
Prior to coming to work for ABC, Arias worked as vice-president of communications for NBC Universal's iVillage and also served as director of communications for SyFy and Nickelodeon.

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    This is TRULY a SOAP OPERA. Where are the good folks at STEAMBOAT web series create another season focusing on the doings within the executive ranks at the Network that broadcasts the soap.

    As for the doings at ABC Daytime…truly nutty stuff!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Okay so here’s my elevator pitch Jamey:

    Series Title: NETWORK
    Airs-on: Cable, maybe Showtime, HBO, FX or AMC.

    Premise: A drama or dramedy series focused on the inner-workings of a popular television network TVN (Television Broadcasting Network).

    Principle cast:

    Jeremy Irons (Being Julia/Margin call) as the TVN President and CEO Brad Cardwell whom is driven by profit and trying to rectify his failed attempts at becoming a film writer/director.

    Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty/Desperate Housewives) as Linda Williams the President of daytime programming at TVN who is secretly yearning to move into the position of the same name in the networks primetime sector.

    Heather Locklear (Dynasty/Melrose Place) as Rebecca Wise the popular producer with 2 successful TVN primetime drama series “Emergency Room” and its spinoff “Doctors Without Boarders.” Whom has several more shows in development stages.

    Hank Azaria (Huff/Run Fat Boy Run) as Drake Davenport the down on his luck President of Primetime programming at TVN, whose ouster was thwarted when Rebecca’s first series ” Emergency Room”(whom he is not so secretly sleeping with) became a hit.

    Lucy Lui (Charlies Angles/Detachment) as Stacey Hue, Chief Marketing and Publicity strategist at TVN, managing all the network publicity crises.

    Jeremy Pivin (Entourage/The Kingdom) as Allen Moore, TVN’s VP/Chief Advertising strategist.

    Some of the series running plots would be:

    When to cut cost during the economic downturn Allen suggests that Jeremy decimate their daytime soap opera’s “A Running Stream,” “Genesis” and “From Beginning to End.” Thus, replacing them with cost effective reality T.V. programs. Yet with the ratings for the combined lineup still trumping other daytime programs on the network and their competitors Linda manages to put the breaks on it. So behind her back Allen and Jeremy plot a payola scam with the premiere ratings company Vector Ratings to start fudging lower numbers for the daytime drama’s so that they can justify their cancellations over time.

    Drakes relationship with Rebecca is becoming more apparent to insiders as her proposed series in development are being selected over others and network executives are worried that their primetime line-up will lose its diversity, but have ceded as to profits gained from Rebecca’s shows are too much not to pass up. Rebecca though wants a premiere Thursday 8 O’lock slot for her new series “Disturbed.” Yet her only obstacle is that one the sitcoms in that time slot is the popular “Jacky Zee” starring and Executive Produced by Gina Beon (Phylica Rasheed). And as the networks only black themed series Drake is worried at the “blacklash” he could receive by canceling the series or switching its time slot.

    Stacey faces a PR nightmare when the Networks #1 7 o’clock primetime daily national news program “World View” anchor Edward Piney (John Goodman) goes on an anti-gay rant about same sex marriage and gays in the military while being a guest on the Ricky McDowell Show on the conservative leaning cable news channel F&B News aka Fair and Balanced News Network. GLAAD wants him fired and other media and civil rights groups have also called for his ouster. But the ratings for the World View have risen by 3 million viewers since his rant and have allowed Allen to negotiate higher ad dollars. So what is a network to do?

    So those are just a few ideas… Yet with reading this story you posted about the firing got me to thinking about how alot of the best reality drama is not series like The Chew or The Revolution, but the real life drama behind-the-scenes.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @SwanQueen59: Because this industry is driven by recycling hacks copy catting one successful show with endless spin-offs (CIS/Law and Order). That bit about tampering with daytime ratings has always been something I questioned in the back of head. Would a network actually do that?

    And hell, all I did was follow the Agnes Nixon model. I thought of what is happening in the world today and developed it all from there. Current events are so much better than cooking, lifestyles and game shows. Plus it is the way to write engaging drama.

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    David46208, you MUST play this for laughs on some level because you have to highlight the mayhem & hilarity that most certainly ensues. I was thinking the Steamboat people could pick up where they last left off but shoot, I want to be on Your writing staff!

    Who’d you cast to play this lady? I’d say Lauren Velez (New York Undercover).

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]She also oversaw publicity for The View and ABC’s sole remaining daytime soap opera General Hospital.[/quote]

    What publicity for GH did she actually do? None… next to none… or a small fraction we never got to actually see? I never see ads for GH anymore unless it’s posted on Utube, but we get ads for the View and the Revolution shoved down our throats while we watch GH (and might I say having to watch the last few months of OLTL with those ads on every few minutes was a slap in our soap opera loving faces by ABC every single time). Dumb Heifer.

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    Well, one would think that ABC would be delighted that ABC Daytime is a ratings disaster. That seems to have been the plan. Why else would ABC destroy OLTL, which had been on a ratings upswing?

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    May I recommend that Anne Sweeney be fired next? This whole daytime thing has been a big debacle…a mess… totally ridiculous!

    How OLTL can be off the air and the crap that is on replacing it is beyond me!

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