Around the Web: Reactions to Will’s Big Gay Kiss on DAYS!

Days of Our Lives' first ever gay kiss has set the blogosphere last week, generating coverage from Perez Hilton to The Huffington Post.  The scene between Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Neil (Jesse Kristofferson), had Perez gushing,

And it's not just a kiss… it's a HOT STEAMY make-out sesh!! YUM!!
Kudos to DooL and NBC for not bowing down to bigoted pressure!!

Deep Soap’s Sara Bibel weighed in, commenting on how few gay characters remain in daytime and the risk and opportunity this storyline provides DAYS.

Since there are now only four soaps on the air, Will and Sonny are the only gay contract characters on daytime dramas.

Will’s kiss risks alienating some of the show’s older, more conservative viewers, but may bring in a younger, more diverse audience.

Queerty couldn’t help but note how long it has taken Will to get to this point.

Storylines on daytime dramas are notoriously long and slow: Will (Chandler Massey) was actually introduced as a baby in 1995 and only got some lip action with a random dude named Neil on Thursday. At this rate, he’ll get some bed scenes by 2016.

By then, of course, all soaps will be replaced by hardcore porn.

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    fantastic and realistic. Chandler, Freddie and Deidre have been great, but the writers are doing an incredible job!! So thrilled with it and with all of Days for that matter

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    I am an older viewer of DOOL.. I am enjoying this storyline and ..the acting is SUPERB! I am conservative in my views and feel that DOOL is doing great a great job with this storyline..the angst that Will is feeling, Sonny accepted by his family & Marlena. What a true loving Grandmother portrayal…keep up the outstanding job…and I can’t wait for the next episode..Bravo to Chad, Freddie & Deidre!

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    Echo the above comments. It was AWESOME! Chandler Massey is really ‘blinging’ this part right now. I hope the network and Sony does not cave to the bigots who are undoubtedly going to make noise on this to intimidate them to back down. Much love for this storyline and the actors’ hard work in delivering!

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    Yes, Will was introduced to Days in 1995 but he’s only supposed to be 19-20 years old. He’s only been minimally SORAS-ed. I like the way Will and Sonny are being portrayed. They are college students, going out, maybe having too much to drink, rebelling, etc. Pretty realistic…I’m glad they didn’t have him hooking up at 14 or 15 years old. I’m enjoying this storyline. It’s catching “the boat” that GH missed with Lucas Jones a few years ago. I like that Will is not a saint and is calling his mother out. I think like Hope Logan, maybe he wasn’t interested in exploring relationships/sexuality because he’s watched his mother have “17 children” and he’s been repulsed by it. Marlena pointed out to Sami yesterday that Will has been the parent in their relationship. Now as an adult, he can stop cleaning up after his mom and live his own life.

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    Kudos to Days for pushing the envelope. Soaps have always led the way, until recently. We should be seeing a wide variety of stories in daytime. Other shows have teased us with and pulled back from man on man love. Let’s hope Days seals the deal.

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    I’m sure every gay guy can remember when they had their first raunchy gay bar make out session. Since Days can’t afford any more sets, I suppose a raunchy Horton Square session will have to do.

    Chandler Massey is an amazing talent, that’s all I have to say. He really is selling this for me! He didn’t wuss out like Van Hansis and Jake Silberman with their old 1950’s couple kisses, he jumped in there and went for the field goal!

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    I think those 1950’s kisses were hot!
    Also, CBS didn’t let them kiss for an entire YEAR, I am DARN sure that when they did finally decide to let them kiss again, they had a “restriction” on how down n’ dirrrty they could get. Hell, those two lived in an apt together that the audience NEVER got to see!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @tamcin Said: Marlena pointed out to Sami yesterday that Will has been the parent in their relationship. Now as an adult, he can stop cleaning up after his mom and live his own life.
    That is how you correctly use history in a soap opera. You don’t just point to when a crazy character had appeared on like Maria does. But then I digress…

    Yet this is was excellent and written well. I also liked how Sami appeared to not give a shit when Will was yelling at her. Alison Sweeney’s expression of her mind being elsewhere and tired of this shit, with a hand on her hip was the best yet.

    The fact is I hate Sami like the plague. But I keep tuning everyday to see how much she is going to get under my skin next, because the storyline is character-driven, plays on history and allows Sami to be true to herself: A selfish manipulative bitter bitch who cares about no one but herself. And that gives me more reason to watch. So keep on bitching out an i’ll keep on throwing the sandwich at the computer screen. ;)

    See this is what soap opera is all about. This is what got us hooked in the first place. It’s called back to basics. The writers on Days have done more with the Sami/Will/Marlena confrontation scenes then Y&R has done in the last 3 years with its entire cast. Watch and learn people… watch and learn.

    “Don’t just underline the statement. Just make it”–Soap Dish

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