Jack Works to Reclaim His Life on Y&R!

Jack’s (Peter Bergman) road to recovery on The Young and the Restless will be a long, but Jack isn't giving up.  Meanwhile, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) faces off with Victor (Eric Braeden). Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    PB is killing his scenes as Jack. The facial expressions and raw emotions are through the roof. The show is on fire lately, except for Angelo/Angelina. I hope a rival family whacks them soon.

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    Y&R was on fire about 2 weeks ago. Now it is back in blah mode. This Angelina and Anita crap is awful.

    BTW, does anyone else think Billy Miller looks bored in his scenes? He’s not even trying.

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    hey mon

    Daisy, liking her. As for one who likes Daisy, I’m not unhappy about the last week. I think she plays a disinterested crazy young women pretty good.

    Bill Bell, where’s Keemo?

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    I’m enjoying Y&R…and surprise surprise, I’m kinda enjoying Angelina more than before. I still don’t like her, she’s stll pointless, but I can tolerate her now….

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    hey mon

    Angelina is NOT tolerable yet. I’ve never watched General Hospital once, so I don’t know about references to Sonny, etc. But I think if handled right, Mr Kevin cold make a good crime boss, being under the training of Angelo — but make it serious.

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    PB is tearing up all his scenes with whomever is involved with for that day. I enjoying this story very much. Angelina, go away! Daisy going to be the next murder victim on Genoa City SVU because Lauren is carrying a gun, she probably kidnap Lucy and that leads into May sweeps and Daisy will be dead…IT THERE EVER WAS A TIME I WANTED A CHARACTER DEAD DAISY IS IT! >) MTS is rocking, and even though not perfect, Y&R has improved in quality to a degree and still needs help. I have enjoyed the vets storylines.

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    Can’t believe the amount of screen time Y&R is giving to Angelina/Angelo, what a waste. Would kill for some of that time for Jill/Lauren. They were fabulous today!

    It’s much more interesting to see a the development of characters we’ve followed through the years than the ups and downs of some pointless newbie.

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