Soap Now Streaming Episodes of As The World Turns!


Thanks to the cancellations of As The World Turns in the Netherlands and South Africa, audiences worldwide now have a chance to watch (or in the case of U.S. fans, re-watch) the last few years of the classic Procter and Gamble sudser on the Internet. We Love Soaps is reporting that as of yesterday, the peeps behind are now streaming episodes of ATWT from 2005 and 2007, via the new website

Soap Classics Prexy Mark Yates stated about their latest endeavor:

“This is our first step into the world of streaming episodic television. We’re starting with the Netherlands and South Africa because the series just came off the air in both countries, and interest there is still very high. For instance, in South Africa, the show has over a million viewers a day. It still has three years to run, but it was just replaced by another show. So we’re going to pick up right where they left off, with episodes from 2007."

"In the Netherlands, the show has about 750,000 viewers," Yates continued. "Dutch television just broadcast the final episode in the series, and the fans are clamoring for more. So we’re going to run the series for them again, starting with the 2005 season.”

Are you excited to be able to revisit such Oakdale denizens as Lily, Holden, Jack, Carly, Lucinda, Barbara, Lisa, Bob and Kim? Sound off in the comments!


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6 December 2009
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Hell yea! Already signed up and been watching since yesterday. I'm loving this and next will be GL...thank you soap gods of being kind.

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27 February 2012
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Absolutely! Here in The Netherlands it's only been a week since the show stopped and let me tell you...I miss it every day at 5 p.m it was the one hour that no-one could disturb me, so I'm happy that they chose to put re runs online! Thanks.

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What I'm really waiting for is streaming GL episodes, but from the '70s-'90s salad days, not the dreadful '00s!

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3 March 2009
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Yeah I can't wait til Guiding Light episodes will be available! I would prefer the 1991 to 1994, 1997 to around 2006/2007 episodes!