Is it Really Over For Steffy and Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Are things really over for The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton)? Even if she’s being accused of being a husband stealer, Hope (Kim Matula) thinks so. The problem is, what does Liam–whose feelings seem to flip at the toss of a coin–feel at the moment? Watch this week’s B&B promo after the jump!

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    Will this story ever end? What happened to Liam? He had potential in the beginning. He could have been an interesting character but now he’s just wishy washy, it’s pathetic. Can’t imagine Scott Clifton is happy with this. And what to say about the Hope and Steffy…Gosh, just make it stop!!

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    elvara-I don’t think this story will ever go away with Liam/Steffy/Hope.Looked how long they dragged on Brooke/Taylor/Ridge.Atleast we may get a pause this week long enough to reunite Jowen then kick them off.Please B&B give us something more,get back to the fashion business and Thorne,Taylor,Stephanie,even Pam.

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    It’s pretty pathetic how B&B ruined the story of Liam, Hope and Steffy. Hope’s late to the mountain top so Liam marries Steffy instead? Come on. Then Liam discovers all the misdeeds and everyone thinks they can get an annulment in a day? And when is an annullment quicker than a divorce?

    Slow down the story telling B&B. We want it fast but we don’t want it rushed that it’s not believable!!!

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    This story comes across like some DATED 1990s Afterschool Special with the “sainted” Hope debating whether or not to lose her virginity to Liam. Yawn! Wake me when it’s over! I know that she is trying to spread a good message, but I watch my soaps to see love, lust and sex…….not frigid women who do nothing but walk around spouting tired cliches and talking about her non-existent sexual experience ad-nauseum!

    I really don’t care who Liam ends up with, though. As a gay man, I’d rather see him end up with ME. Just sayin……. :love: :love: :D

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    Lord, I love the chemistry between Rick & Steffy….JY is SO MUCH better then KL! He’s the Rick I know. B&B is cooking IMO. It seems we are going to get more bashing of B&B because it not the favorite of DC and B&B friendly site…I loving B&B right now and with the Spencer clan regrouping…I keep saying but next step for Brad needs to do is resurrect the “Spectra” family with Macy (BE is AVAILABLE) CJ, Mark, Clark, recast Margo, and have Sally have a sister…in form (my pick was Marj Dusay) then I read someone say Louise Sorel and that would be awfully HOT too…. 0:)

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