10 Soap Crossovers We’ll Never Forget!

 No. 10: Starr Manning, Cole and Hope Thornhart from One Life to Live to General Hospital

Starr X’d lovers Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) and Cole Thornhart (Van Hughes) appeared to be finally ready for that whole happily ever after thing as of One Life to Live’s series finale on Jan. 13, 2012. Following a multi-character prison break and Cole almost dying at the hands of an obsessed coed, the teen parents were reunited in L.A. with their daughter Hope and best pals Markko (Jason Tam) and Langston (Brittany Underwood).

Flash forward to this past week and the young Manning-Thornharts lives took a deadly turn, while driving through the seemingly sleepy town of Port Charles, New York. As Cole jokingly filled Starr in on P.C.’s infamous history (madmen trying to freeze the world; that other Starr X’d pairing, Luke and Laura), the Llanview lovers and their daughter found themselves involved in a lethal car accident, courtesy of resident warring mobsters Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz) and (possibly) Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).


OLTL viewers who followed their faves to General Hospital likely watched in horror as (SPOILER ALERT) Cole and Hope, trapped in the wrecked car, went over the side of a cliff to a presumed fiery demise. Here’s hoping the prospects of unlucky in love Corinthos scion Michael (Chad Duell) helping heal Starr’s broken heart; and a war of epic proportions kicking off between Starr’s own volatile father Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) and Sonny, will be enough to make losing Hope and Cole worth it.



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    While I liked all your choices, I think somewhere in the Top 10 & in my opinion probably in the Top 3 should have been the legendary Beverlee McKinsey’s transition to starring in TEXAS as Iris Carrington. The woman could have stood in front of a camera & read names out of the phone directory & it would still have been memorable!

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    Jamey Giddens

    @gregn7157 this list was about crossovers between two established soaps, or from a cancelled soap to another existing soap. When we do a list of memorable soap spinoffs,Texas snd Iris will definitely be there, along with Lucy, Scotty and Kevin launching the then new soap Port Charles, but this is crossovers that weren’t necessarily spinoffs. :D

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    Oh to see Anna and Robin reunite on AMC again was heartbreaking, specially these days. It’s a great list. :) And I agree that Sheila Carter’s crossover from Y&R to B&B is the best and will always be remembered. How I wish these days that Sheila would turn up alive and would end the life of her “daughter” Daisy, Helena-Cassadine-style.

    With Skye’s connection to the OLTL people, I’d wish she would be there these days to see Todd and Blair in Port Chuck. Must also say that I hated the fact that they dequartermained Skye… she fit in so perfectly in this family. :P

    I thought about Ashley being on B&B the other day when I was thinking about a potential affair between Ashley and Cane. I went all the way back to her sleeping with Rick … and it made me sad that it wasn’t Jacob Young back then. LOL

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    I know that I am beating a dead horse but killing Hope and Cole is definitely not okay with me. In fact, it could be a deal breaker for me giving GH any more chances. I know that Hope and Cole could and probably will return from the dead sometime but this is too horrific for me since losing OLTL.
    I think that it would be impossible to write Starr as just a teenager or young woman since she has become a mother. Basically, we are being asked to believe in a rewritten or completely obliterated history and it won’t work. A case in point, did anyone see Holly on GH today? I think that there would have been better ways to do this like having the Mannings look for a new beginning in Port Charles. I am a huge Starr and Cole fan and they could have parted because Cole’s parents needed him and Starr felt the need to stay with her parents. I just feel as thought there were so many things that would have been better than what was done.

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    Christine Tudor, not Elizabeth Savage, played Gwyneth during the serial killer story.

    Loved Angie’s crossover and Tracy’s. Very glad to see them on the list.

    So far the only memorable thing about the Starr crossover is how casually the show killed off a baby and how blase Dante and Michael are about the whole thing.

    Amber stuck out like a sore thumb on Y&R and I still have no idea why they brought her back. When they finally did get in a good place, with Daniel/Amber, they shipped her out again. Most of Deacon’s stories have been a disaster, from the “Amber forced to have sex with Deacon but she might sort of like it” crap, quickly dropped, to the Diane murder, which had less consistency than a stool sample and was mostly memorable for the ill-fitting jumpsuit they put poor Sean Kanan in.

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    Hey! NO WAY is Tad getting credit for the return of Bianca’s baby!!!
    Adam was the one who told JR the truth AND LET Erica take MiraBess to Bianca the MOMENT he found out the truth. HE didn’t have to do that (Adam is just as ruthless, heck, even moreso than Erica, & he could have fought her). And that piece of shyt Tad knew that baby was Bianca’s for about a year (& that JR’s baby was actually alive) and he said NOTHING to the love of his life’s son.

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    I never got the chance to watch Another World, but I did like the character of Jake & loved him w/ Molly. I even liked what little I saw of Cass Winthrop. I was never really on messageboards until the early 00s with the now defunct Soap City but I never picked up on any resentment of the AW cross-overs. I was disappointed, in fact, when Jake was killed off as I believed he & Molly to be a viable couple.

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    Lauren/Shiela crossover was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My all time favorite storyline from Y&R is the the Shiela saga….i remember it like it was yesterday and her crossing over to B&B and wrecking havoc over there!!!! Bill Bell was a GENIUS!

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    I recall a “mini” crossover between ATWT and Y&R involving Marnie Schulenberg (sp?)/Allison and Adrienne Frantz/Amber during a period where Allison was being re-established in Oakdale and both women had gotten involved in the porn industry. Not a long stint but it served to advance story none the less. I did enjoy the cross overs of the AW couples into
    ATWT. Lisa Peluso was a riot. And when they paired TE with LK that was a favorite pair to watch. And even with all the trouble she’s caused, I still have a distinct fondness for RC’s Skye… 0:)

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    Even though it was brief, i liked the crossover episode on As The World Turns when jack had amnesia and Carly had Michael as her lawyer. I think she had him declared incompetent.

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    Y&R and B&B choices are sort of non-qualified because of the shows both being under the Bell umbrella. I would have like to see Iris from AW/Texas and also some of the crossovers from AW/Somerset.

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