BREAKING NEWS: Kate Nelson OUT at SOAPnet; Day-to-Day Operations Now Under ABC Family Until Channel Goes Dark

Kate Nelson, the Brian Frons henchwoman who failed to rebrand SOAPnet as the "Carrie Network" or "Disney Mom, has be fired, according to sources. With SOAPnet set to go off the air next month—and eventually morph into Disney Junior— the cabler's current operations are being folded in under ABC Family.

According to insiders, plans to transform SOAPnet into Disney Junior are still a go.

"It's still happening," confirms one source. "Basically, the skeleton staff that has been keeping SOAPnet on the air will report to someone at ABC Family. In effect, this competely dismantles the ABC Daytime/SOAPnet division that Brian [Frons] ran."

Since Nelson was tasked with strategic planning for the cabler, her role has become redundant, says one mole.

"Sounds like they'll be using ABC family shows on SOAPnet until they completely go away, which actually makes sense."

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    Not surprising to me. ABC and Disney have had MAJOR changes to their company, as well as laying people off left and right in all their divisions. They are clearing the fat, and it sounds like good business to me after a series of lousy business.

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    This doesnt shock me. Soapnet has been in the toilet for months, say years now. They were so worried about hitting that oh so, 18-34 demographic that it didnt work. Does MVP, Fashionista Dairies ring a bell? How about the SAME PROMOS SHOWN literally after every commerical break??!!! Soapnet was tanking for years and they did nothing about it. As long as they showed marathons of there ABC Family shows even though ABC Family was showing marathons of the same shows, thats all they cared about. Thanks a lot Soapnet.

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    Dew Chanin

    I’m glad I got to see The O.C. It was a wonderful show, intelligent and well-written. So Soapnet is gone and my satellite company removed Sleuth/Cloo. I guess it’s The Cooking Channel from now on (the ostrich was revolting last night).

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    In the (almost) 6 years that Comcast has had soapnet in my area, it’s gone from Fabulous, to What the Hell (“Southern Belle’s”? Please)

    I can’t be certain, but the very rare time I had soapnet on Recently? They ran an add for The Chew…and the ad was clearly 4+ months old. (I wanna say the ad said “Debuing in September!!”)

    Skeleton Crew Indeed.

    I’m adding TV exec’s to Meteorologists…No matter how back you &#@% it all up, you get the longest leash imaginable.

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