Is Young and Restless Finally SORAS’ing Kyle?

Has The Young and the Restless decided to SORAS Kyle Abbott? The show has put out a casting call for an early 20's male named "Max." The character is a former Genoa City resident, who comes back to the fictional burg after he graduates from college. The role will be a nice, preppy young man but, will have a grudge against some residents who are connected to his past. Screams Kyle to me… With all the drama going on in Jack's (Peter Bergman) life, isn't it time for one of his sons to pay him a visit?

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    SORAS … would that be a first for Y&R?

    But seriously … if Kyle does return as a young adult, let’s hope he is embodied by someone who can a least act and allow us to be interested.

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    [quote=tedew]SORAS … would that be a first for Y&R?

    But seriously … if Kyle does return as a young adult, let’s hope he is embodied by someone who can a least act and allow us to be interested.[/quote]


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    hey mon

    Kyle v Nikki. I hope it is Kyle. After all, how long can he be 13, when Abby is 20? It would be great for him to go after Nikki as soon as Nikki gets close to Jack. In fact, make him semi-nuts, and have him poison Nikki slowly, or something like that.

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    I hope it’s Kyle just because of the storyline potential! Maybe MAB and company will go back to recognizing that Kyle and Abby were apart of the big sperm switch storyline!

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    For me the timing is way off to do this. He leaves town so recently as a pre-teen and then returns in a few months as a college graduate. Are we now to think Diane died 10 years ago? I get that he should be Abby’s age but I just think the timing is too far off and too dramatic a difference based on seeing his initial reactions when his mother died. To me it will be weak now to see him angry with Nikki but it’s not likely to seem like Kyle to me. It’s too soon. He was involved in too big of a story to ignore the rapid aging. I do however though believe it is a Kyle recast.

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    Just need to SORAS Summer now, so they can try to date and we can find out that she is Jack’s also. We already saw them have the kids look at each other like they could like each other. Handwriting is on the wall.

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    The timing may be off, but that didn’t stop MAB the last time. They brought back Hayley Erin for a completely pointless scene as Abby in 2010, then had the character back on canvas in the form of Marcy Rylan a month or two later.

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    What is the point of aging these children so quickly?

    Abby is a pointless character. After the embarrassing and dated Paris Hilton ripoff, she has had no story beyond shrieking about Tucker, which Hayley Erin could have done.

    Ricky is a pointless character. Aged to about 25 or 30 and with another generic “revenge” scheme which has zero consequence.

    How many overaged, whiny, boring characters does the show need? Don’t they realize that “revenge” isn’t interesting when a) everyone does it and b) there is little to no fallout?

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    Honestly, the more I think about this, it’s not a re-cast for Kyle. It’s a re-cast for Noah Newman. For MAB to go from pre-teen to college graduate in less than 3 months is way too much of a stretch for me. We haven’t seen Kevin Schmidt as Noah Newman in MONTHS and I think he’s now unavailable to rejoin the show and therefore I think the show is re-casting this role. Noah would have a chip on his shoulder. I mean, look at what his parents Sharon and Nick have put him through the last couple of years!?

    Definitely not Kyle and more likely to be Noah. And as David said above, Zach Conroy would fit the bill very well since he held his own against some powerhouse actors/actresses when he was on Guiding Light as Phillip and Beth’s son. He can do anger really well. B&B totally wasted his talent when he was on that show and I think MAB would do well to hire him away from B&B and put him in role in which he can really sink his good acting chops into.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

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    Nothing against Zach Conroy, who was fine on GL, but if Y&R can write nothing but garbage for Debbi Morgan, Stephen Nichols, Eden Reigel, and Maura West, why would they be any better for him?

    I don’t see a reason to bring Noah back. Who would he matter to on the show? All Nick does is pout until he can go have sex. All Sharon does is stare into space and simper, and fuss with her hair. They are brain dead. They have no interest in their child unless it is a custody fight or bargaining chip.

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    Jillian though had Noah been in a major story where there were beats to still play out? I think it was a big miss that Kyle didn’t return after Jack was shot and to react to hearing that Nikki killed his mother in self-defense. I would have already had Kyle back to get those reactions, played by Garrett Ryan and then if they want soras him during the summer. To me it’s a big miss to never get the reaction from the Kyle who we did see react to his mother’s death. It’s like they rewrote the ending. If he comes back angry at Nikki yet we never saw him react to learning that she was the one that killed Diane, it’s just not going to ring true to me.

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    hey mon

    Hopefully it is Kyle, and he is as bat-crazy as Ricky is. Hopefully he wants to slowly poison Nikki for killing his Momma. When Nikki moves in with Jack, Kyle could be slipping the Former Town Drunk a poison.

    Of course, Kyle’s Momma was the murderess, and Nikki was konking her with a rock in self-defense. But that wouldn’t matter to ol Crazy Boy. Plus, I’m still waiting for Abby to hook up with Ricky. Forget a hook with Devon, boring.

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    [quote=Carol2]Abby/Ricky would be like Mannequin with reverse genders.[/quote]

    Oh man! OUCH! That is horrible Carol! Lord have mercy!

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    Regarding some of the above comments about a SORASED Kyle …

    Are we all sure that Nikki actually did kill Diane or is that all going to changed with the next load of white laundry?

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    I hope it’s Noah. Kyle was just a boy when he left and they have made enough talk about him being a BOY without a mother now that Nikki killed her.

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