Buh Bye, Maggie May: Kodi Kitchen Gets The BOOT From General Hospital!

The house cleaning over at General Hospital continues! Soap Opera Digest's Carolyn Hinsey is reporting Kodi Kitchen (Maggie) has been given the pink slip. No word on when Kitchen's last airdate is slated for. Who else would you like to see shown the hospital door? Sound off in the comments!

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    Who the Hell is Maggie? She can’t be very important because I watch GH daily and have no clue as to who she is! While we’re showing people the door, PLEASE let that guy who’s sniffing around Liz be next!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Who the Hell is Maggie? She can’t be very important because I watch GH daily and have no clue as to who she is!
    ROTFLMAO She’s the blonde doctor who has some secret with Singing Dr. Webber.

  3. Profile photo of mipeony

    She’s the one we call Lisa 2.0! She’s the one who’s sniffing after boring Steve Webber and the one they had in the clown mask for the first 3 days of her run.

  4. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    About time. We don’t care to hear Dr. Magpie yapping about Memphis anymore. I don’t like to see her lose her employment but her writing was on the wall… 0:)

  5. Profile photo of GHFan76

    I told my friend who watches all the time that Maggie was let go and she said, who is Maggie? I had to remind her. Shows you what an impact she had….don’t let the door hit ya!

  6. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I hate anyone losing their job, but this character was just a re-hash of Lisa and it’s a shame that Kodi was forced to act under those conditions. It was lose-lose all the way

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    She seems like a pretty good actress, but she got too much airtime, and Garin gave me absolutely NO reason to give a damn about the character whatsoever!

    Good riddance!

    Ewen can stay around, though…….in small doses……because he’s cute!! :D

  8. Profile photo of diremommy

    So glad Maggie is going, she was the most pointless character. Ok, Cassandra was the MOST pointless, but she’s gone already.

    Get rid of- Sean, Delores (I like her ok, but she hasn’t really served a purpose so far), I was gonna say nuKate, but she’s actually gotten a bit interesting recently.

    And sorry folks, I like Ewan outside of the Cassandra suck. I hope they continue folding him into the canvas, GH REALLY needs a good shrink, and Lainey’s been MIA for years, and since Lucky isn’t around and Matt is so wishy washy, Liz needs a good man.

  9. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Whoever is holding the broom needs to keep sweeping. Let’s hope Heather Webber’s coming back to town to get rid of Maggie, Stevie and Boobie, oops, I mean Olivia, all characters who have been useless on the scene or otherwise written so poorly as to turn off viewers. It’s a shame GH has hired some talented actors and then given them absolutely nothing but trash to act but GH doesn’t have much longer to turn the page. GH fans want screen time for characters with whom we have an investment.

    And as much as I like looking at Ewen, if the writers can’t write intelligent dialogue for a psychiatrist, he needs to go too. I have to press the mute button every time he gives out his talk show pop psychology advice.

    And as far as this fan is concerned anyone in the mob or any mob spawn can also go. Clearly, this new regime can’t write a mob story any better than Guza/Wolf. Sick of Michael’s self-righteous hero complex, sick of dumber than dirt Dante but neither can compare to how sick I am of Sonny and his enemies having d**k wagging contests every week! Many fine actors among them but the writers aren’t good enough to write complex heroes and villains…and I certainly don’t want to see mob camp.

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    Oh I’m happy she’s out … add that awful therapist, Ewan, to the list and start working on signing some old faves on contract. Or bring back Lexi Ainsworth! Get in contact with Jonathan Jackson, who could return until he knows if his pilot will get a series-order or not.

  11. Profile photo of keanna

    I agree like the actress, but the character served no purpose, just another Lisa wannabe, now get rid of Delores, and I am good.

    Don’t mind Ewen, especially because he’s gorgeous and if he turns out to be a Cassadine, would make more sense than Cassandra being one.

    I don’t mind Shawn or TJ either, give them a story, please.

  12. Profile photo of mufasa

    I have a list to get rid of….Matt, Lulu, Ronnie, TJ, Kate…… let Diane and Alexis and Coleman have more air time……get rid of Anthony…..that’s a start…..

  13. Profile photo of edenpark

    If I have to see characters leaving the show without telling myself “what a waste” I would send all the newbies out: Shawn (sorry but I can’t stand that thug trying to pretend to be a good guy), TJ, Ewen, Maggie (done), Cassandra (done). If I have to keep one newbie I would keep Delores (as she seems much more respectful of the law than Dumbte or Ronnie). Give the boot to Olivia instead of Delores.

    After that if I have to get rid of one of the main guys/girls, I would be either Sonny or Dante… Or both ;) ? A woman an always dream LOL

  14. Profile photo of JeffHB

    Here’s my list of needs to go:
    Delores, Ronnie, Matt, Spinelli, nuMaxie, Olivia, Steve, Kate (ASAP), Ewen (ASAP), Johnny, Anthony, Shawn, TJ, and Helena (once and for all with her). Bring back in their place, Frisco, Felicia, Bobbie, and then you can bring a few more OLTL or AMC actors over. Brenda and/or Lucky coming back would be great, but I am sure VM and JJ probably not going to do that right now.

  15. Profile photo of samIShot

    Hate to break it to you all who are suggestion 5-10 characters need to go….

    I watched OLTL through the Ron/Frank days and they tend to go more toward TOO MANY characters, not too few.

    They like a certain pace to the show and that means having more than 15 characters to work with.

    So while they may get rid of the completely useless like Maggie, Casandra, etc, you can expect that for every 1 character that goes, 2-3 more will show up.

    Hopefully some of those are Alan, Emily and AJ Q, Ned, Dillon, Skye, and other Quartermaines. He can rebuild them like OLTL Buchanans….

  16. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I hate when people lose jobs so I am sad for her. But, they were not making her very interesting. I want stories centered around the hospital but I want them to be interesting and entertaining. Hers were not. Make room for vets who will entertain the audience. Alan coming back from the dead would be a nice start.

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    This thread is ridiculous…every last one of ya who is celebrating this and calling for other actors jobs is coming across as bitter and egotistical…just sayin….

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