Lisa Rinna on a Returning Billie’s Love Life on DAYS: “The Relationship With Bo is Mostly Going to Stay Platonic”

This news should help Bope fans breathe a cautious sigh of relief. A soon-to-be returning Lisa Rinna, tells Soaps In Depth her character Billie Reed's relationship with ex-hubby Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) will be a platonic one this time around, well "mostly."

"The relationship with Bo is mostly going to stay platonic," she reveals. "And I think that's a good choice. "

The original Countess Wilheminia cosmetics queen returns next week, just as her former frenemy Hope (Kristian Alfonso) finds herself stuck in Alamainia with John (Drake Hogestyn). Meanwhile, Bo will be fighting for his life, after he and Roman (Josh Taylor) get into a tussle with a gang of thugs!

Wait. Beauregard Brady, the man who could take on an entire bar full of rowdies at The Cheatin' Heart, is gonna catch a deadly beat down?! Now this I will have to tune in to see for myself! For more on Billie's part in Bo's upcoming medical drama, pick up the March, 19, 2012 issue of SID!

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    It will be nice to see Lisa Rinna in the role again. However, I’ve always preferred Julie Pinson as Billie, Krista Allen seemed like she didn’t know what she was doing half the time.

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    “Mostly” platonic? Ugh. I don’t like that one bit. Hope is the love of Bo’s life and as old as they are, I cannot deal with other characters playing interlopers in their relationship. I am not looking forward to Billie’s return for several reasons: 1.) Lisa Rinna only had chemistry with Robert Kelker Kelly, 2.) Lisa Rinna looks too old to play Lauren Koslow’s daughter (as does Patrick Muldoon playing LK’s son) and 3.) there have been so many returns without decent story.

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    I agree with the two of you as well. I always preferred Julie Pinson in the role. Lisa Rinna just seems crazy and she just seems more into herself with each passing day. Julie actually acts and does it well. Krista never appealed to me either, she was holding up the scenery.

    But the Bo/Billie ship sailed a LONG time ago, don’t rehash it at all. It makes sense to include her in the Countess Wilhemina story, but NOT with Bo! Besides, Bo and Hope alone need a good story for them, this mess with Princess Gina/The Pawn aren’t doing our veterans any favors!

    And how long before Dr. Hairy, er, Daniel hooks up with Nicole? It appears like he’s going to be her doctor so it’s inevitable. And is it me, but isn’t it just disgraceful that that is the ONLY way Daniel can meet people? Be more creative please. I work in the health field and would NEVER date any of my patients! Gross!

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    i never saw julie in the role..thats when i stopped watching…i dont mind lisa rinna…yea gatesbear krysta was on another planet when she played billie

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    hey mon

    Lisa Rinna, oh yeah! I’m starting to think about watching me some Days once in a while. Of course, it’s hard enough to keep up with Y&R. Lisa Rinna is so hot with those lips, and the eyes, and the hair. When Lisa and Kristin will be on screen, I will feel like I’m back in the 90s. If there were only some way Y&R could share Eileen Davidson, then 3 beautiful women of daytime would be together again.

    Lets go for four: What is that woman doing who played Erica’s oldest daughter on AMC?

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